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  1. Ingredients In Tequila May Fight Diabetes, Obesity, Inhibitions

    I must be the healthiest girl alive.

    America has a surprising new ally in our fight against diabetes and obesity: Dr.Jose Cuervo. New research shows that ingredients found in tequila may provide the healthiest way ever of satisfying your sweet tooth, and no not all of that research was conducted on St. Patrick's Day this past Monday.

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  2. Study Shows Drinking Coffee Regularly Reduces Risk of Diabetes

    Please know how hard we looked for a pic of Wilford Brimley drinking coffee.

    Did you need another reason to love coffee? Of course not, but now you have one. A study shows that drinking coffee can help prevent diabetes. Before you go thinking that the more coffee you drink the less diabetes you'll get, know that the study specifically indicates that it's a moderate amount of coffee that provides the most benefit.

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  3. First Successful Interspecies Cell Transplants Could Pave the Way for Future Pig-to-Human Transplants

    Transplanting insulin producing cells from rats to mice isn't human medicine yet, but it's a hell of a first step.

    Researchers at Northwestern Medicine have successfully transplanted insulin-producing cells across species lines -- removing cells from rats and implanting them in mice -- without using drugs to prevent rejection of the foreign cells. While the transplant may seem like a small victory -- mice and rats are pretty similar, after all -- it marks a significant step forward in interspecies transplants that could one day save human lives by allowing the implantation of insulin-producing "islet" cells without necessitating the use of immunosuppressive drugs that can have dire side effects. 

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  4. Molecule That Gives Beer Its Hoppy Bite Could Also Help Treat Diabetes

    Beer is wonderful and good for you -- I've always known this, and I've said it regularly and loudly to anyone who will listen. Also, to people who would rather not listen. Now, science offers the latest proof that beer is medicine. Or rather that the structure of some of the molecules that make up beer and give hops it's bitter bite, could be, in moderation and after years of careful research, used to offer treatments for diabetes. If the research pans out, it could mean a brand new breeds of drugs. If it doesn't, that's a shame, but we could still finally develop the world's first truly perfect IPA. While that outcome is certainly less good than new lifesaving drugs, I would humbly submit that that doesn't make it "not good."

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  5. Insulin Pumps are Susceptible to Hacking, Could Have Lethal Consequences

    Jay Radcliffe, a diabetic security researcher, gave a presentation at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas that exposed the vulnerabilities of insulin pumps with wireless capabilities. Inspired by his experience with his own pump, Radcliffe delved into the system and found that the pumps are susceptible to hacks that can alter the pump's function and possibly kill the wearer. The hack works by intercepting the pump's wireless signal, then broadcasting a stronger one so that the pump responds to the unauthorized remote instead of the real one. The false signals could be delivered from a distance of a few hundred feet to half a mile with the use of more powerful antennas.

    Radcliffe told the Associated Press:
    My initial reaction was that this was really cool from a technical perspective. The second reaction was one of maybe sheer terror, to know that there's no security around the devices which are a very active part of keeping me alive.

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