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  1. Monday Cute: This Video Will Change Your Mind About How Adorable Armadillos Are

    Unless you already think they're adorable, then you're already on the right side of history.

    If asked to name a cute animal, few people would probably say "Armadillo!" first, but let's all reconsider that position as we watch Rollie the armadillo scamper and play with a toy.

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  2. Baby Bear With Batman Logo on Chest Celebrates Rescue by Playing in Pool


    Caters News has shared this video of Georges, a juvenile Asian Black Bear with a Batman logo in his fur. Much like the caped crusader himself, Georges, who was recently rescued from bile traffickers by AnimalsAsia, has had a troubled past. Luckily, Bearuce seems to have the pluck necessary to recover from his difficult youth. DC: take notice. This cub needs to be canon.

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  3. Seeing Dawn of the Planet of the Apes This Weekend? Watch This Pug Puppy Version First.

    Why Milk-Bone rocket?

    By most accounts Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, out in theaters today, is a pretty excellent movie—it has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. And while I'm thrilled that it's apparently replicated the quality of its predecessor Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I remain skeptical that it can surpass the sheer brilliance of this Pet Collective parody. Two words: Baby. Pug. Two more words: Pug. Stampede. Your move, Matt Reeves.

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  4. Happy Birthday, Tiny Hedgehog! Here’s A Tiny Cake To Share With Your Tiny Hamster Friends.

    Tiny hedgehog + tiny cake = much adorable!

    A tiny hedgehog has the most adorable of birthday parties - including a tiny cake!

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  5. Let The Pug Version of How To Train Your Dragon Make Today Immeasurably Better

    Psst, Daenerys...it's gonna be okay.

    What do you call a group of pug puppies? A puddle? Yeah, that sounds about right.

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  6. The Night Is Dark and Full of Pugs Dressed as Game of Thrones Characters

    Oberyn Pugtell

    Be prepared to make all sorts of inhuman noises when you watch "Pugs of Westeros," starring Roxy, Blue, and Bono as canine versions of Game of Thrones characters. Nice of their pet humans Phillip and Sue Lauer to be so helpful in facilitating their dreams of power and glory, but I suggest they be extra vigilant from now on in providing plenty of walkies and skritches. Pug Joffrey doesn't play around.

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  7. Caribbean Pygmy Octopi Smaller Than a Penny Born in Captivity

    I'm a silly human for wanting to build them a dollhouse aquarium, but I do, guys. I do.

    Smaller than a LEGO minifig! Overpowered by a grain of rice! A bunch of Caribbean pygmy octopi hatched last week at The Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, and now we need new frames of reference for tininess.

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  8. Seems Reasonable: Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Reportedly Sold for $2 Million in China

    Seriously, have you ever seen a mane so fabulous?

    Tibetan mastiffs are like the fluffy versions of fierce lions. Except, of course, that they're more desirable to have as a pet than actual lions because they probably won't kill you. So how high a price would you go to have this ferocious but adorable companion as a pet? $2 million maybe? that seems fair, right?

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  9. Media-Savvy Lemur Takes ‘Selfie’, Waits For The Likes To Roll In

    Word up to my biddies in Madagascar #zoolife #blessed

    Why is it that cute animals become exponentially more adorable when they exhibit human behavior? I don't have the science to explain the appeal behind penguins wearing sweaters or cats playing piano, but I do have these lemur selfies. I'm just going to leave them here.

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  10. Here’s a Cute Animal Video Roundup

    Because we feel like maybe you need this right now, (we know we do) here are some videos of cute animals doing things. There's a dog talking about how pumped he is to get a cat, a cat training to be a ninja, and arguably the most obedient dog we've ever seen. Cute pet videos can't fix everything that's wrong with the world, but we're sure glad they're there.

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