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  1. Oh No, Funko Is Making Plushies Now

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    Oh no. Oh no, they're cute. They're cute and huggable.

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  2. Stuff As Many “Mercs With A Mouth” As You Can Into Your Own Mouth with This Deadpool Sweet Roll Recipe

    Or you could just make chimichangas instead.

    Want to make your Thanksgiving spread just a little bit geekier? These Deadpool-themed sweet rolls are sure to do the trick. And unlike their pockmark-ridden counterpart, there's nothing gross underneath the famous mask -- the dough is dyed with food coloring all the way through.

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  3. Little Girl in a Tutu Makes the Best Deadpool Ever

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    I think the Merc With a Mouth himself wouldn't mind if a bizarre plot twist made him come back from the dead as this totally awesome three year old. According to her mom, she came up with the idea herself and bossed her dear parent around until it was created for her. You can find more pictures like this on the original post, or at our Tumblr.

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  4. Ryan Reynolds Gives Updates On The Ever-Looming Deadpool Movie

    Cautiously Optimistic

    The Deadpool movie has been happening forever and will keep happening...forever, according to Ryan Reynolds.

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  5. Green Lantern Himself Doesn’t Care About the Justice League Movie

    If you liked it then you should have put a Lantern Ring on it

    Though, honestly, Ryan Reynolds' negative comments about the oft-delayed superhero film sound less like a case of "I have zero interest in the Justice League movie" than of "I still wince when I think about Green Lantern." Can you blame him?

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Deadpool and Harley, Sittin’ in a Tree…

    Things We Saw Today

    This week's edition of Comic Book Resources' The Line It Is Drawn features comic book characters getting all romantic with each other. This Deadpool and Harley Quinn piece is by Marco D'Alfonso; you can check out the others here.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Deadpool Celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving

    Things We Saw Today

    Yup, today is Canada's Thanksgiving. Eat up!  (via ComicVine) 

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  8. This Is Gangnam Style in Klingon. ‘Nuff Said

    Dear Internet,

    A couple of weeks ago, we told you that you could stop making Gangnam Style parodies, because the Deadpool one was so clearly brilliant. You ignored our advice, Internet, and it turns out, you were right to do so. We regret the error. If you had followed our advice, the K-pop hit of the minute may never have been translated (oh, very roughly) into Klingon and given a Star Trek parody, and the world we live in would be a poorer one for that. Now, Klingon Gangnam Style is a thing, and one that brings us great joy. Forgive us for our hubris, Internet, and thank you for making our lives better with this. That is all.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: The Shining, Starring Deadpool

    Things We Saw Today

    Head to Comic Book Resources for a smorgasbord of comic book/Stephen King mashups, including this Deadpool meets The Shining piece by Marco D’Alfonso.

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  10. Truly, Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style is the Finest of All Possible “Gangnam Style” Videos

    If you were thinking of doing a Gangnam Style video -- and yes, it has crossed all of our minds, the tune and video is just that ingrained in our brain holes now -- you can maybe stop now? Nothing is going to outdo this take featuring Deadpool with a special guest appearance by Bane, so we can all just stop trying at let this trend serenely and officially jump the shark. Because this video is kind of the best?

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