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  1. Take a Look Back at Classic Consoles With eBuyer’s New Online Game Odyssey

    Get frustrated with classic side-scrollers all over again!

    With the latest generation of consoles recently appearing on store shelves, electronics retailer eBuyer wanted to look back at the past. They created Odyssey, an incredibly frustrating autorun jumper that has you collect 102 classic consoles -- if you can. See how many you can grab.

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  2. We May See the New Xbox May 21st

    For those of you waiting with bated breath for the next iteration of the Xbox, your long wait is...well, not over. But it at least has a date set that it will be over, so that's something. Signs suggest that a May 21st Microsoft press conference will represent the first sighting in the wild of the next-generation console. Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, prepare to start complaining about a new

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  3. Sony Unveils Even Smaller PS3, Continues to Miss the Point

    Well, it's official: At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony has just confirmed the existence of a PlayStation 3 that's slimmer than the typical PlayStation 3 Slim. Now that there's a console even smaller than Slim, though, we'll have to coin a new term. PlayStation 3 Thin, perhaps. A new hardware iteration is all well and good, but it appears that the bundle is just 1/5th smaller and 1/4th lighter. Without much else to go on, the whole thing seems rather pointless.

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  4. OUYA Pairs With VEVO, Reveals Limited Edition Console

    Getting tired of hearing about the OUYA? Too bad! Here's a bit more. The little Android-powered gaming machine has entered its final week on Kickstarter and has revealed even more of its cool features. It turns out that it'll be getting the music video service VEVO, as well as a sexy new limited edition console for early backers. The OUYA has exploded and it seems like everyone wants in. But how much success is too much success? Will the new announcements compromise the OUYA's original mission?

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  5. OUYA Reveals Its Controller, Partnership with OnLive

    Remember the OUYA? The little game console that exceeded its Kickstarter goal on the first day saw a few big announcements today. First, game-streaming service OnLive will be featured on the OUYA. On top of that big news, the console's controller was revealed. Make the jump to learn more!

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  6. The Little Open-Source Console that Might: The Ouya

    Independent developers are taking the video game industry by storm, but a majority of games can't quite make the hurdle onto home consoles. All of that is about to change with the Ouya, an affordable, open-source game console that is aiming to reclaim consoles for the little guys. The Kickstarter for Ouya lasts until August 9 and seems to have a great deal of support already. Will the Ouya change gaming as we know it? Read on, friend!

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  7. The Definitive History of Gaming Consoles: The Video

    Our journey begins long, long ago, in 1972. The console was the Magnavox Odyssey, and at the time it was a major breakthrough in home gaming. But 38 years later, the Odyssey is one of over 450 gaming consoles, computers, and handhelds. The video below, compiled by Eliot Hagen of Elder-Geek, documents this long, crowded history. I don't care how avid a gamer you are or how much you think you know about the industry, there will be a whole bunch of consoles in here you've never seen before. And frankly, if there aren't, that could be very worrisome, and you should put down the computer and go outside. It's a beautiful day/night/whenever it is right now. So if you want a 23-minute, insanely comprehensive history lesson on gaming hardware, watch the video below. Let the music and the pictures envelop you in a comfy, nostalgic aura and take you on a journey through time and space.

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  8. Nintendo’s Response to the Playstation Move: Unfazed

    This week, after months of anticipation, Sony revealed its new motion sensitive controller, the Move, at the Game Developer's Conference. the Move walks a path already trodden by Nintendo's Wiimote, the primary controller for the Wii, and so, one might ask, how does Nintendo feel about this long awaited foray into their territory?

    Predictably, they're pretty calm about it. Motion sensitivity has been the Wii's claim to fame, while other consoles have focused on HD graphics and processing power, but now Sony is rolling out the Move, and Microsoft is hard at work on its own motion sensing Project Natal. Kotaku asked Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, if this might mean that Nintendo should be looking to move into HD.

    "For us high definition by itself is not the next frontier," Reggie Fils-Aime... told Kotaku. "For us we need to provide a whole new compelling experience in our next generation."

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