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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


So say we all!

Man Creates Life-Sized, Articulated Wooden Cylon, Makes Me Yearn For a Doctor Who Crossover

This wooden beauty is courtesy of Ukranian Battlestar Galactica fan Dmitry Balandin, who made it over a period of six months with 500 pieces of plywood. Two more pictures, including one with Balandin for scale, are behind the cut.

Just imagine the Doctor’s face if he were confronted with an army of these guys.


All this has happened before...

This Cylon Engagement Ring Disguises Itself Like A Skin-Job

Michael Moragne used his grandmother’s ring to create a Cylon engagement ring for his girlfriend. Talk about an upgrade. Hit the jump to see how this amazingly nerdy ring looks perfectly normal when viewed from above. 



Gaius Baltar Has An Existential Crisis In The Sound of Cylons Music Video

I don’t really have any commentary to add on this one except to say it was uploaded by YouTube user Saul Tigh.

(via Blastr)

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