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  1. Raccoons Take Over Tower Crane, Delay Construction of Apartment Complex

    There's always been something I didn't trust about raccoons. Maybe it's the fact that they're scavengers who have knocked over more of my garbage cans than I care to recall. Or maybe it's just their beady, criminal eyes resting in the domino-masks that denote them as nature's criminals. Whatever the reason, all my suspicions about raccoons were confirmed this morning when news broke that a pair of raccoons -- who are probably terrorists -- have taken over a tower crane in Seattle, scaring off workers and hamstringing construction work on a new apartment complex.

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  2. Bricks Made Of Cow’s Blood Could Be The Future’s Most Terrifying Building Material

    British architect Jack Munro was tired of seeing gallons upon gallons of cow's blood just totally wasted on every slaughter. So in the interest of a more efficient tomorrow, Munro has developed a way to turn all that cow blood, along with some sand, water, and and antibacterial solution, thank God, into bricks. That's right, one day, you could live in a house made of congealed cow's blood, and you won't even have to step into the pages of a dystopian sci-fi novel to do it.

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  3. 30-Story Building Built in 15 Days [Video]

    The Chinese construction company Broad Group have one-upped their previous record of building 15 stories in one week with this 30 story hotel built in just 15 days. Erected near Dongting lake, in Hunan Province, the hotel was assembled from pre-fabricated sections shipped to the work site. The finished product has all the comforts you'd expect from a modern hotel, and is also expected to be extremely earthquake resistant thanks to its unique design. Of course, one wonders how "complete" the building is with that crane still standing in the middle of it. Read on after the break for a longer, more in-depth look at this lightning fast construction project. 

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  4. China Builds a 15-Story Building in Six Days

    This hotel was built in Changsha, China over the course of less than a week. Now, before you make plans to never stay there ever, it was put together out of prefab pieces that had been built off site and simply needed to be put together. It's soundproof, insulated, and earthquake proof, although if you have changed your mind by now, you might want to wait at least a little bit. The Yahoo! News article says nothing about interior furnishings, much less beds.

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  5. 3-Year Time Lapse of a Tower Being Taken Down and Put Back Up

    Awesome 3-year-long time-lapse constructed of 45,000 individual photos, detailing Paris' EDF tower being torn down and the Sequana Tower being put up in the same place. (Laughing Squid via UFUNK)

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