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  1. 102-Year-Old Harlem Renaissance Dancer Sees Herself Perform on Film for the First Time

    Onion ninjas strike again

    Alice Barker was a chorus dancer during the Harlem Renaissance of the '30s and '40s, and although she acted in numerous commercials and performed alongside talent like Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, the now-102-year-old had never seen recordings of her dancing before some researchers from Jazz On Film stopped by her nursing home--and holy cow, could she ever move.

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  2. This Is An Awesome Opera/Dance Piece Filmed Inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider

    You need some Deep Thought for this one.

    When you think of CERN's Large Hadron Collider you probably think of science, not opera or dancers in hardhats. But filmmaker and media artist Ruben Van Leer's Symmetry might change all that.

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  3. High-Tech Pointe Shoes Make Ballerinas Into App-Trackable Cyborg Ladies

    Perfect for performing The Netcracker.

    Ballerinas might be some of the world's most incredible athletes, but now, thanks to a Spanish designer, they're basically cyborgs as well.

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  4. Bodies Meet Code In This Cool Dance Performance


    This performance is brought to you by Adrien M/Claire B, a French dance company that according to Wired specializes in "cutting-edge physical-digital performance." This one is called "Pixel" and looks pretty darn cool.

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  5. Ph.D. Student’s Interpretive Dance of Her Tornado Research Wins Contest, Also Wins the Internet

    My research will be into why this contest isn't called PhDance.

    The "Dance Your Ph.D." contest, sponsored by Science journal publisher AAAS, tasks students with expressing their research through, well, dance. This year's winner was biologist Uma Nagendra, who just happens to have a leg—and several other limbs—up on the rest of the competition with her double life as a circus aerialist. Hit the jump for a priceless music video about mayonnaise that also came in as a finalist.

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  6. New Line Cinema Is Giving Misty Copeland The Biopic She Deserves

    Slow-clap standing ovation, y'all.

    For those of you uninitiated in the awesomeness of American Ballet Theatre's soloist Misty Copeland, you're in luck: Deadline reports that New Line Cinema has optioned the rights to her best-selling memoir Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. Considering the variety of barriers the star has leapt in her lifetime, that's great news even for film-goers who aren't versed in the dance world.

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  7. Think High Heels Are Hard To Walk In? Watch These Guys Bust Out A Beyoncé Dance Routine In Stilettos.

    Got me lookin' SO crazy right now.

    Prepare to be amazed.

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  8. The Influence of Dancing on Mating Chances Explains a Lot [Video]

    Being a good dancer shows a lot of desirable traits like coordination, fitness, and other things that were really important when large predators were a problem for humans.

    Look, folks -- I know we humans like to think there's a lot more than just the bars on the cage separating us from our more primitive ancestors, but that's just not the case sometimes. Case in point? Dancing. You can put all the intricate choreography and emotional involvement you want to into it, but at the end of the day, dancing got it's start as a way for humans to get themselves laid -- which it largely remains to this day, frankly.

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  9. Yeah! Shake It, Baby: Feathered Dinosaurs Shook Tail Feathers in Courtship Rituals

    There's a reason why, despite even the best of efforts, us human males egregiously fail at trying to attract the attention of our female counterparts -- and evolution's to blame. Lacking the colorful and hypnotic menagerie of feathers that our avian friends are fortunate to be sporting, humanity's male population has only succeeded in sealing its own fate in unrequited love, while birds continue to rub this sad fact in our faces on a regular basis. As if our situation couldn't get any worse than it is now, recent fossil evidence has shown that feathered dinosaurs known as Oviraptors -- hailing from Mongolia -- had nearly the same kind of tail end plumage akin to their modern cousins, even going as far as having the ability to shake them about and get a potential mate to notice the exotic dance number. Great, now even dinosaurs are starting to get a superiority complex.

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  10. The Ridiculous Dance Moves of Nathan Barnatt Will Make You So Happy [Video]

    What does a nerdy turquoise turtle neck and jeans combo have to do with popular French singer Yelle? Nothing, except when said ensemble is inhabited by Nathan Barnatt, whose outrageous globe-hopping dance moves are a reminder that you should dance like the entire Internet is watching and judging you, or something like that. Amazingly, this video claims to have been shot without green screening. You'll see why that's impressive once you get a few minutes in. Trust me, it's worth it.

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  11. Cirque du Soleil's Worldwide Dance Tribute to Michael Jackson [Video]

    Earlier this month, Cirque du Soleil's performers and employees joined together for a massive dance tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This seems to include every single person employed by the legendary dance/circus company, taking place on stages the world over. The largest looks to have been at Cirque's headquarters in Montreal, where the massive choreographed dance was performed in the street for onlookers. Though I am not a fan of the deceased music legend, it's a moving performance and no less impressively executed.

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  12. Little Brother Dance Bombs Big Sister [Video]

    With just a few minutes of dancing, this little boy simultaneously destroys and saves his sister's performance. Kudos, young one. You have a bright future, assuming you survived the events immediately following this video. (via BuzzFeed)

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  13. Impressive, Intimidating "Flash-Haka" Goes Down in New Zealand [Video]

    Readers unfamiliar with the traditional dances of Pacific Islanders may be confused by what's going on here but, according Wikipedia, the dance being performed by this New Zealand flashmob is a "Haka." Apparently one variety of the Haka dance has been co-opted by local sports teams, which may be partly responsible for this recent display. Regardless of the motivation behind the dance, the subtlety with which it grows to an incredible size is amazing. Watch, enjoy, maybe get a little scared. (via Reddit)

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  14. Things That Jonathon Keats Has Done

    See, we were going to talk about this Wired article about conceptual artist Jonathon Keats getting some chunks of lunar and martian rock, smashing them up with a hammer and growing cactus and potatoes in them, because it contains all of the following language:
    Like all astronauts, these potatoes and cacti are test pilots. And if you think of the greatest test pilots in history, from Chuck Yeager to Neil Armstrong, you find that they're highly intelligent and also extremely dumb: Intelligent enough to navigate the unknown, and dumb enough to let themselves be launched in the first place. Plants also have these essential traits: The smarts to adapt to novel conditions and the stupidity not to run away... Few people, in my experience, have ever revered a potato, let alone envied one. We tend to eat them, and of course the Irish cursed them during the Great Famine. But now here's the chance for children to look up to potatoes as heroic, just as John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin were once role models... Of course by colonialist standards, potatoes will have territorial claim to Mars since they've beat Homo sapiens, and what's most hospitable to them may be to inhabit it without us around.
    So, yeah, we were going to do a whole post just on that. But then we went to Jonathon Keats' Wikipedia page, and got lost for fifteen minutes. And so, without further ado, we present a list of Things That Jonathon Keats Has Done.

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