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  1. Celebrate All That Star Wars News By Baking Your Very Own Tusken Raider Cookies!

    Make Grk'Urr'Akk proud!

    These Star Wars-inspired Tusken Raider Cookies are made out of easy vanilla madeleine cookies and creamy peanut butter frosting. Cute chocolate chip eyes and a chocolate mouth make these guys a little more adorable and a lot less menacing!

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  2. You Can Win a Free Year’s Supply of Girl Scout Cookies! Yes, You!

    Seriously? Seriously.

    Do you want free cookies? Yes. The answer is yes. And now, with the Girl Scouts' #OneMoreBite photo challenge, you could get a year's supply of your favorite varieties.

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  3. Here is an Oven Exclusively for Girl Scout Cookies, What a Time to Be Alive

    Dat branding dough.

    Intimidated by financial transactions with children, but find getting your annual haul of Girl Scout cookies off the Internet a little too impersonal? You're in luck! Wicked Cool Toys has just the thing to help you lean in to your Thin Mint habit from the comfort of your own home.

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  4. Hold On To Your Butt(erscotch), We’re Getting New Girl Scout Cookies This Season


    Get extra pumped, Celiac disease-havers and/or trendy food diet types! They're gluten-free!

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  5. Concerned Mom Bakes Vagina Cookies For 2nd Grade Class, Promptly Loses Her Goddamned Mind


    I can actually understand where one anonymous mom was coming from when she delivered an assortment of frosted vagina cookies to her child's second grade class earlier this month. It's her encore I'm less convinced by.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Who Needs Hogsmeade, Oreo May Have A Butterbeer Flavor

    If these taste remotely like rootbeer I'm calling shenanigans.

    Someone alerted us to these cookies via e-mail, but there's no confirmation yet from Nabisco if this package is real or just photoshopped by someone with a Mirror of Erised.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: A Baby Bat Swaddled In a Batman Sock

    Insert uncontrollable high-pitched squealing noise

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  8. Episode 25 of The Geekosystem Podcast “Chocolate Cookie Biscuit Physics” Is Ready for Your Ears!

    Oh, we also talk about bee stings and scrotums, but it's mostly cookie talk.

    The fundamental question of this week's podcast is "Does adding chocolate to something fundamentally change its orientation?" At least I thought it was. The rest of Team Geekosystem was just excited I brought cookies.

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  9. Nabisco Has a Heartwarming Video Response to Bigotry

    No cookies for you!

    Honeymaid's "This Is Wholesome" ad campaign for graham crackers included same-sex parents and biracial and military families. Sadly, a bunch of people who do not deserve cookies launched a letter writing campaign informing Nabisco of their inexplicable disgust. Nabisco's reply was heartwarming and priceless.

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    Keebler, you just have elves. Go home.

    I didn't think I needed a robot in my life that would jump out of boxes and alert me to twitter trends while making customized Oreos. But then I watched this video.

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  11. ViHart Tries to Bake Cookies, Only Bakes Math

    om nom nom

    MATH, I said MATH. And anyway, you cook... never mind. Mathy-lady ViHart got together with mathy friends Andrea Hawksley, and Gwen and Ruth Fisher, and tried to make shortbread cookies without demonstrating any higher geometry concepts. They failed, but it was a delicious failure. Previously in Math

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  12. Things We Saw Today: Karen Gillan’s New Oculus Poster

    Things We Saw Today

    Amy Pond, you get out of that mirror right now. (SciFiNow)

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  13. Things We Saw Today: A Stormtrooper Riding a Guinea Pig

    Things We Saw Today

    Arnold the guinea pig’s pet human, Timothy Lim, is nice enough to facilitate his cosplay tendencies. See more at WeLoveFine.

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  14. OREO Sent Us Their New Cookie Flavors, but No Milk

    Yes, this is a picture of empty boxes. No, YOU ate all the cookies.

    OREO is expanding their flavors with two new faces: "Marshmallow Crispy" and "Cookie Dough." The cookies hit shelves in February, but we got some sample boxes (that are gone now) from OREO, and you can too! We'll tell you how, because we know everyone digs cookies.

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  15. This Doctor Who Cookie Begs To Be Moisturized…With Tea!

    It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

    The BBC America staff recently had some fun with a Doctor Who-themed Bake Day in their New York offices. We're jealous we didn't get to attend and dunk some of these Lady Cassandra sugar cookies into a cup of tea and laugh heartily. Previously in Doctor Who

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  16. Sailor Moon Brooch Cookies With Candy Gems

    om nom nom

    Before I saw this, I thought that I had made some pretty good cookies in my life. But since I've never made cookies with see through bits I must now recind that opinion. I have a new hill to climb, ladies and gentlemen. And it involves Jolly Ranchers. You can check out pictures of the process behind these cookies at An Inadequate Tumble. Previously in Cookies

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  17. Things We Saw Today: Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Fan Art

    Things We Saw Today

    Ahh, that period after the announcement of a new Doctor, when everything the new actor has ever said or done about Doctor Who is uncovered by fans. (Neatorama)

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  18. These Rocket Ship Cookie Cutters Take Space Food To Another Dimension

    Do Try This At Home

    These rocket ship cookie cutters provide all the shapes needed to make your cookies into 3-dimensional shuttles, rockets, star fighters, and space buggies. The rocket cookie cutters even come with star, astronaut, and alien shapes as well, to help you play with your food to best effect. Just imagine the icing possibilities! The company also has 3D dinosaur cookie cutters, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus. Now if only one of the ships offered was Serenity, we could reenact the first episode of Firefly with gingerbread.  Each ship comes separately, at $12 a ship, and can be purchased at SuckUK. Check out more photos of the cookies and cookie cutters after the jump.

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  19. May the Flavor Be With You: Lightsaber Pocky And Other Star Wars Treats

    May The Force Be With You

    Glico, the company behind pocky, has teamed up with Lucasfilm to create a very logical product mashup, Giant Lightsaber Pocky. Let's be honest, how many of us have pretended that strawberry pocky is the lightsaber of a very tiny Darth Vader anyway? The icing covered biscuits sticks already look like lightsabers, after all. Plus, Glico has added the Star Wars theme to some of their other products. Take a look.

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  20. Things We Saw Today: These Doctor Who Adipose Cookies Look Fattening

    Things We Saw Today

    Oh yes, I went there. For more amazing-looking Doctor Who cookies by Cookie Cowgirl, visit That's Nerdalicious.

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