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  1. Celebrate The Force Awakens With Your Very Own Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake

    I bet Boba Fett did not taste as good as this bundt cake.

    I have a little confession about my family. We’re a bunch of geeks. Geeks to the core. I’m a Disney fanatic sprinkled with a little Harry Potter and drizzled heavily with I Love Lucy. My husband is a Trekkie who’s obsessed with Star Wars all while being a loyal Battlestar Galactica fan. But geeks are awesome. So while October comes to a close, this Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake is for you geeks!

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  2. 10 Things You Need For Your Dream Star Wars Kitchen

    The following piece was originally written for She Geeks, and has been re-posted here with permission. I love cooking. I love baking. I love throwing dinner parties (though the general consensus is that they will, in fact, be the death of me one day). I am a big ‘ole fan of Dance Cooking in particular. […]

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  3. Living in the Future Finally Pays Off, We Now Have Perfect Toast Thanks to Toast Algorithm

    But will it lead your other appliances on an adventure to find you when you sell your house?

    If you've been looking to step your toast game up to the next level, now's your chance. Appliance company Dualit has release a line of toasters that use an algorithm to make the perfect piece of toast. Hold on a minute. I have to go throw my current toaster in the garbage where it belongs.

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  4. Pancake Printer Is About To Revolutionize Breakfast, Brinner and Brunch

    Burn your spatulas in effigy! This is the dawn of a new day!

    Parents, weep no more over your bungled attempts at Mickey Mouse pancakes! PancakeBot is back and batter better than ever.

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  5. New Kitchen Tool Lets You Scramble Eggs In Their Shell Until They Turn Gold

    Alchemists will hate you. Your tastebuds, on the other hand...

    I'm no gourmand, but I wasn't aware that being able to scramble an egg while it's still in a shell is a highly coveted culinary achievement. But behold: this impressive little gadget lets you whip uncracked eggs into golden goodness like you're a dang kitchen wizard.

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  6. Chefs Settle the Deep Dish Debate Once and for All: Chicago Pizza Is Not Actually Pizza

    Reality bites, Chi city!

    Four out of four chefs (kind of) agree: New York has the best pizza. Professionals have finally weighed in on the Chicago vs. New York slice war, and it's finally, definitively settled, that's it, forever, no take-backs... deep dish pizza is not actually pizza.

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  7. Totoro Poptarts, for Your Dreams of Being a Massive, Totoro-Eating Predator

    I can tell you right now, after the "take your pop tarts out of the oven" step of this tutorial, my kitchen would suddenly suffer a massive shortage of any pop tarts to decorate. I think not immediately eating fresh warm fruit-stuffed pastry, not the piping and decorating skill, is really the most impressive part of this project.

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  8. Kitchen Overlord Makes Potatoes Anna With a Wonder Woman Twist

    Great jumpin' Hera, that looks delicious.

    We might not be getting a Wonder Woman movie any time soon, unfortunately, but with a couple of winter vegetables and a whole lot of butter, we can all make our very own Wonder Woman potato dish to serve at the premiere party some day. Kitchen Overlord Chris-Rachael Oseland makes it look really easy with her latest recipe. Take that, WB execs!

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  9. Accio Butterbeer Mug Cake! [VIDEO]

    This is just like magic!

    I've been burned in the past by mug cakes (no pun intended), but this magical confection by the Geeky Hostess might be enough to make me overcome my fear Neville Longbottom-style and give 'em another shot. (via: That's Nerdalicious) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  10. Star Trek Insignia Cookies Look “Lip-Spocking” Good

    Dammit Jim!

    All of you nerdy bakers out there should try your hand at this easy recipie for Star Trek-themed hamentashen cookies. The three flavors of jelly as the three different uniforms is a nice touch-- sure to please trekkies of all professions (whether they be sciences, command, or redshirts).

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