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Disney princesses

  1. “Excuse Me, Princess“: The Princess Type, for Good or Ill, Part 2

    Venture again into the pretty pink minefield.

    Princesses, despite what we may think of their relevance, seem to be everywhere we look. In movies, in television, in products aimed at young girls, the trope of the princess is going as strong as ever, often as an old type wearing a new costume.

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  2. “Excuse Me, Princess“: The Princess Type, for Good or Ill, Part 1

    Venture into the pretty pink minefield with us!

    How do we create a complex woman character who can give girls a choice in who they identify with, but that Hollywood will still regularly produce? And how can we do it while encouraging the qualities of modern feminism, instead of diminishing them?

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  3. Artists Spoofs the “Disney Princesses Reimagined As Every. Damn. Thing.” Trend

    Disney Princesses as kitchen appliances!

    We've been known to participate in the "Disney Princesses as Star Wars characters! Game of Thrones characters! Warriors!," trend, so we don't have a ton of room to talk here, but screw it: Gemma Correll's "Disney Princesses, Reimagined" illustration still got a monstrous chuckle out of me.

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  4. Thanks To Vocal Star Wars Fans, Disney Stores Will Be Stocking Princess Leia Merchandise Soon

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    Disney has given an official response to the #WeWantLeia campaign which started online after a Disney Store representative told someone there were no plans for Leia merchandise. To any rational human being, this made no sense. Disney now owns Star Wars, Disney is all about princesses, Leia is a "princess," Disney stores were already stocking Star Wars merchandise, girls and boys alike think she's a cool character, girls and boys will beg their parents to spend loads of money on them, Disney is all about money.

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  5. Modern-Day Disney and Dreamworks Characters Are Icons of Style

    Why Not Do It With Some Style?

    Can we all agree that How to Train Your Dragon's Astrid should be in more of these series of artistic reinterpretations of animated characters? Because seriously, she's the best. She's a Viking Quidditch star. So all my thanks to Tumblr user Punziella for including her alongside stalwarts like Brave's Merida, Frozen's Anna and Elsa, etc. Now can more fanartists give Hercules's Meg the love she deserves? And Tiana. I would, but my talent barely extends to stick figures.

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  6. And Now, Frozen’s Olaf As Disney Princesses, Because Why Not

    Just Go With It

    Given the properties of frozen water, I find it unlikely that Olafiel here is going to be able to get very far under the sea. Her land-dwelling counterparts will probably have an easier time of it, so long as Agrabah has snowy winters. Which I somehow doubt. This madness is the work of Tumblr user TortallMagic, as part of the Daily Olaf fanart project. Click through for more cognitive dissonance.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Blink and Kitty Get Days of Future Past Posters

    Things We Saw Today

    Yeah yeah, and Colossus and Iceman, too. Question: Is Colossus' metallic skin, as depicted in this poster, a bigger or worse special effects fail than Emma Frost's diamond form in First Class? (SuperHeroHype)

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  8. Kristen Bell Sings Live As Frozen’s Toddler, Child, & Grown-Up Anna [VIDEO]

    I didn't even love the movie but this performance made me tear up. Kristen Bell, you are a national treasure. Previously in Frozen

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  9. Roller Derby Disney Princesses Will Mess You Up

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    Question: These Disney roller derby princesses by Amanda Robinson go up against Kevin Bolk's Marvel and/or DC roller derby girls. Who wins? I'm pretty sure the answer is Marvel and DC across the board because of their greater well of experience with violence. And, in some cases, superpowers. But Mulan could take some of 'em out, right? Surely. Or they all team up and roller derby some dudes into the dust. I like that prospect better.

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  10. Disney Characters Haunted By The Shadows Of Their Villains

    Curiouser and curiouser!

    Joe Alexander has created some striking minimalist images of Disney's good and bad guys. The good guys get the spotlight, as usual, but it's interesting to see how many villains have an iconic silhouette.

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