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DC Comics

  1. DC Tries Make Us Believe It Cares About Expanding Diversity in Comics With New DCYou Campaign

    DC Comics is trying to get in good with the current push towards diversity in comics—not, you know, by actually expanding diversity in their comics, but by running an ad campaign called DCYou that talks a big game about diverse stories in comics.

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  2. DC Entertainment Is Currently Trying to Protect Their Robin IP from Singer Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty

    DC: "This falls under our umbrella, ella, ella..."

    DC vs. Rihanna in the comic book event of the century!!! Ok, it's actually just a little legal battle but think of the cover possibilities!

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  3. Victory is Ours! DC Comics Debuting New Bombshells Series and Variant Covers This Summer

    "A story of the DC heroines, all the DC heroines."

    "DC Comics Bombshells is one of the wildest things I’ve ever had the pleasure to create—a story of the DC heroines, all the DC heroines, in a crisis that defines themselves as well as their generation."

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  4. Wonder Woman and the Paternal Narrative: the Rise of Wonder Woman, the Fall of Women

    “We’ve cleaned her up. You can describe who she is now. She’s got the specific description now just like Batman or Superman. She’s the daughter of a god.” - Brian Azzarello

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Don’t Forget to Vote Alison Hendrix, Orphan Black Fans

    A trustee you can trust.

    Don't you want a safe, friendly, nurturing environment where you can feel safe, friendly, and nurtured?

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  6. FOX Brings Their Genre “A” Game With Trailers for Minority Report and Lucifer

    We're still upset about The Mindy Project, though...

    While we're still stinging from the cancellation of The Mindy Project (do the right thing, Hulu!), we're thrilled that FOX is bringing us some awesome-looking genre projects!

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  7. [UPDATED] Stephen Amell Suggests Arrow Crossover For #SaveConstantine

    NBC may have passed on a second season of Constantine, but all hope is not lost. Fans and stars alike have been tweeting their support of the show in the hopes that another network might give it a chance - including Arrow's Stephen Amell.

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  8. The Flash Mob: “Grodd Lives”

    Why hello, Grodd! Nice to meet you!

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  9. Pull Wisely: The Mary Sue’s Weekly Comic Counsel and Chat


    It’s time for Pull Wisely (why yes, that is an Indiana Jones reference), where we give you short snippets of which comics we’re looking forward to each week—and then ask for your recommendations in the comments.

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  10. The Mary Sue Interview: Frank Tieri on Convergence: Suicide Squad & All-Female Justice League

    Frank Tieri is tackling two of DC Comics Convergence series, Suicide Squad and Justice League. We spoke to him about Amanda Waller's role, the all-female JL team, and more!

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  11. Gerry Conway Says DC Entertainment is Ripping Off Creators

    It's not like you don't have the money, DC.

    Whenever you see comic book characters leap off the page and into a new medium - like all the DC shows on television right now - you're probably thinking Wow! Whoever created these characters must be making BANK! Not necessarily. In fact, thanks to changes that happened once DC Comics became DC Entertainment, comic creators are making a lot less.

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  12. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Chapter 32

    DC Comics have given us an early look at the exciting conclusion to Derek Fridolfs and Tom Fowler's two-part story from Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Chapter 32.

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  13. Gotham Gab: “The Anvil or the Hammer”

    Barbara. I am so sorry about how this show is treating you, Barbara.

    What did you think of last night's pen(guin)ultimate episode of Gotham Season 1? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but look out for spoilers if you're behind.

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  14. Frank Miller To Close Out The Dark Knight Returns Saga With The Dark Knight III: The Master Race

    At least Superman's logo can bleed.

    Yesterday afternoon, Frank Miller announced on Twitter that he would be returning to Gotham to close out The Dark Knight Returns trilogy with this last installment, dubbed The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

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  15. “DC Super Hero Girls” Announced For Marketing Apparel, Action Figures, and TV to Girls!

    "Featuring DC Comics’ most powerful and diverse line-up of female characters as relatable teens."


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  16. Lumberjanes, Ms. Marvel, Saga, & More in the 2015 Eisner Nominations!

    The nominations for this year's Eisner Awards, to take place once again at San Diego Comic-Con, have been announced and they include TMS favorites like Babs Tarr, Colleen Coover, Fiona Staples, Kelly Sue DeConnick, G. Willow Wilson, and more!

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  17. The Flash Mob: “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

    Cisco, I could hug you to death.

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  18. The Cover For DC’s Black Canary #2 Has Us Jazzed About This New Girl Band Comic

    Black Canary #2 hits stands and online retailers July 15th, and Annie Wu's cover is everything. Written by Brenden Fletcher (of Batgirl and Gotham Academy), we have a feeling this is going to be one rockin' comic (sorry). #2 is even going to have a variant cover by Batgirl's Babs Tarr.

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  19. Gotham Gab: “Under the Knife”

    So... how is Milo Ventimiglia's continued creepiness sitting with you as his storyline progresses? What about Bruce and Selina's rather weighty character dynamics? Let us—and each other—know what you thought of "Under the Knife" in the comments below, but beware of spoilers as always!

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  20. New Batman v Superman Posters, Batmobile and Batsuit Images, Now in Slightly More Color!

    Next time: brighter lighting!

    The Batman v Superman marketing train has left the station whether we like it or not, and we now have posters, NBA stars test-driving the batmobile, and a full batsuit reveal! Well, a color batsuit reveal. Well, slightly more color. This is a DC movie we're talking about, after all. DARKNESS. NO PARENTS.

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