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  1. Boy, Do We Wish The “Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout” Beer Existed Right Now

    Because no one ever made superfriends by drinking milk.

    It's been a long week already, and it's only Tuesday. Don't you wish you could pop open an antihero-themed beer named after Lobo or Wolverine and drink all your cares away? (That totally worked for them, right?) But in all seriousness, Butcher Billy's latest graphic design experiment is incredibly apropos to the characters he's working with, who aren't exactly role models but still manage to be everyone's favorite comic characters.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Tardis and Dalek Jell-O Shots

    I hope that Tardis is normal-sized inside. For your liver's sake.

    I think there's a missed opportunity here for "Cidermen" shots, but down the hatch nonetheless.

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  3. Deadpool Animation Confirmed As Movie Test Footage, Higher-Res Clip Released [VIDEO]

    Even richer Corinthian leather!

    Yesterday we posted a clip that may or may not have been test footage from a possible Deadpool movie but was promptly taken down regardless. Lucky for anyone who enjoyed the animation's banter, Blur Studios, the company owned by maybe-Deadpool director Tim Miller, has confirmed that the clip was leaked from eight minutes of test footage. Blur Studios released a higher-resolution version of the animation for our enjoyment--hopefully there's more to come.

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  4. Deadpool Animation Is Maybe Leaked Deadpool Movie Test Footage, Is Definitely Awesome

    Take note of the white lenses, Batman movies.

    Superhero movies, comics, TV, and pretty much just all kinds of media are better with a sense of humor. The worst part about Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy was the glaring omission of Peter's wit. This alleged Deadpool test footage is just further evidence of that fact, because it's only a few minutes long with some pretty standard action set pieces, but the personality will make you wish this were a real movie you could go see.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: The Avengers Are Gathering At SDCC

    You thought I was going to say "assembling," didn't you?

    Bruce Banner himself posted this photo of himself and the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast gettin' it together at San Diego Comic-Con today. This looks like the best hang out. (via Instagram)

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  6. Oh No, Funko Is Making Plushies Now

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    Oh no. Oh no, they're cute. They're cute and huggable.

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  7. Stuff As Many “Mercs With A Mouth” As You Can Into Your Own Mouth with This Deadpool Sweet Roll Recipe

    Or you could just make chimichangas instead.

    Want to make your Thanksgiving spread just a little bit geekier? These Deadpool-themed sweet rolls are sure to do the trick. And unlike their pockmark-ridden counterpart, there's nothing gross underneath the famous mask -- the dough is dyed with food coloring all the way through.

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  8. Little Girl in a Tutu Makes the Best Deadpool Ever

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    I think the Merc With a Mouth himself wouldn't mind if a bizarre plot twist made him come back from the dead as this totally awesome three year old. According to her mom, she came up with the idea herself and bossed her dear parent around until it was created for her. You can find more pictures like this on the original post, or at our Tumblr.

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  9. Ryan Reynolds Gives Updates On The Ever-Looming Deadpool Movie

    Cautiously Optimistic

    The Deadpool movie has been happening forever and will keep happening...forever, according to Ryan Reynolds.

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  10. Green Lantern Himself Doesn’t Care About the Justice League Movie

    If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

    Though, honestly, Ryan Reynolds' negative comments about the oft-delayed superhero film sound less like a case of "I have zero interest in the Justice League movie" than of "I still wince when I think about Green Lantern." Can you blame him?

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