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  1. Tyler James Williams Talks Miles Morales and the Lack of Young, Black Superheroes; Confirms Jaden Smith to Play Static Shock

    "It's about time. I would love to see it now, but I would hate to see it not done right."

    Today in "we could have had it all" news, The Walking Dead and Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams has said he's read for Marvel and would "absolutely love" to play Spider-Man.

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  2. [UPDATED] DC Comics’ Vixen is Getting Her Own Animated Series on The CW Seed

    And Arrow and The Flash have been renewed!

    The Television Critics Association press tour has been chugging along talking to some of our favorite creators and actors, but perhaps the most exciting news to come out of it so far is that DC Comics superhero/model Vixen is getting her own animated digital series.

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  3. X-Wing, TIE Fighter Games Coming DRM-Free to With More LucasArts Classics

    We've time traveled, yes?

    The classic X-Wing and TIE Fighter games of the '90s are finally getting digital rereleases thanks to a deal between Disney and!

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  4. Wait, Did Warner Bros. Just Announce A Live-Action Static Shock Digital Series? (Yes, They Did!)


    This'll put a shock to your system!!!

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  5. Your Downloadable Games May Be Worse for the Environment Than Game Discs

    No wonder those birds are so angry.

    All those darn vidya games that you kids are downloading over the online are clogging up the air! There's just too much data flying around up there, and it's polluting everything! In my day, we used a series of tubes!

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  6. Comixology Announces DRM Free Digital Comics Downloads: You Can Really Own Your Comics Now

    Time to buy a new external hard drive.

    I love digital comics for what they do for my ability to read back issues, try out new series, and get caught up on old. But there's always that little consumer worry in the back of my head: what I'm trading for this convenience is that technically I'm renting those comics, not buying them. No more, says Comixology. Kinda.

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  7. CollegeHumor’s First Feature Film, Coffee Town Only Releasing Through Online Distribution [Video]

    The way CollegeHumor is releasing Coffee Town is great, even if Coffee Town isn't.

    The upcoming film Coffee Town looks interesting, but more for its distribution model than its content. Coffee Town is CollegeHumor's first venture into the world of feature film, and they're exclusively using digital distribution and social media marketing. It's a risky strategy, but I think it's going to pay off for them.

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  8. Microsoft Wants to Count Number of Folks Watching Television, Could Charge Per View Eventually

    When it comes to rentals and the like, most digital distribution avenues provide their content either for a limited period of time or only allow such things to be played a certain number of times. Neither of these options are exactly effective in the eyes of those businesses that make money off such ventures. Microsoft might finally be doing something about it, though. A patent application from the technology giant indicates that they're looking to count the number of folks viewing content using cameras and sensors in order to then charge based on the number of viewers.

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  9. Marvel Comics Goes Day And Date Digital

    Marvel has been inching closer and closer to the Digital Distribution pool, and it looks like it's finally decided to go in past the point of no return. The point of no return being when you get just deep enough for the bottom of your bathing suit to get wet and capillary action is starting to draw the water up anyway so you may as well go in up to your shoulders because now it's just a question of whether you want to get your hair wet.

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  10. Jim Lee Says Justice League #1 Is “Setting Records” Digitally… but Won’t Quote Actual Records

    Consider the Following

    It's also setting records digitally. I can't give numbers, but on the first day it set a record for us.
    So sayeth Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Comics and illustrator of Justice League #1, in an interview with Salon. Actual numbers would, indeed, be quite the jumping off point for a great deal of analysis, and could even say quite a lot about the future of digital distribution. Lets take a moment and look at all the ways having actual numbers on the reboot's sales might turn out: Could DC have sold more digital copies than hard copies of Justice League? Would we see digital numbers fall over time, as newer readers entranced by the reboot's publicity either lose interest or move to buying from comics stores just like everybody keeps hoping they will? Would we see digital numbers grow over time, as DCnU titles reach the one-month/dollar-cheaper mark?

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  11. Marvel Comics Going Day and Date Digital Distribution


    Marvel Comics' most revelatory announcement of yesterday's Comic Con panels was about one of the two-horned dilemmas facing the industry these days: digital distribution. Specifically, that they will be starting day-and-date digital distribution for The Amazing Spider-man #666 next week, and continuing that distribution plan with the title from then onwards. X-Men is next on the block for the digital treatment, but eventually other titles may join the pack.

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  12. You Can Now Get Bone Digitally, and Talk to Jeff Smith on Reddit

    Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures

    There are two exciting Bone-related items of news today, and so it gives us a chance to plug this classic comic series that contains its fair share of totally kickass women and is totally entertaining for adults while being appropriate for children, too. As a geek girl site we're obliged to mention Grandma Ben and her granddaughter Thorn as both examples of kickass warrior women and princesses who were not of the flouncy, lacy, waiting to be rescued type. So, if you've ever thought about getting into Bone, now might be a good time, since the entire story has recently become available digitally on Comixology and is on sale for a week at 99¢ an issue.

