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  1. All Men Must Die (in Under Three Minutes): a Game of Thrones Supercut

    I think they skipped some of the Baratheon bastard babies, but I'm not complaining.

    Game of Thrones sure has earned its reputation for violence. According to this Digg-produced supercut, there've been an estimated 5,000 deaths over the source of its 30 episodes, and that number's only going to get higher when the fourth season premieres this weekend. Let's take a short, bloody walk down memory lane in the mean-time, shall we?

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  2. A Polite Discussion on How to Properly Throw a Raccoon

    Assuming you must toss a raccoon, that is.

    As you may or may not be aware, Digg founder Kevin Rose made waves on the Internet over the past couple days by posting a security video where, in an effort to save his dog Toaster, he tossed a raccoon down a flight of stairs. Part of this interest comes from the inevitable group calling his actions "animal abuse," but the other segment of viewers are surely tuning in simply because, well, it's Rose tossing a raccoon. It's with this in mind that we present a polite discussion on how to properly throw a raccoon.

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  3. Digg Reader Goes Live For All While Google Reader Lies on its Deathbed

    Digg Reader promises to be a great alternative to Google Reader, but for now it's missing a few key features.

    Digg's entry into the Google Reader void is live for all over on their site.  You only have until tomorrow to settle on a new RSS reader because come Monday morning, Google Reader is dead. Digg's current setup is lacking a few notable features, but they promise they're coming soon. The roadmap they've laid out for the future of Digg Reader also seems pretty promising -- if you're willing to pay.

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  4. Digg Reader to Release Just in Time for Death of Google Reader

    Digg is clambering for the Google Reader diaspora, but they'll have to have a really solid entry into the fray to win anyone over.

    July 1st is coming up fast, and those of you out there that still rely on Google Reader are running out of time to find a new RSS reader. A lot of people have already jumped on the Feedly bandwagon, myself included, but it's not the only game in town. Besides the readers that already exist, Digg is coming out with their own RSS reader, and it will be public for everyone by June 26th.

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  5. How About That: Digg’s Parent Company Betaworks Buys Instapaper

    The company that last year began the unenviable task of working to resurrect Digg and turn it into an Internet powerhouse once more just acquired another property, and it's one you might actually be using. As of now, New York-based Betaworks is the proud owner of Instapaper.

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  6. Oops! Google Kind of Blocked All of Digg by Accident

    It's not a great day for Digg. That's because Google accidentally blocked the entire site -- all of it -- from its search results today. The block was a mistake, says Google, and was the result of simple error. Thankfully, Digg is already back in the search results. So what happened exactly?

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  7. Digg, of All Companies, Looks to Fill Rapidly Expanding Reader Void

    As part of its continuing quest to return to a time when the Internet was a simpler place and it was relevant, Digg is throwing its hat in the ring to be your new RSS feed. As Google plans the funeral for its much loved Reader service and alternatives like FeedDemon call it quits, Digg is moving its new feed reader to the top of the priority list, according to a post this afternoon on the site's blog. This of course displaces the company's former top priority -- making it 2008 again.

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  8. Should You Bury Betaworks’ New Digg v1?

    Digg, the news aggregation site that took the Internet by storm back in 2004, is back once more. The site has been given a complete makeover by Betaworks, a news media site that bought Digg for $500,000 back in July. There's no question that this isn't the Digg we've seen before, for better or for worse. Is it worth your time, though? After all, there are a number of similar websites out there now that didn't exist when Digg first popped up.

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  9. Once Shining Social Media Star Digg Just Got Sold for $500,000, Folded Into

    Before the reddit you know and love, there was Digg, one of the first prominent social aggregators that really blew up and took the web by storm. Unfortunately, rarely anything popular on the Internet is meant to last (just ask Myspace), and when Digg underwent a redesign a couple of years ago, there was a huge amount of backlash and the community lost a lot of users and steam. A lot of those users actually went to reddit, which helped catapult reddit into being the new game in town. Now, sadly, Digg has sold for a relatively measly $500,000.

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  10. Report: Washington Post Hiring Digg Staff, Future of Site in Question

    Before there was Reddit, there was Digg. It was a powerhouse in its day; a pioneer of user aggregated links where users could vote submitted links up and down. Though venerable, the company has been floundering for some time, and now it is being reported that Digg's technology staff is being hired by the Washington Post.

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