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  1. 76-Year-Old Woman Posts Beautiful Ad for Haunted Sword, Give Her a TV Show Immediately

    Serious offers only, please!

    Oh, God bless the Internet. Just check out the following Craigslist ad and its accompanying picture, please.

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  2. Witness in Murder Trial Posts Craigslist “Missed Connection” To Find Juror

    Worst "How I Met Your Mother" story ever.

    Sometimes people find love in unexpected places -- like a heinous murder trial. At least, some people do. A witness in the trial of Amanda Hein, who was convicted of murdering her child, tried to make the best out of a bad situation and posted a Craigslist Missed Connection to find a juror who was smiling at him.

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  3. San Francisco Craigslist Missed Connection About Google Glass Warms Our Cold, Dead Hearts

    Our hearts are often warmed by threats of violence.

    The Run the Jewels show the other night in San Francisco was apparently pretty great -- except one concertgoer found herself distracted by the guy she saw wearing Google Glass. So she decided to let him know with the above Missed Connection post, and the rest of the Internet is better for it.

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  4. Craigslist Ad Selling Crate Full of iPhones Somehow Not Legit, Leads to Armed Robbery

    Really, the ad might as well have said "Mugger needs cash, seeking victim."

    Here's a life lesson, folks -- if someone on the Internet offers to sell you a box of 50 iPhones for $10,000, then they're probably trying to rob you. A man in South Seattle, Washington found that out the hard way recently when he met with a prospective seller on Monday, only to get robbed of his $10,000 at gunpoint.Well, at least he didn't get murdered. That's always a plus when that doesn't happen.

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  5. Bachelor Party Seeks Topless Dungeon Master Who Has Her Own Books, Somehow Endearing

    Bachelor parties are kind of an odd tradition, but tradition they remain. However, the tradition of what they entail isn't so much set in stone. Sure, some people end up on a crazy adventure in Las Vegas with Bradley Cooper (and really, who hasn't?), but others just want to have one last bachelor hurrah eating junk food and playing some old-fashioned tabletop games. The person behind this ad on Craigslist, though, is shooting for the moon, and asking for the best of both worlds.

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  6. $3,000 Will Get You This “Handsome” 1962 Truckcar

    As if to one-up last week's Gene Simmons VW bug, a new challenger appears in the form of Truckcar. If you can't decide between purchasing a classic truck or crappy car, then this Knoxville Craigslist seller has the solution for you!

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  7. If You’ve Got $10,000 to Blow, You Could Do Worse Than This Gene Simmons VW Bug

    Craigslist has brought us a great many wonderful things, and now this: A 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, heavily modified to resemble KISS bassist Gene Simmons. All it takes is $10,000 and an open mind.

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  8. 6-Foot, Half-Ton Wine Rack Mech for Sale on Craigslist

    You probably wouldn't imagine that many wine connoisseurs are particularly interested in Transformer-style mech robots, but for the one or two out there who are, a very unique and uniquely awesome wine rack is on the market. As much art installation as wine rack, the WineMech stands six feet tall and is a one-of-a-kind and custom-welded out of a massive collection of used transmission parts from a veritable army of automobiles. Each piece has been meticulously cleaned to insure the removal of all corrosive meaterials, painted gunmetal grey, and clear-coated. In addition to being able to hold approximately 32 bottles of wine, this bad boy is also out-fitted with a bunch of LEDs because why not?

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  9. Another Apple Employee Loses Another iPhone Prototype at Another Bar

    So, after an Apple employee lost an iPhone 4 prototype in a bar -- a prototype that wound up in Gizmodo's hands and caused all kinds of trouble -- it appears that at least one Apple employee took the opportunity to not learn his lesson and accordingly lost an iPhone 5 prototype (we think) in a bar, CNET reports. Now as bizarrely coincidental as this sounds, there are a few poetic coincidences we can't draw. It's not the same bar, almost certainly not the same employee and, worst of all, it hasn't resulted in any fun information for us, the unwashed masses.

    The phone was apparently lost at a bar in the Mission District of San Francisco, Cave 22. While Apple has been going to all lengths to try and get this thing back, understandably, its current whereabouts are unknown, to us at least. There appears to be a chance that it was sold on Craigslist for a scant $200, in which case, neither party may be aware that what they have is special. If that's the case, either the iPhone 5 is pretty similar to the iPhone 4, the guy who found it was really drunk (or needs to get with the times) or it wasn't actually an iPhone 5 prototype. Still, maybe some interesting information will surface.

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  10. Boston Man Accused of Making “Millions” Selling Forged Subway Cards

    If you live in a metropolitan area and have ever idly wondered if someone (not you of course!) could successfully forge a subway pass, the answer is a resounding "yes," according to Massachusetts' attorney general. A man who worked for Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc., the company contracted by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to make monthly subway passes, faces larceny charges for allegedly forging millions of dollars worth of fake passes and selling them for cheap on Craigslist or in back-alley deals. Here's how he was caught:

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  11. Craigslist Apartments Explained [Comic]

    That square house door in front is probably the deal. (via xkcd)

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  12. Has Craigslist Been Disrupted?

