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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Disney Pixar


Disney Announces Their Own Streaming Network With Over 400 Titles

For a long time, there was a severe lack of Walt Disney Company titles on Netflix. Then slowly but surely, deals started being made and the classic animated films began popping up in my queue. I was very happy, as I’m sure others were. But today, Disney has announced their very own streaming service for a slew of titles launching with their latest hit, Frozen


Together At Last

Your Favorite Disney Moments, Graphed

Graphs and Disney movies: two of the Internet’s favorite things. This is truly a match made in heaven. Disney’s given us a whole set of graphs representing the best movie moments of your childhood.


It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

Pixar’s Finding Dory Voice Cast Revealed At D23 Expo

The Finding Nemo sequel has found some new sea creatures to help search for wide-eyed and lovable Dory!


To infinity and beyond!

New Monsters University Trailer Shows Us New Footage and The Ups & Downs of College Life

In the new trailer from Disney Pixar’s Monsters University, we get to go even farther back in time than Mike and Sully’s college days, to see the moment when Mike Wazowski set his rather large eye on scaring people for a living. Plus, relive your early college days through the experiences of monsters, complete with roommate pet peeves and that one guy who always has his guitar!  Monsters University comes out June 21st.

(via Lady Geek Girl)

Previously in Monsters University (more…)


New Funko Pop! Disney Toys: Dumbo, Jasmine, Mary Poppins & More!

We already saw a sneak peak of Merida, Carl from Up and the Rocketeer but Funko has revealed a ton of new Pop! vinyl figures to their Disney collection. These new additions to the line will be available starting June 27th and span classic Disney animation, Pixar, and live action films.


Consider the Following

Disney University: Artist Reimagines Classic Characters As College Students

DeviantArtist Hyung86 says he took inspiration from Pixar’s upcoming Monsters University to create collegiate versions of some classic Disney characters. We’ve collected the ladies for you here but if you’d like to see how he dressed Aladdin, Hercules, and more, check out his page.


Bear Time

Mom With Triplets Does Obvious Cosplay – Merida’s Brothers

It’s not often triplets find a suitable family costume so when one mom saw Pixar’s Brave featured three brothers, she knew it was only a matter of time before she’d dress her boys up. On her blog Three at Once she says she spent a month making their costumes for a Halloween trip to Disneyland. “The whole night the boys loved the attention they were getting for their costumes and it was nice to have them dressed as Disney characters,” she says. “All night they insisted on saying hi to all of the little girls dressed as Merida saying ‘it’s our sister.’”

(Three at Once via /Film)

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where does he get those wonderful toys

Toy Story, Yes, The Entire Film, Recreated With Real Dolls And People [VIDEO]

We previously saw a small sampling of this project – a live-action version of Disney’s original Toy Story. Now, after two years, it’s complete and all we can do it be impressed by 21-year-old Jesse Perrotta and 19-year-old Jonason Pauley’s hard work. The official Facebook page for the project features link to a few foreign language dubs and you can even watch outtakes here. “I wasn’t positive we were actually really going to do the whole thing,” Perrotta told ABC. “I was worried about the scenes at the end. We had to train the dog, get a moving truck, film a chase scene with toys – but we just stayed positive and took it one day at a time.”


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what is this I don't even

Disney Acquires Lucasfilm; Promises Star Wars VII in 2015; Lucas Passes “To a New Generation of Filmmakers”

Look, I was expecting to be reeling from a hurricane this morning. I wasn’t expecting to hit the end of my work day with the news that Disney now controls all of its own properties, those of Marvel comics, and those of Lucasfilm. But it’s true. As confirmed by Reuters and several legitimate business sources, Disney has acquired Lucasfilm, and with Lucasfilm the Star Wars franchise. They’re also promising Star Wars Episode 7 by 2015, the same year as The Avengers 2 and Warner Bros. putative Justice League.


Our Adorable Past

Happy Mother’s Day From Brave’s Baby Merida [VIDEO]

We’ve see a lot of fantastic clips, featurettes, and trailers from the upcoming Pixar movie Brave, but I think I can go on record officially saying this takes the cake. Read on to watch a brand-new spot from the creators of the film, wishing mom’s everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day with something we’ve not yet seen – a baby version of Merida. Brace yourself.