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  1. Cosplay Crafting: Make Your Very Own DC Bombshells Batwoman Hat For Just $10!

    You'll knock this DIY out of the park!

    When Ant Lucia's Bombshells designs were first revealed, I vowed to bring the line of retro redesigns to life! It's been a year in the making, but I finally whipped out my arsenal of crafts to create Batwoman's Gotham Knights uniform point of fashion: her hat!

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  2. Cosplaying While Black Is Actually A Far More Positive Experience Than You Might Think

    I’m a black cosplayer and…no one cares.

    Okay, so, I know we’ve all read the horror stories, all with the same refrain: “Everyone HATES ME AS A BLACK COSPLAYER.”Well, here’s the thing about those articles - they make you not want to cosplay when you have a certain amount of melanin in your skin. I mean, what’s the point, right? Someone’s going to sling racial slurs your way or you’ll be catcalled off the internet.

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  3. Star Wars Cosplayers Are Here To Brighten Your Day With Pets

    Sorry, no ysalamiri.

    The 501st Legion: Capital City Garrison and the Ottawa Humane Society have the cure for what ails your daily blues: cuddly, fuzzy wuzzies that you can (and should!) totally adopt.

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  4. Cosplay Documentary Cosplanet Examines the Origins of Everyone’s Favorite Hobby

    I mean, it is, right?

    No matter how many people yell, "Get off my lawn!" about it, cosplay is a hugely popular phenomenon that has only picked up steam in recent years. But where did all the awesome gender-swaps, character mashups, and all-around amazing costumes come from? Cosplanet wants to get us all up to speed.

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  5. Moon Prism Power, Suit Up! Incredible Battle Armor Sailor Scouts Cosplay

    Where is this castle, Calgary?

    Topping their Punk Sailor Scout group cosplay from last year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo must have been daunting, but dang if these ladies haven't done it again!

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  6. Don’t Get Hoppy: Star Wars Bunnies Cosplay Shines Bright at Celebration

    “I find your lack of fluff disturbing.”

    Star Wars Celebration gave some cosplayers an excuse to break out their bunny tails again. You may remember of few of them from the super cool Gotham Bunnies group we posted last year but this one features an Admiral Ackbar head so...

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Benedict Cumberbatch Selling Cars to China

    Because he could do this all day.

    In this clearly Sherlock-inspired car commercial, Benedict Cumberbatch follows the clues to the orange car-owning woman of his dreams. (via The Daily Dot)

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Squirrel Girl Destroying WonderCon

    This video is NUTS! (See what I did there...?)

    Deep down, we all wanna be Squirrel Girl - a hero who's also hilarious and super-chill. Oh, and the floofy tail doesn't hurt. Check out this video of cosplayer Zerggiee as Squirrel Girl, wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting WonderCon 2015. Plus, you'll catch a glimpse of some other pretty impressive cosplay.

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  9. The Best And Brightest Cosplay at Fan Expo Vancouver 2015

    From April 3 to 5, fans packed the Vancouver Convention Centre for Fan Expo. In addition to a massive vendors room and artists' alley, visitors got the opportunity to check out "sketch duels" between comic artists like Pia Guerra and Sara Richard, geeky improv shows, and Q&A sessions with celebrities like Carrie Fisher, Jennifer Morrison and William Shatner. And of course, there was lots of cosplay.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: A Neopets Cosplay That Will Take You Way Back

    This Neopets cosplay from AF is bringing me way back. From left to right: the Tooth Faerie, Taelia, the Air Faerie, the Soup Faerie, Illusen, and the Grey Faerie.

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  11. Oscar Isaac on The Force Awakens, Power Droid Cosplay, and Curmudgeonly Harrison Ford

    "That is not a good costume, Oscar."

    This is exactly the kind of advice I've always imagined Harrison Ford dispensing on set. Also, Oscar Isaac is a glorious, prequel-abiding nerd and I actually love him more for it.

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  12. For Your Convention Season: Con*Quest Journal

    The creators of Con*Quest Journal sent us one to try out and while I haven't been to a convention with it yet, I can highly recommend it for the avid con-goer.

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  13. Things We Saw Today: Batgirl Encourages You To Read!

    Reading is cool, kids!

    This poster and bookmarks for the American Library Association feature Babs encouraging young readers to pick up a book and get busy. It's even drawn by Batgirl artist Babs Tarr!

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  14. TARSplay: The Best Thing to Come Out of Interstellar

    'Cause let's face it - TARS was the most fleshed-out character in that movie, amirite?

    Check out this insanely awesome TARS cosplay that Interstellar fan, Iain Heath, created for Emerald City Comic Con this year!

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  15. Jem and the Holograms Meet the X-Men for Some Truly Outrageous Cosplay

    Ok but let's see Wolverine as Rio.

    This past weekend there was tons of amazing cosplay at WonderCon but this shot from my pal Pat Loika really stood out to me for obvious reasons. Check out another rockin' X-Men mashup after the jump!

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  16. The Very Best Things The Mary Sue Saw At Emerald City Comicon 2015

    So. Much. Goodness.

    Emerald City Comicon was such a blast! Both myself and Teresa were on-site for TMS, and there were so many great things to do and see that it was hard to narrow them all down to just this one gallery. But that's what we've done, so share in our excitement!

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  17. Our Very Favorite Moments And Cosplay From CoastCon 2015

    One of the Gulf Coast's longest running conventions, CoastCon, is a volunteer-run organization with a focus on community in fandom that's been around for more than 35 years. Many of the attendees at CoastCon have been faithfully coming out for years, and that makes this con feel vastly different from, say, a Wizard World convention.

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  18. Things We Saw Today: The Rock As All of Fraggle Rock‘s Doozers


    Our Dear Departed Rebecca Pahle lists seven movie remakes that need to cast The Rock over at Pajiba. Attention, Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

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  19. The Very Best Cosplay We Saw At Shuto Con 2015

    TMS contributor Sara Goodwin hit up Shuto Con, Lansing's annual anime convention, this weekend, and there was plenty of magical cosplay to love. Here were some of Sara's faves!

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  20. Hot Topic’s Orphan Black Line Lets You Be a Project Leda Clone

    Clone Club just got more hardcore.

    Remember when HotTopic was a goth girl's go-to? (Am I dating myself?) The point is, I've fallen more and more in love with them since they've started to go geek. And tomorrow, they release their Orphan Black clothing line, which lifts them even higher in my esteem! Check out the amazing duds in our photo gallery!

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