    Venture capitalist Josh Hannah thinks it has. Though Craigslist might seem to be the very model of an entrenched mainstay of the Internet as we know it, thanks both to its established user base and its cheap operating costs, Hannah points out that it has about the same traffic now that it did at this time in 2009. He argues that Craigslist is slowly being chipped away at by startup competitors that focus on nailing one of Craigslist's categories rather than being all things to all people:

    Generally speaking, Craigslist has been "good enough" to not be disrupted head-on. Nevertheless, the world moves on, and the gaps in their product (due to a stubborn obstinate refusal to invest in technology) grow wider and wider. As tablets, smartphones, etc disrupt, and craigslist doesn't invest in those platforms, the feature gap grows wider. ... I have derived a lot of utility out of Craigslist over the years, and it has all come free, so I am grateful for that. But the site reportedly pulls in more than $100M in revenue a year (What is Craigslist's revenue?) , has only a few dozen employees, continually under-invests in technology and does not innovate. I don't think Craig's a bad guy, but he's harvesting $50M a year into his pockets and not improving the site. In ten years I think Craigslist will be an afterthought, whereas if he reinvested half of those profits into technology and product, it would have a real shot to be a category leader.
    (Quora via HN. Pic via Andrew Parker)

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  13. Craigslist Pulls the Adult Services Section… and Stays Mum

    Late this Friday, Craigslist removed its Adult Services section for American Craigslist users, leaving only a CENSORED bar where the link would normally be. This comes after months of attention and pressure from news outlets and local governments to close the section, which is widely known as a haven those interested in working or hiring in the oldest profession. It is likely that Craigslist took action this weekend due to last week's letter from seventeen state attorney generals demanding that the section be taken down. However, it is unclear exactly what this CENSORED bar means for the future of the section, because Craigslist has not, as yet, released a statement. But that doesn't mean no one has speculated.

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  14. Geekolinks: 6/30

    Woot acquired by Amazon (TechCrunch)

    Grandfather performs Lady Gaga, hilarity ensues (Urlesque)

    Craigslist "For Sale" ad hall of fame (Nerve)

    Brace yourself: Mark Millar's working on an Old Man Logan sequel (Robot6)

    Jason Robert Brown wins the hearts and minds of copyright fraudsters (Jason Robert Brown)

    Will Verizon's 4G network be better than Sprint's? (DVICE)

    "People are playing Farmville because people are playing Farmville." (A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz)

    (title image via ComicsAlliance)

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  15. Craigslist Ad: “Ancient White Male Seeks Self-Important D-Bag to Guard Magical Light”

    LOST fans, this one is for you: Everybody else can just move along. Someone has been posting some LOST Season 6-inspired ads across Craigslist's "Personals" sections, the gist being that an ancient white male wants a special someone to guard a magical light for them somewhere between Sydney and L.A. The duration may be eternal, but you get free health care, mangoes, and an endless supply of white clothing.

    Alas, it seems the ads are being pulled by Craigslist left and right, but we've got a few:

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  16. Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Seeks Running Mate On Craigslist

    Are you unemployed and a resident of Colorado? Great news! Jason Clark, Independent gubernatorial candidate and lover of exclamation points, has a job opening on his campaign. In order to make a proper run for the state’s top job, he needs a running mate—and he’s willing to interview anyone and everyone interested. That’s why he posted this advertisement in the “Government Jobs” section of the Denver Craigslist page, hoping to recruit a qualified candidate to round out his team.

    The qualifications to apply for the running mate position are not as demanding as one would expect for such a job— as long as you’re a registered Independent who is over 30 and has lived in Colorado for at least two years, Clark would like to talk to you. Unlike most Craigslist gigs, this one may actually lead to a paid position and doesn’t even require a cover letter or resume!

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  17. Scandalous! Victorian Era Craigslist Ads

    If you'll bear with us, we'd like to make one more romance related note, and then hopefully we can move on. We direct you to Pam Epstein's Op-Ed in the New York Times, featuring some of her research into 19th century personal ads. Anyone young enough to have only investigated the wide world of personal connections through Craigslist might be surprised to know that the "missed connection" is not a construction of the technologically modern world.
    If the young lady wearing the pink dress, spotted fur cape and muff, had light hair, light complexion and blue eyes, who was in company with a lady dressed in black, that I passed about 5 o’clock on Friday evening in South Seventh Street, between First and Second, Williamsburg, L.I., will address a line to Waldo, Williamsburg Post Office, she will make the acquaintance of a fine young man. Feb. 16, 1879

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  18. Craigslist Ad Seeks “Rabbi Versed in DARK TALMUDIC ARTS to create GOLEM”

    Check quickly, in case it gets taken down. There is (at the time of this post) an odd but nicely written post in the "domestic gigs" section of New York City's Craigslist page. Somebody in Queens is looking for a golem.

    Well, technically, they're looking for a rabbi. To make them a golem a golem for them. On the one hand, they'll provide all raw materials. On the other, "Compensation: no pay."

    Check after the jump for a screen-shot, in case the original is gone. And, for the LAST TIME, it is pronounced GO-lem, as in get up and GO.


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