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Corridor Digital

  1. We’ve Got a Team Fortress 2-Themed Snowball Fight Thanks to the Recent Extreme Cold [Video]

    We're going to be watching our backs for that sniper.

    While we were all huddling for warmth indoors, Corridor Digital was braving the Mars-cold temperatures to bring us a snowy version of the awesome Team Fortress 2 character promo videos from Valve. So, let's go, Team Fortress modders. How soon can we get a playable version of this?

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  2. What It’s Like to Quaff Too Many Heals [Video]

    If you've ever played a JRPG, you might've noticed that your characters have stomachs that work similarly to the Doctor's TARDIS -- bigger on the inside. With their usual inventory with infinite space, it's not entirely odd --relative to the game's universe -- that they'd be able to shove 99 heal potions down their gullet, but the always-impressive team at Corridor Digital are here to show us what would happen if you quaffed all those heals and buffs in real life.

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  3. Art of the Instakill [Video]

    Though there's some mild gore in Corridor Digital's Art of the Instakill, the real shocker is just how amusing the entire product turns out to be. They go down the list of instant kills available in games from Battlefield 3 to Half-Life 2. Granted, these are only instant kills as made famous by video games. Even so, there's something to be said about a Shepard vs Spartan mystical energy sword battle. There can be only one.

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  4. Fan-Made Video Brings Minecraft to Real Life [Video]

    The guys over at Corridor Digital did it again, this time bringing the underlying zombie apocalypse that is Minecraft into real life, including adorable and impressive real life crafting, creeper explosion craters, and a diamond shotgun, which one can only hope Notch doesn't actually add to the game. Pork farms already make the game easy enough.

    (via reddit)

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  5. Instead of Taking it Outside, Two Fighters Take it to Graffiti [Video]

    As the Corridor Digital guys have shown before, they kind of know what the deal is when it comes to making pretty videos. This time around, they decided fighting in real life isn't pretty enough, so they hop into walls and become graffiti. Like you do.

    (Corridor Digital via reddit)

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  6. Classic Video Game Cheats in Real Life [Video]

    The guys over at Corridor Digital, featuring YouTube personalities DeStorm Power and Freddie Wong, show us what life would be like if we could enable some of our favorite video game cheats. Remember, choose Oddjob because he's shorter and harder to shoot.

    (via The High Definite)

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