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  1. 3D Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter Launches, Makes Tiles Actually Affordable

    Dwarven Forge sets are like the LEGO of hardcore D&D-type geeks. They're high-quality, interlocking 3D dungeon pieces that you can use with miniatures to make any game visually more incredible, but they're just as fun to play around with aimlessly. The problem is, Dwarven Forge sets are expensive -- like $135 for a basic 37-piece dungeon set. But not for long! Stefan Pokorny, CEO and artist behind Dwarven Forge, has just launched a Kickstarter to produce new tiles that are affordable for everyone.

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  2. Get Your Orc On in the Next Dungeon Command Game

    "Let's hunt some orc"? No, no -- be an orc! Tomorrow is the release of the next installment of the Dungeon Command board game. Blood of Gruumsh gives you command of a war band of marauding orcs, allowing you to at long last call in the ogre and crack some human, goblin, or drow heads. Find out what's so good about this game, and why it's still Dungeons & Dragons but not really.

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  3. I Want to Go to There: Neverwinter Video Game to Include Giant Volcano Zone

    The free-to-play Neverwinter -- the new Dungeons & Dragons MMO -- is nearly upon us, and today Cryptic Studios has unveiled a new zone: Mt. Hotenow, the volcano whose ancient power gave Neverwinter its name and whose eruption nearly destroyed the famous city. See the trailer and learn of the volatile new threat that players must contest!

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  4. Stop Trolling eBay For D&D Nostalgia! Wizards Resurrects Out-of-Print Books

    They're either too expensive or too ratty if you find them on your own -- those old adventures and rulebooks that fired your imagination as a kid, but your mom sold off at a garage sale when you weren't looking. If you missed it already, you should know it now: Wizards of the Coast is releasing (and selling) all the old out-of-print Dungeons & Dragons products from the early days to the latter days, some in digital form, some as refurbished hard copy.

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  5. No Really, Planescape Could Come Back

    Oh man. This is a very real possibility, if not something we can rush out and spend money on just yet. Wizards of the Coast told that they would "absolutely consider licensing out Planescape." If they were approached with a suitable proposal for the storied campaign and video game, of course. Read on to find out why this would be a very good thing.

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  6. Amazing: Rube Goldberg Machine to Roll Your Dungeons & Dragons Dice

    I don't even play Dungeons & Dragons, and I cannot stop watching this video. In the 38 enrapturing seconds that ensue, you will watch a cup, a marble, a chess piece, a pulley, and many more moving parts conspire in a Rube Goldbergian plot to roll a single D&D die.

    It is as awesome as it sounds.

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  7. Why The Big Bang Theory Is Good For Geeks, and Why I Hate The Big Bang Theory

    When I found out that Stan Lee would be appearing in this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, I was momentarily elated. This was swiftly followed by sadness when I reminded myself that no matter how much I want to enjoy it, every time I watch an episode of TBBT I feel bad at the end of it. It would be wrong to say that I think The Big Bang Theory is a bad show. In fact, I think overall that TBBT is a very good thing for geek culture, and it is clear to me that the guys behind it are true geeks. But the fact remains that I feel excluded and sometimes even insulted by the show. And I don't mean insulted by inaccuracies, like that you can't steal loot off of your companions' corpses in World of Warcraft. Worst. Game reference. Ever. (/shove glasses up nose /toke on inhaler). I'd like to try and explain why I think The Big Bang Theory is good for geek culture, and why I nevertheless hate it.

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  8. Inmate Can’t Play Dungeons & Dragons, Because It’s A “Gang-Related Activity”

    That's right: a prisoner in Wisconsin who described himself as a "very serious" Dungeons & Dragons player was denied his ability to play the game by a Court of Appeals after a lengthy legal battle with the prison officials who banned him from D&D in 2004. The prisoner, Kevin T. Singer, is currently serving a life sentence for murder. The ban is less interesting than the reasoning behind it: this being that Dungeons & Dragons "promotes gang-related activity."

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