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  1. Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Landspeeder Kitty Bed

    Meow the force be with you.

    This bunny is named Benjamin Linus (yes, like that Ben Linus), and he is the best bunny cosplayer in the biz. He even has his own 2015 calendar. We're also partial to the Walter White cosplay. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  2. Another Comic Book Artist Can’t Stand Change, Competition; Writes Whiny Post About Cosplayers

    I left the industry for twenty years and now I'm irrelevant! Grr, blame the women!

    First we had Tony Harris. Then we had Denise Dorman. Now, the latest industry voice to come out with a rant against cosplayers is artist Pat Broderick, who just can't handle this "highest expression of narcissism."

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  3. Things We Saw Today: The Batgirl Cosplay Bar Has Been Raised Exponentially

    She is vengeance. She is bedazzled.

    That's it. This cosplay of the Batgirl #37 cover is flawless. Don't even try to top it. (Psst. Actually please do. We'd be highly entertained.)

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  4. Dorkly Has a Little Fun Picking the 15 Best Captain Marvel Cosplayers

    Princess Sparklefists?

    Get ready to "see what Dorkly did there" in their post "The 15 Best Captain Marvel Cosplays On The Internet." For real though, Carol Danvers makes for some damn good cosplay.

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  5. It Belongs In A Museum: Photographer Transforms Cosplayers Into 16th-Century Portraits

    Jarvis, prepare my jerkin, please.

    Holy bodices, Batman! Over the weekend photographer Sacha Goldberger displayed an exhibition at Paris' Grand Palais that focused on depicting cosplayers as formal 16th-century portraits.

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  6. How Is Greg Benson Still Getting Into Comic Conventions When He is Literally Hitting Cosplayers in the Face?

    This is the title card of Mediocre Films and Greg Benson's latest "comedy" video. Think it's funny? We don't.

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  7. Man Makes Adorable Iron Baby Costume For Hospitalized Infant Son

    Divert all powers to the feelings.

    Everybody knows that when your kids are really young, the Halloween costumes that you dress them in aren't actually for them; they're for you to marvel over how cute they look. Which makes the fact that father Eric Hart decided to create an Iron Man suit so that his son, who was born prematurely in July and has never left the hospital, could be "brave"—gosh, I can't even finish that sentence. It's too cute and sad and I just feel for these parents so much. Jarvis, bring me my tissues!

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  8. Cosplay Seller Behind LoganProps Responds To Community’s Scam Allegations


    Last week, Youtube partner and blogger Marlene of ILikeComicsToo wrote a lengthy exposé of her dealings with Jim Logan of LoganProps, a cosplay seller who failed to deliver an order after already having received hundreds of dollars for it. This weekend, Jim released his own statement on the controversy. It is... well. You really need to read it yourself, I suppose.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Tiny Samwell Tarly Funko Pop Is Coming!

    I just want to squeeze him!

    Look! Look at his little feet! And Peter Baelish's little goatee! And new versions of Sansa and Daenerys and Jon Snow! Everything is wonderful and nothing hurt -- except waiting for the next book and season, of course.

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  10. Have You Been Scammed By This Cosplay Seller? You’re Not Alone

    For the most part, my experiences within the cosplay community have been overwhelmingly positive. Fans and fellow costumers can be wonderfully creative and supportive, and it's been a pleasure to meet them at conventions around the country. Unfortunately, just like in any community, there exist individuals who can set the hobby back. A prop-maker who goes by "Jim Logan" is one of those individuals.

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