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  1. Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. – Gamma Ray Glamor with She-Hulk: Part 2!

    Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.

    Welcome back to Agent of S.T.Y.L.E., gentle readers! Previously, we presented part 1 of our look at Jennifer Walters, the green-skinned "glamazon" called She-Hulk! We discussed Jen's evolution and fashion from her introduction in 1980 all the way up to the turn of the century.

    Now let's see what Jen's been wearing in more recent years and in her new monthly series. And, while we're at it, who are these other ladies who have been called She-Hulks?

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  2. Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. – Gamma Ray Glamor With She-Hulk: Part 1!

    Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.

    In 1962, comics introduced Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a genius mutated by gamma radiation who frequently transformed into the Hulk. In 1980, writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema introduced his cousin Jennifer Susan Walters, who earned the nickname "She-Hulk." Ever since then, Jennifer has been rocking out in various comic book titles and teams, earning a loyal fanbase. There have also been a couple of other She-Hulks over the years, but a lot of people consider Jen as the one, true lady behind that name. A new She-Hulk series has recently debuted from Marvel Comics, which I recommend you pick up [Editor's Note: It's great, and issue #4 came out yesterday!]. In the meantime, let's chat about how Jennifer became Marvel's glamorous gamma-powered green-skinned amazon!

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  3. Little Girl in a Tutu Makes the Best Deadpool Ever

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    I think the Merc With a Mouth himself wouldn't mind if a bizarre plot twist made him come back from the dead as this totally awesome three year old. According to her mom, she came up with the idea herself and bossed her dear parent around until it was created for her. You can find more pictures like this on the original post, or at our Tumblr.

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  4. Sir Patrick Stewart Is a Lobster Now, Because That’s the World We Live In

    Oh man, this is just... we can't even words right now.

    Presented without further comment because we are speechless.

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  5. Princess Nyan Cat Rules With Breakfast And Rainbows

    Pretty Pretty Princess

    When you ask your child what they want to be for Halloween and they respond with "Princess Nyan Cat," the only possible response is "yes." (via Fashionably Geek) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  6. Dad and Baby Daughter Alien Power Loader Costume: Now With Video

    Yesterday morning we shared a single photo of an awesome dad who built a power loader costume complete with a tiny Ripley, played, of course, by his own daughter. Yesterday afternoon, we received an email with a link to this video and a special message:

    I check in with your site every day, and I was totally excited to see you posted the photo of my baby's Alien Loader Halloween Costume! ...I really appreciate all you do for girl geek culture. I secretly hope my daughter will grow up a proud girl geek of the type you promote every day.
    And after that, of course we had to show it to you guys. Here's a dad and his proud geek girl off to a very good start. (P.S., viewers, make sure you stay until the :37 mark.)

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  7. If The Joker Were A Child, This Is What He’d Be Saying [Meme]

    Meddling Kids

    A while ago, someone posted an image of their 2-year-old's Joker Halloween costume. For some reason, Reddit just picked it up and made a meme out of it. It's interesting to see what a baby Joker would concern himself over. Take a look. (via MTV)

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  8. This Girl Dressed As Iron Man For Her 5th Birthday Party


    Little Alana chose to don an Iron Man costume for her 5th birthday party. We adore you, Alana. 

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  9. The Wonderful Costumes Of WonderCon

    Why Not Do It With Some Style?

    Earlier today we brought you an adorable father/daughter cosplay from WonderCon. We didn't get to attend the convention this year, and perhaps neither did you so we figured, why not show you some more awesome costumes attendees wore this weekend? There were plenty. Let's start off here with some delightful Disney cosplay: Tiana, the Evil Queen from Snow White, and Maid Marian! (via Nathan Rupert) Hit the jump for lots more!

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  10. Father Sews Wonder Woman Costume For Daughter So She Can Be Princess and Superhero

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    When invited to a birthday party whose theme required that the boys dress as superheroes and the girls as princesses, dad Jay C. Batzner came up with an awesome compromise that simultaneously stomped on the face of gender normativity and made his daughter happy. Wonder Woman, both a princess and a superhero, had long been Daria's favorite hero, so he sewed her this costume. We think this might be one of those steps to raising kickass daughters. (via Girls Love Superheroes)

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