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  1. Things We Saw Today: Harvey Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Mashups)

    Objection! Overruled...

    Animator and friend-of-The Mary Sue Leigh Lahav did everyone the favor of finally tying together Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law with this year's Birdman movie in When No One Gets Your Cosplay (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance).

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Incredible Liara T’Soni Cosplay

    She's a master at effects.

    Professional makeup artist Jen of Soylent Cosplay as Mass Effect's Liara T'Soni. Bow down.

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  3. Peter Capaldi Reveals His Deep Passion (Read: Fanboy Nature) For Doctor Who And Its Villains

    The Capaldi has the phone box!

    While we eagerly await tonight's premiere of Doctor Who Season 8, Peter Capaldi is here to tide you over with a chat about his favorite Who villains and his absolute love of the show.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Burt Macklin: Dinosaur Detective Jurassic World Has Wrapped

    Teeny-tiny dino arms...cannot...reach...clapperboard...

    How long until the Internet shames director Colin Trevorrow for senselessly slaughtering that T-Rex?

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  5. Her Universe Debuts A Doctor Who Villains Print Dress!

    Hello Sweetie

    Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels! Oh my! All are included on this brand new Doctor Who "bad guys" dress from Her Universe! Check out another new item featuring a quote from the show after the jump! 

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  6. Neil Gaiman Tells Us Non-Spoilery Things About Scary Cybermen


    "I can tell you that there are Cybermen in it. It will be a stand-alone episode, I don't know if it will be number twelve or thirteen. It will be the series' penultimate episode. But it has a beginning, a middle and an end... Steven [Moffat] wrote to me and asked if I wanted to make the Cybermen scary again. I thought back to myself at the age of six or seven, The Moonbase, Tomb of the Cybermen… I saw them when they were first broadcast. The Cybermen were much scarier than the Daleks, because they didn't make any noise. The Daleks moved around all over the place shouting "Exterminate", etc. With the Cybermen, it's different. You turn around and bam! There they are. It's scary. I told him that I was going to take the Cybermen from the sixties […] and see what I could do. I don't know if it's going to work, we'll see." - Writer Neil Gaiman saying as much as he's willing to say about his upcoming Doctor Who episode. (via io9) Previously in Doctor Who

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  7. Neil Gaiman Will Take on the Cybermen in His Next Doctor Who Episode

    Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

    A few days after Matt Smith's honorable attempt to say something, anything, about the upcoming Neil Gaiman-penned episode of Doctor Who without revealing any specific details (spoiler: he failed), Steven Moffat has stepped up and told us a few things we can expect from the episode. Number one on the list: The Cybermen will be back.

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  8. Sonic Screwdriver Scarves And Other Doctor Who Knits

    The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

    I'm a big fan of alliteration so these Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Scarves get bonus points in my book. (They already had a ton for being DW creations.) Etsy user MyAlterKnits created both the 9/10th and 11th Doctor versions but also has a few other related items in her shop. Take a look. 

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  9. Things to Look At From IDW’s Star TrekDoctor Who Crossover


    Not long ago, IDW announced that they were teaming up two very huge sci-fi institutions for a crossover comic: Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who. Now, we've learned about who the Doctor and Captain Picard will be fighting together, and it's pretty apparent that the good guys aren't the only matches made in heaven. Or hell, really.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Super Family Car Decals

    Things We Saw Today

    I don't actually have a legitimate reason to put family decals on my car but if I did, it would be these. Artist Dean Trippe has these excellent superhero-inspired family decals on sale in his Etsy shop. The $22 set includes: Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Baby, Dog, and Cat, but they are also sold separately. Now take a gander at what else we saw today!

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  11. These Doctor Who Babies Will Not Be Happy Until the Universe Is THEIRS

    The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

    No matter what you make of these pictures by Jacqui Ronan, whether they'd make adorable Doctor Who-themed baby dolls, toys, or a twisted, sci-fi take-off on Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, you will probably agree that they are very cute to look at. They're round, they're emotional, and they represent so many portions of the universe. And they're babies.

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  12. Things We Saw Today: Adventure Time Batman

    Things We Saw Today

    Dan Hipp draws Not the Hero We Deserve, a delightful Adventure Time/Batman mashup. Now let's get Batman a cameo on the show. Oh, the possibilities. (via MTV Geek) What else did we find around the net today...

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