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David Lynch

  1. Creator Of Riverdale Says Fox Show Will Be “Archie Meets Twin Peaks


    Damn fine news, everyone: if you thought the description for Riverdale paid homage to the obvious similarities between Archie's home and a certain eccentric Northwest town, you were right. The sock hops are not what they seem.

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  2. Damn Fine Breaking News: David Lynch Is Resurrecting Twin Peaks


    It is happening again: David Lynch is returning to Twin Peaks.

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  3. Cryptic Tweets From David Lynch, Mark Frost Prompt Speculation of Huge Twin Peaks News

    I'm too excited for math, Diane. Help me count to 25!

    Beware! Semi-spoilers to follow for those not familiar yet with Twin Peaks!

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  4. ALS Ice Bucket Challenges From Westeros, Middle Earth, & a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

    The ice is just piling up! So many people have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that even fictional characters are starting to get in on the charity fun. Here's Batgirl but we've also collected Archie, Grumpy Cat, Peter Dinklage, Harrison Ford and more.

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  5. Help Us Devise Appropriate Names for David Lynch’s New Line of Workout Clothes for Women

    Inseam Empire is too on the nose. Lost Thighway? Diane's Secret? POWER WALK WITH ME?

    If you're anything like me, the first person that comes to mind when you think of supportive and comfortable workout wear is renowned surrealist, director, and advocate for transcendental meditation Mr.David Lynch. Yes, the world finally has a supportive bra designed by the subconscious that brought us Eraserhead, thanks to a collaboration between the David Lynch Foundation and clothing company Live the Process.

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  6. New Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Set May Go Beyond End Of Second Season

    But do we finally meet Diane?

    Ninety minutes of never-before-seen Twin Peaks footage will be available on The Entire Mystery Blu-ray set come July 29th. But will tying up some of the mystery's loose ends be worth $119.00? Starpulse and Variety got a sneak peak (forgive me) at the box set's deleted scenes, and it seems like viewers who were left dissatisfied by the series finale would be well advised to start saving up.

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  7. The New Twin Peaks Blu-Ray Set to Have Truly Bonkers Bonus Features

    The interviews are not what they seem.

    Worried that the ten-disc Blu-Ray Twin Peaks set due for release this summer will lack the show's surreality? Concerned Lynch's weirdness will be compromised by agreeing to release 90 unseen minutes of the Peaks saga? Well, slow your roll: CBS recently released a new trailer starring Lynch himself, and it's weird. Like, Nadine-level weird.

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  8. The Trailer for a David Lynch-Directed Return of the Jedi Is Kind of Legitimately Terrifying [VIDEO]

    May The Force Be With You

    In true Lynchian fashion, the heebie-jeebs of this video by Samuel C. Spitale sneak up on you. "Ok, he just cut Jedi clips together in a weird fashion, it's kinda funny... HOLY S***, BOB." And then the Red Room backwards talking talking happens, and that's never not terrifying. It could be in Adventure Time and I'd still shudder. (via: Laughing Squid) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  9. Watch David Lynch’s Return of the Jedi Bring Star Wars to the Dark Side

    The Ewoks are not what they seem!

    In 1981, David Lynch turned down George Lucas' offer to direct Return of the Jedi. Thankfully, Youtuber C-SPIT has imagined how the movie would have turned out in the Eraserhead director's hands. Whatever Episode VII brings, it's safe to say it won't look anything like this.

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  10. Damn Fine News: Twin Peaks Box Set Will Contain Ninety Minutes of New Footage

    Great news, Diane!

    It's a happy day in one fictional Washington state town: in response to a Facebook petition by fans, the new Twin Peaks box set due out July 29th will contain a whopping 90 minutes of never before seen footage and promises to reveal the show's "entire mystery."

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