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  1. Denver Comic Con’s All-Male “Women in Comics” Panel Causes Concern Among Comics Fans

    What, Trina Robbins wasn't available?

    It'll be nice when we don't need things like "women in comics" panels anymore. When the work of women in the industry and discussion of female characters will stand side by side with that of men and given the same priority and thoughtful debate as that of male creators and male characters. Until then, we need them, if only to remind the world that not only do women read, create, and love comics now, but they always have - despite a seeming erasure of women from comics history.

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  2. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Return to SNL with Their Own Weekend Update Action Figures

    Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

    Will you nerds be at SDCC this year? So will two of our favorite ladies!

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  3. 5 Ways That L.A.’s DomCon Is Just Like Every Comic Con You’ve Ever Been To

    This could be considered NSFW. You know, if you work somewhere BORING.

    You've heard before that there's a connection between the geek community and the kink community, and I've spoken about as much at comic cons before. Recently, I had the chance to go to my first DomCon - a professional and lifestyle domination convention in Los Angeles - in support of my digital series, Incredible Girl, and while I'd never been to DomCon before, it felt really familiar. After all, geeks go to cons all the time, right?

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  4. Paper Towns Cast and Creative Team to Join John Green at This Year’s BookCon

    After the super successful The Fault in Our Stars panel at last year's inaugural BookCon, Fox revealed in April that John Green would be returning to the Con this year for a Paper Towns panel--and now The Mary Sue is pleased to announced that members of Paper Towns' cast and creative team will be present as well.

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  5. Check Out The Mary Sue’s Special Edition: NYC Panels and Enter to Win Weekend Passes to the Show!

    May the cons be ever in your favor.

    Hey you! Yes, you! Would you like to be the proud owner of a Weekend Pass for Special Edition: NYC? Thanks to our friends over at ReedPOP, The Mary Sue will be giving away four Weekend Passes so you can check out all your fave creators in person at the NYC Javits Center on June 6th and June 7th.

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  6. The Mary Sue Interview: Bill Willingham Talks Gamergate, Politics in Comics, and Saying Goodbye to Fables

    At this year's C2E2, inimitable Fables creator Bill Willingham graciously took the time to talk to The Mary Sue about the power of folklore, the unique struggles of being a creator in the digital age, and how it feels to be bringing Fables to an end after 13 years.

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  7. ReedPOP Reveals Guests and Adorable Badges for Special Edition NYC

    Special Edition: NYC is all about allowing fans and creators to interact in a different way than they might at a larger event like New York Comic Con, and in that spirit ReedPOP has tapped some beloved artists to create the badges for this year's show.

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  8. How To Make An Awesome CAKE: Behind The Scenes Of The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo

    Yum yum yum indie comics.

    If you build it, they will come.

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  9. May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor! Tickets for New York Comic Con and New York Super Week To Go On Sale May 13th

    One Week to Rule Them All.

    ReedPOP's Super Week has historically been one of the best ways to take advantage of all the geeky goodness New York has to offer come Comic Con time, and judging from a lineup announced today by ReedPOP, this year should be better than ever.

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  10. Moon Prism Power, Suit Up! Incredible Battle Armor Sailor Scouts Cosplay

    Where is this castle, Calgary?

    Topping their Punk Sailor Scout group cosplay from last year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo must have been daunting, but dang if these ladies haven't done it again!

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  11. The Mary Sue Interview: Talking LGBTQ+ Representation, Genre TV, and Fandom With the Cast of Orphan Black

    "Just don't be a dick!'

    "I think there's a lot of mythology about what a man or a woman is supposed to be, a lot of mythology about what gay men and gay women are supposed to be. There's just a lot of storytelling surrounding human beings and what sexuality and gender identity means to your value. It's all a lie. And it's a lie we've been told for many many years, and it's destructive and exclusionary and I resent it. "

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  12. Hayley Atwell Speaks For Us All, Ships Peggy/Angie In Agent Carter

    Our ship has the best captain.

    Are you listening, ABC? Renew Agent Carter - and then give us the Peggy/Angie relationship we so rightly deserve. Unless you're a Peggy/Dottie shipper, in which case I am truly sorry for the above tweet.

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  13. The Mary Sue Interview: M. Night Shyamalan and Matt Dillon Talk Wayward Pines

    The pines are not what they seem.

    If you're a fan of Twin Peaks, then M. Night Shyamalan definitely recommends checking out Wayward Pines.

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  14. The Mary Sue Exclusive Premiere: The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy Book Trailer!


    Guys, our very own Sam Maggs has written an incredible book (heck, it's already Margaret Atwood-approved!) and we're so excited to be debuting the trailer on the site today.

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  15. [UPDATED] Members of Gamergate Planned to “Infiltrate” Calgary Expo to Actively Disrupt Panels, Calgary Expo Has Evicted Them

    You know, for a loosely defined group who's constantly claiming they don't have nefarious purposes, they sure do like casting themselves as the villain.

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  16. Star Wars Celebration Has Anti-Harassment And Cosplay Is Not Consent Signage And We Love Them For It

    We worked with convention organizer ReedPop earlier this past year on an anti-harassment policy for NYCC, and they've been awesomely implimenting it at cons across the country. Here's the wonderful signage at this weekend's Star Wars Celebration! Thanks for celebrating a safe and fun environment for all, ReedPop. We like you.

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  17. The Best And Brightest Cosplay at Fan Expo Vancouver 2015

    From April 3 to 5, fans packed the Vancouver Convention Centre for Fan Expo. In addition to a massive vendors room and artists' alley, visitors got the opportunity to check out "sketch duels" between comic artists like Pia Guerra and Sara Richard, geeky improv shows, and Q&A sessions with celebrities like Carrie Fisher, Jennifer Morrison and William Shatner. And of course, there was lots of cosplay.

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  18. San Diego Comic-Con Partnering With Lionsgate for New Online Video Channel

    In what The Hollywood Reporter consistently and frustratingly refers to as a "service aimed at fanboys" (okay), SDCC and Liongate are partnering up to deliver all fans a new vide0-on-demand service online.

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  19. John Green to Host Paper Towns Panel at This Year’s BookCon

    After hosting a hugely successful The Fault in Our Stars talk last year, Fox has announced that John Green will be returning to BookCon for a Paper Towns panel featuring clips from the upcoming movie.

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  20. For Your Convention Season: Con*Quest Journal

    The creators of Con*Quest Journal sent us one to try out and while I haven't been to a convention with it yet, I can highly recommend it for the avid con-goer.

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