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  1. Ridiculously Beautiful Sailor Moon Tarot Cards

    Color me impressed.

    Deviantartist Sillabub429's Sailor Moon Tarot cards are so gorgeous I literally can't think of anything to say about them except some people are really talented, dang. Thoughts, gang?

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  2. New Rat Queens Artist Stjepan Šejić Explains The Science Of Female Fantasy Armor

    Ah, those skimpy outfits make perfect sense now!

    Armor for women in fantasy and comic book settings is either dangerously impractical or just entirely nonsensical. Or is it? Rat Queens' new artist, Stjepan Šejić, thinks he knows the secret, and wants to share it with all you clueless dudes out there.

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  3. Pikachu and Hello Kitty Can Now Be Worn as Armor

    I need these in my life.

    DeviantART user Andihandro created fully functional Pikachu and Hello Kitty samurai armor. If you didn't think armor could be adorable, this just proves you wrong.

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  4. Voltorb With Legs, and Other Adorably Reimagined Pokémon

    Fans Do Cool Things

    Piper Thibodeau (Cryptid Creations on DeviantArt) has some alternate Pokémon designs that are as adorable as they are awesome. Just look at Voltorb and Electrode! They have legs! Adorable little dynamite legs!

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  5. Superheroines Jump Into Action In This Delightful Fan Art

    Today in Awesome

    DeviantArt user Pryce14, AKA Jamal Campbell, has some awesome art in his gallery, including a ton of great art of superheroines!  His ladies are in proportion, sexy but not objectified, and generally look pretty badass (check out that Psylocke!). Plus, bonus points because they all look like individuals instead of a carbon-copy "woman" template.

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  6. DeviantArt Teams With Madefire for User-Created Digital Publishing

    Digital comics are great, but largely they're just stagnant images of pages of a print book. Not that there's anything wrong with traditional comics, but there's just more potential with digital formatting. To help artists harness that potential Madefire has created a Motion Book Tool to bring sequential art to life, and DeviantArt just teamed up with them to let its users create vibrate motion comics.

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  7. If Websites Existed In Game of Thrones’ Westeros

    I See What They Did There

    Caldwell Tanner didn't use HBO's Join the Realm website to create these unique House Sigils. Instead, he came up with his own designs for what popular websites might hang from their proverbial castle walls if they lived in the world of Game of Thrones. And we decided to join in on the fun. Look at the House Sigils and mottos from Twitter, Wikipedia, The Mary Sue, and more!

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  8. Star Wars Characters as ’80s High Schoolers are Pretty Bodacious

    Denis Medri made seven portraits of Star Wars characters in the style of kids from a 1980s High School movie a la The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off. You have all your standard cliques represented: Preps, racers, punks, and more! These pictures are truly awesome and make you go, "Yeah! Han would totally be the 'bad boy' who always works on his car." That said, my question is this: Would any of these '80s Star Wars kids have actually gone to see Star Wars? Make the jump for a gallery of the rest of DenisM79's pictures and a link to his deviantART page.

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  9. Check Out This High Fantasy Take on The Avengers

    Fans Do Cool Things

    Fanart never ceases to amaze us. The time and the talent poured into depictions of often fictional characters, the results of which have the power to even outdo the PR teams and artists who are actually employed to promote the thing in the first place. It's what we love about fandom: the power that fans have to take one thing they love and mix it with so many other things. Like these super intense illustrations by deviantartist theDurrian, which takes characters from The Avengers and infuses them with "high/dark/epic fantasy."

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  10. 19 Superhero Silhouettes That Have to Be Home for Dinner

    You show me a kid who has never wanted to be a superhero, and I'll show you a lying kid. Artist Andy Fairhurst created this series of images featuring silhouettes of child Superheroes and Villains. Amazingly, each picture perfectly encapsulates the mood of the character it portrays. Read on for a gallery!

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  11. This Fan-Made Harry Potter Tarot Deck Is Magical

    This is just like magic!

    I'm not a tarot user but I find the art on many decks to be incredibly beautiful. A few years ago, Dark Horse was going to produce a Buffy the Vampire Slayer deck but it fell through. These fan-made Harry Potter tarot will never be sold in stores due to copyright issues but artist Laura Freeman, nasubionna on DeviantArt, did some really great work on them. Hit the jump to see more, plus her justifications for who she chose for which card.

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  12. These Sailor Moon Costume Redesigns Are Out Of This Universe

    It Came From Outer Space

    Sailor Moon and company have a pretty distinctive look that hasn't really changed all that much through the years. Perhaps that's why Abraham Cruz, aka PandaRojo07 on DeviantArt, took it upon himself to reinterpret the group's classic outfits. Check out Sailor Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and more! 

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  13. What Popular Websites Would Look Like As Fashionable Dresses

    Fashion for Nonhumans

    Victor Farentina (Neko-Vi on DeviantArt) has done something very unique. He's combined fashion with the internet. No, he didn't create a fashion website, he turned websites into dresses! Hit the jump for his take on Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, and more! 

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  14. Skyrim Monopoly Continues the Trend of Awesome Video Game Monopoly Adaptations

    Producing themed Monopoly boards was always how a very, very old game that practically everyone has sitting in a closet or two managed to make money. Most people who would have the orignal version of the game also own some amusingly themed version -- myself included; The Simpsons -- but for the people who like less popular themes, or even themes too dissimilar to ever cross into Monopoly territory, the Internet and talented artists with a vision are here to save the day. This time, deviantART user oddeh (Alex Bennett) plunges Monopoly into the world of Skyrim, complete with coins instead of dollar bills.

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  15. One Does Not Simply Get a Mani-Pedi In Mordor

    DeviantART user Undomiele doesn't think her "Enter Mordor" nail art is too complex, maybe because she's humble, or maybe because she's so talented that painting her fingernails with detailed Lord of the Rings art is what she does while waiting in line at the grocery store. Either way, we're here to tell Undomiele that she can brag a little harder about the impressive nail art.

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  16. Disney Princesses As Sith Warriors

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    DeviantARTist JosephB222 has done the awesome and turned Disney princesses into Sith warriors. The results are kickass. True, Ariel is a bit more exposed than we'd assume a Sith warrior would be, but check out this otherwise excellent mashup after the jump.

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  17. Things We Saw Today: Here’s How We Do Caturday

    Things We Saw Today

    Updated: Apparently, yesterday's Catwoman picture was a fake. We instead offer this from bot. (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  18. Inked Disney Princesses (and More)

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    What better combination of art forms is there than Disney and tattoos? Well, if you're a Disney geek with tattoos (or a Disney geek who appreciates them), then there is nothing better. So when DeviantARTist Telegrafix aka Timothy John Shumate (who is also a tattoo artist) whips up some tattoo-friendly designs inspired by Disney, we're bound to pay attention. After the jump, see more inked-up Disney princesses, and maybe even a past president.

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  19. Things We Saw Today: Heeeeeere’s Kitty!

    Things We Saw Today

    Wennnnndy ... gimme the cat. Just gimme the cat ... (At Nerdcore)

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  20. Geekolinks: 12/15

    Don't Fry Gnocchi (Webstaurantstore) This is A Ladybug Playing With Sprinkles (The Daily What) This Graphic Novel Fills in the Plot Between Tron and Tron: Legacy (Wired) There's Something Fishy in the State of DeviantArt (Bleeding Cool) Are Customs Authorities Seizing Devices Just Because They Have Adult Comics on Them? (Comic Book Resources) The Green Hornet is Getting Its Own Mythbusters Episode (aidsmap) Dylan Meconis on the Finances of Webcomics Work (Get Currency) (pic via Kotaku.)

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