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  1. Is Your Mac Running Too Smoothly? Type These 8 Characters to Crash Almost Any Program

    I've used Macs for most of my adult computing life. They're normally very stable machines, but they're not perfect, and a new flaw proves it. It turns out if you type "File:///" (no quotes) into most programs on a system running Mac OS X, that program will crash. I tested this bug out in a number of programs, and almost all of them quit immediately. This reportedly only works in the current Mountain Lion version of OS X, so maybe it's a cool new feature? Will "File:///" replace Command-Q?

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  2. Doomed Russian Mars Probe “Phobos-Grunt” Crashes Into Earth

    The Russian Phobos-Grunt space probe has really had a rough run of things. The craft was originally intended to land on the Martian moon Phobos and return a soil sample by 2014. Instead, Phobos-Grunt has been stuck in orbit since it was launched in early November. Today, the probe made an uncontrolled re-entry through the Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean just before 1:00 P.M. E.S.T..

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  3. Dog Involved in Deadly DUI Crash Swims Half Mile to Kayaker, Traumatized, but Survives

    Fishing in a kayak half a mile off the coast of Sarasota, Florida a man was greeted with a surprising guest swimming up to his boat, Barney the dog. The fisherman quickly reeled in his fishing line once he saw the dog -- something I'm not sure if I would be quick enough to realize to do -- and pulled Barney into his kayak. He dried the dog off and headed for shore, and during this time, Barney was perched on the back of kayak, a very small space, too afraid to move, clearly traumatized in some way. Obviously, small dogs don't regularly end up half a mile out to sea, and it was apparent by that and the way the little guy was acting that he was involved in something unfortunate. It turned out Barney was involved in a deadly DUI crash; he was out for a jog with his owner, and a drunk driver struck and killed her not too long before the dog fled to sea. Fortunately, the story doesn't end badly for poor Barney.

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  4. Shocking Video Captures Fighter Jet Crash at Chinese Airshow [Video]

    This shocking video from a Chinese airshow captures the heart-wrenching seconds before an FBC-1 "Flying Leopard" (Xian JH-7) nose dives straight into the ground. If you watch closely, you can see a pilot eject before the plane crashes. Chinese news sources are reporting that he is recovering, having suffered only mild injuries. However, the FBC-1 is a two-seater aircraft, and the second pilot is reported as "missing." This is the second crash of an FBC-1 since 2009.

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  5. UARS Satellite to Re-Enter Atmosphere Today, Probably Won't Hit North America

    In their ongoing effort to keep the public informed about the 6.5 ton spacecraft falling to Earth today, NASA announced via their Twitter stream that the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) probably won't be touching down in North America. Earlier today it was reported that the spacecraft would miss North America entirely, though NASA is now saying that a change in orientation and unexpected deceleration means that it's still a possibility, albeit a slim one. Where the spacecraft will touch down is still an open question, though NASA is tracking the vehicle and providing frequent updates. In a series of recent tweets, the space agency dispelled some of the concerns about the falling satellite. First off, they reiterated that the odds of being struck by a piece of debris are one in several trillion. Second, NASA stated that any debris that lands is unlikely to be on fire, as objects entering the atmosphere generally stop heating 20 miles up and cool for the rest of their fall. In fact, by the time debris reaches the ground, they could be moving as slow as 30 mph. NASA also asks that if you do find a chunk of space debris that you leave it be, and contact local authorities. With those reassurances and useful science factoids now in place, we can all sit back and wait for the UARS to make its spectacular return to Earth -- expected late tonight or early tomorrow. Updated with new information from NASA at 11:00AM. (via @NASA, UARS tracking)

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  6. 1959 Bel Air Crash-Tested Versus 2009 Malibu

    The next time you see someone crowing about their fancy restored classic vehicle, just remember that they are riding around in a death trap. This video celebrates the advancements made in car safety technology by crashing a classic and contemporary car together. The contenders in this death match is an extremely boring and pedestrian looking 2009 Chevy Malibu and a rather gorgeous 1959 Bel Air. The results are dramatic. Despite the size and weight difference, the BelAir is completely, and dramatically destroyed. The classic lines of the Bel Air melt like butter against the small, fuel efficient Malibu. The hypothetical injuries sustained by the drivers is, perhaps, less surprising as the BelAir lacks airbags or even seat belts. Though I am happy to see the how well new cars fair compared to an older vehicle, I have to admit that the sight of a classic car being so utterly destroyed was both mesmerizing and hard to watch. Maybe it's because I grew up near Detroit, I don't know. (via Reddit)

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