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  1. San Diego Comic-Con Emails Important Information To Ticket Holders, Includes The Words “Anti Harassment Policy”

    San Diego Comic-Con sent out an email to attendees yesterday with the subject line "Important information for attending Comic-Con International 2014" and the second item down is "Code of Conduct/Anti Harassment Policy." That's the good news - but there's also some bad news.

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  2. The Amazing Cosplay At FantasyCon Proves Every Con Should Have A Giant Dragon Statue

    Giant dragon: the perfect backdrop for almost any cosplay.

    The fine, video-makin' folks at Sneaky Zebra hit up FantasyCon in Salt Lake City, and, whoa, guys, did you know Utah is apparently amazing for cosplay? Personal faves include the Deadpool fam and the gigantic dragon with its mommy. Oh, and bonus points for including my favorite dudes from Lost Girl!

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  3. Whistle While You Collect the Bounty on Han Solo’s Head With This Snow-ba Fett Cosplayer

    "He's no good to me dopey."

    See, we keep saying that we're tired of Disney Princess mashups, and then we see new ones and we get excited all over again. Case in point: this fantastically interpreted Mandalorian armor by cosplayer Amber Arden at Anime Expo.

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  4. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Battle In Star Wars Cosplay For Charity

    Because who *doesn't* want to see Jon Stewart dressed as Princess Leia?

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert face off in a hilarious battle of wits over the new Star Wars movie and winning a role.

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  5. This Rad Bee and Puppycat Cosplayer Got You Some Ice For Your Crotch


    She's shoving the crotch ice under the door as we speak.

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  6. Our New Intern Liz Shows Us Some Of The Best Cosplay From ConnectiCon!

    Our summer intern Liz Suess took a personal field trip to ConnectiCon in Hartford, Connecticut this past weekend and brought back ALL the pictures of cosplay.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Unexpected Patronuses

    The Spanish Inquisition?

    Alicia Braumberger's chart of rare patronuses is also available as a print or on a tote bag or pillow via Redbubble, no wand required.

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  8. Sailor Senshi Cheerleader Cosplayers Show Their School Moon Pride

    This high school looks way more fun than mine was.

    Variant cosplays are pretty much the best thing ever, if you ask me. And here's one I haven't seen—Sailor Cheerleaders! These cosplayers unveiled their new spirited look at Anime Expo in Los Angeles last weekend, and oh my gosh, are they just the cutest. 

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  9. Marvel Launches Webseries Devoted to Cosplay

    Episode 1: Origin Story

    It seems that Marvel has finally caught on to this whole cosplay thing, and they've launched a new webseries about it. In Marvel Method: Cosplay hosts Judy Stephens and Lorraine Cink show every step in the cosplay process as they put together a Scarlet Witch costume for a San Diego Comic Con debut.

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  10. This Luigi Death Stare Cosplayer Won Anime Expo 2014

    I fear for my life.

    Cosplayer D Piddy usually attends cons as Deadpool—he's the one behind all those Deadpool vs [Insert Con Name Here] videos you watched when you were supposed to be working—but he mixed it up at Anime Expo 2014. Instead of the merc with a mouth, he attended as Mario Kart 8 Luigi, complete with death stare and blue shell. No one was safe.

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