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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


May The Force Be With You

Stow Your Second-Hand Embarrassment and Watch Billy Dee Williams Do a Star Wars Cha Cha On Dancing With the Stars

To be fair to Billy Dee, it’s less him in particular I find embarrassing and more this entire show. It just makes me cringe. Even that snazzy Lando-esque cape with the spangly gold lining cannot rescue this video for me. I demand a memory wipe for the last five minutes of my life. Bail Organa, hook me up?

Previously in Dancing with the Stars


We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

And Now, the Winner of the 2013 Dance Your PhD Competition in Chemistry

The Dance Your PhD Competition challenges grad students in STEM to explain the technical details in their projects not in laymans terms, but in interpretive dance. The grand prize is $1k, and a trip to a screening of their winning video at Stanford University. Here’s Ambalika Khadria’s winning entry in the field of Chemistry (a trick she developed to observe the behavior of proteins), but you can see the rest of the winners at io9.


i'll just leave this here

This Attack On Titan Dance Routine Is… Is… Just Watch It [VIDEO]

Apologies if you’ve already seen this guys’ weirdimpressive Attack on Titan-themed dance moves, as this video was uploaded back in May. But I just saw it, and I’m sure there are other new Attack On Titans fans who have yet to be exposed to it, too.

I feel at this moment like I understand nothing about the universe.

(via: Japanator)

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The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Woman Quits Job Making Viral Videos With Viral Video

How best to express how much you hate the quantity over quality focus of your job working in the internet mines? Make a video of you dancing in your empty office that breaks 500k views in less than a week.

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Faster than a speeding bullet!

Superheroes Can Dance If They Want To, They Can Leave Their Sidekicks Behind

Being a superhero is a stressful job. Sometimes when you’re defending Gotham/Metropolis/New York/CIRCLE CITY NAME HERE you just need to take a few minutes to unwind. (Looking at you, Bats.) By, say, cutting a rug. Artist Jesse Lonergan has illustrated what that might look like with his wonderful series of dancing superheroes. We’ve put some of our favorites behind the cut, including some boogying heroes of the genderswapped variety, but if you go to Lonergan’s Tumblr you’ll find a lot more characters getting their groove on—including examples from Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and more.

Oh, and I’ve also included a non-dancing drawing of the Hulk playing a flute. Because reasons.

(via: /Film)


The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Andrew Garfield’s Dance Skills & Pop-Culture Knowledge Are Tested On Ellen [VIDEO]

If you’re booked on Ellen it’s a known fact you will probably be asked to dance at some point during the show. The context may not always be the same but it’s always something to watch. In this particular instance Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield was asked to perform several different types of dances on the spot. For each one he got correct, $1000 would go to charity. The thing is, most of the dances required some significant pop-culture awareness, something I’m sure not a lot of actors actually have considering they’re too busy being a part of that very culture. Regardless, Garfield pretty much nailed them all. Give it a look.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

These Singing Russian Grandmothers Saved Their Village [Video]

Remember those awesome Russian grandmothers who qualified to perform at the European pop music contest Eurovision? They placed second, and  it turns out their local government was so thrilled with their international success, it decided to build a new water pipeline, install streetlights, lay new gravel on the roads, and install high-speed Internet for the village’s only school. Awesome! Here’s a video of there Eurovision performance — I can only hope to be half as cool as these grannies when I get older.

(via Jezebel.)

eye candy

Here Is Snoopy, Dancing With Bunnies. Because It’s Easter. [Video]

What’s that you say? You want to watch the clip from It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! where Snoopy looks into a kaleidoscope and sees dancing bunnies? You don’t even have to celebrate Easter to appreciate this trippy little snippet. Come on — Snoopy, bunnies, what’s not to like? Though we don’t recommend dropping acid. Your real-life human body cannot accomplish those last moves without risking serious injury.

(via YouTube)

Wait For It...

Russian Singing Grannies Suggest “Party For Everybody,” We Concur [Video]

We here at The Mary Sue hope you will take this video and make it your weekend anthem. These sx ladies are known as the Buranovskiye Babushki (translation: the Buranovo Grannies). They were the winners of the Russian National final and are on to represent their country in the competition this year in May. According to the BBC, “The lyrics to the song, which feature a mixture of English and Udmurt – a language related to Finnish – were written by the grandmothers.” PARTY FOR EVERYBODY!

(via Neatorama)



A Word to Describe This Unusual Swing Dance Video: Amazing

I knew Spider-Man could swing from a web, but I didn’t know this sort of thing was covered in his spider-powers. Orion Hall and Colleen Vernon‘s swing routine is set to Michael Buble‘s Spider-Man. The only bad thing about this video is that the audio plays primarily out of the left speaker. But we forgive it.

(via Full of Whoa!)