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  13. Dark Horse Comics Announces Details on its Own Digital Distribution Offer

    Elsewhere on the internet

    The race is on now for American comic companies to outline their competitive digital distribution strategies, with DC Comics firmly in the lead. Offering more than fifty new comic titles about their most popular characters online on the same day they are available in stores is a provocative first bet. What is the next move of Dark Horse Comics, the nation's largest independent comic book publisher? Well, to give details on their announced but not described retailer oriented digital "exclusive" concept. And those details... well, they make less sense.

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  14. Walk Into Starbucks, Read All of Marvel’s Digital Library

    It is a gift!

    The Starbucks Digital Network is the coffee giant's exclusive hand-picked news and entertainment website, available only at Starbucks locations. Walk in to any Starbucks, take advantage of their free wifi (you might want to buy something, just so you don't get the barista evil eye, which can cause mild indigestion and acne) and get access to the site. Well, lets just say I might be drinking way more seasonal iced-mint-lemonades this year than previously, because Starbucks just partnered with Marvel to offer free access to their entire digital comics library through the free Digital Network service.

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  15. Netflix Gets Instant Streaming Rights to CBS’ Library for Two Years

    the internet is serious business

    In more exciting instant streaming of film news, today Netflix announced that it has reached an agreement with CBS to allow instant streaming of a good number of extremely popular titles from CBS'archive, including:
    Full seasons of sitcom greats "Frasier," "Family Ties" and "Cheers" will be streaming instantly from Netflix.  Episodes from the original "Hawaii Five-0" are included in the package, as are episodes from all generations of the definitive sci-fi series, "Star Trek," and the cult favorite, "Twin Peaks."  Installments of '60s classics, "The Twilight Zone" and "The Andy Griffith Show," will be available as well.
    Between all that Star Trek, Twin Peaks, Twilight Zone, and the more recent Medium this seems like a victory for nerds.

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  16. Despite DC Doublespeak, Digital Won’t Help Retailers

    DC Comics, the more senior half of the Big Two, announced that they are also going to be diving in to the realm of digital distribution, and doing so even more aggressively than Marvel. DC will be creating a iThing App, as well as partnering with and the PlayStation Network to bring comic books straight to your PSP, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or desktop computer.  From The Source:
    “At DC Comics, it has been a top priority that DC forges a meaningful, forward-looking digital strategy,” said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Comics. “As both a comic book creator and Co-Publisher, it was incredibly important that our plan includes not only creator incentive payments, but also an innovative component that supports comic shop owners. We see digital as an opportunity to grow our entire business.”
    Digital distribution that supports brick and mortar stores?  People keep saying this, and we keep wincing.

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  17. Marvel Makes Foray Into Digital Distribution: Retailers Respond

    Digital distribution: It's not just for video games anymore. Thanks to the iPad, there is now a platform perfectly poised to bring comic books to millions of people, without printing presses or shipping costs... and without physical retail stores. Comic store owners are waiting in patient apprehension for the comics industry to figure this out, and Marvel might be the first one to do it.

    The publisher formerly known as Timely announced last Friday that they will be trying out their first simultaneous digital distribution. They will release the Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 on the iPad on the same day that it will go on sale in comic shops across the US, and a day before it would be physically available in Europe.

    The 80-page annual will cost $4.99 from the shelf, but no one is really sure what the cost of the digital copy will be. The iPad price on other (older) Marvel comics is $1.99, but Marvel has said that the annual will be split into three "issues" for the iPad (it is three times the length of a regular issue). Marvel has declined to comment on whether this means the digital copy will cost more or less than the physical one.

    But as long as we're asking for comments, Bleeding Cool has done a round up of comic retailers and their opinions on the move.

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  18. Netflix Says: No Games; Why They Should Reconsider

    Yesterday, The Consumerist talked with the Vice President of Netflix Corporate Communications, Steve Swasey, and asked him if Netflix would ever consider offering video games by mail, as its biggest rival Blockbuster seems to be considering. Swasey answered in the negative:
    Video games are a different economic model than movies and TV episodes, on which Netflix concentrates to provide the greatest convenience, selection and value to consumers... Movies are perennial. A great movie from 1972 is still a great movie but who wants to play Madden '95?
    So... you're backing up your claim that video games are not perennial by bringing up a franchise that is released yearly? Of course the Madden games aren't perennial! I don't imagine many people have Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo (1972) in their queues, and I'm sure Netflix has a correspondingly low number of discs in stock. We're not asking you to keep a billion copies of Madden '95, just maybe some of Warcraft III, or Smash Bros Brawl, or Ico. Setting aside the poor argument Swasey presents, here's why Netflix should seriously consider getting into video game rental: It is estimated that Netflix will gain 2 million new subscribers from consoles alone in the next year. That's half of their projected subscriber growth for 2010.

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