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  1. You Can Win a Free Year’s Supply of Girl Scout Cookies! Yes, You!

    Seriously? Seriously.

    Do you want free cookies? Yes. The answer is yes. And now, with the Girl Scouts' #OneMoreBite photo challenge, you could get a year's supply of your favorite varieties.

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  2. Here is an Oven Exclusively for Girl Scout Cookies, What a Time to Be Alive

    Dat branding dough.

    Intimidated by financial transactions with children, but find getting your annual haul of Girl Scout cookies off the Internet a little too impersonal? You're in luck! Wicked Cool Toys has just the thing to help you lean in to your Thin Mint habit from the comfort of your own home.

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  3. Hold On To Your Butt(erscotch), We’re Getting New Girl Scout Cookies This Season


    Get extra pumped, Celiac disease-havers and/or trendy food diet types! They're gluten-free!

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  4. Concerned Mom Bakes Vagina Cookies For 2nd Grade Class, Promptly Loses Her Goddamned Mind


    I can actually understand where one anonymous mom was coming from when she delivered an assortment of frosted vagina cookies to her child's second grade class earlier this month. It's her encore I'm less convinced by.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: Who Needs Hogsmeade, Oreo May Have A Butterbeer Flavor

    If these taste remotely like rootbeer I'm calling shenanigans.

    Someone alerted us to these cookies via e-mail, but there's no confirmation yet from Nabisco if this package is real or just photoshopped by someone with a Mirror of Erised.

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  6. How to Make Sailor Moon Crystal Cookies!

    Moon Cookie Power... Bake Up!

    Whether you're new to Sailor Moon or a seasoned Moonie, these Sailor Moon inspired cookies are definitely worth baking and enjoying. They're so delicious, in fact, that technology ate all the best photos of the final result! All that's left is this test photo, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: A Baby Bat Swaddled In a Batman Sock

    Insert uncontrollable high-pitched squealing noise

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  8. Episode 25 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Chocolate Cookie Biscuit Physics” Is Ready for Your Ears!

    Oh, we also talk about bee stings and scrotums, but it's mostly cookie talk.

    The fundamental question of this week's podcast is "Does adding chocolate to something fundamentally change its orientation?" At least I thought it was. The rest of Team Geekosystem was just excited I brought cookies.

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  9. Nabisco Has a Heartwarming Video Response to Bigotry

    No cookies for you!

    Honeymaid's "This Is Wholesome" ad campaign for graham crackers included same-sex parents and biracial and military families. Sadly, a bunch of people who do not deserve cookies launched a letter writing campaign informing Nabisco of their inexplicable disgust. Nabisco's reply was heartwarming and priceless.

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    Keebler, you just have elves. Go home.

    I didn't think I needed a robot in my life that would jump out of boxes and alert me to twitter trends while making customized Oreos. But then I watched this video.

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