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  1. Behold the Pizza Condom. Caution: Hot!

    I'll take mine with extra sausage.

    The pizza condom perfectly combines the two greatest things in the world: pizza and safety. Wait, what did you think I meant?

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  2. Weird Safe Sex PSA Reminds Us That Condoms Are No Good for Stopping Daleks or Jaws [Video]

    Let's just hope Doctor Who writers don't see this as some kind of weird dare.

    We're imagining that there's either some kind of geek STD outbreak in the UK, or they're just tired of geeks making so many little geeks, because their Centre for HIV and Sexual Health has put out a geek-centric PSA about proper condom use. To be fair, we'd definitely have paid more attention if sex education involved Daleks and the Hulk.

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  3. Safe Sex Promo Is Filled With Geek References, Condoms [VIDEO]

    i'll just leave this here

    Some nerdy folks working at the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  4. Make Love like an Eagle Falling out of the Sky with Endangered Animal Condoms

    You know, like George Washington. That song is factual, right?

    Now you can create less humans and save more animals with endangered animal condoms. Wait, that sounds like condoms made from endangered animals, which it's not, because would be horrible, for obvious endangered species reasons, and because they wouldn't really work. No, they're condoms that remind you that we need more animals—not people.

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  5. Joerg Sprave’s Condom Slingshot Is The Scariest Path To Safe Sex

    When Bill Gates issued a call for a condom that was safer, stronger, and easier to apply, he got slingshot mastermind Joerg Sprave's attention, mostly with that "easier to apply" part. The result is Sprave's latest creation -- a condom-applying slingshot. Because hey, you don't get a title like slingshot mastermind by not making things like this.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Captain America Wearing A Belly Shirt

    Things We Saw Today

    Someone did an awesome job photoshopping Community's Alison Brie as Captain America. What they failed to realize was she would have looked equally cool with her sensitive stomach region protected. (via ScreenRant)

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  7. [UPDATED] Planned Parenthood Wants You to “Check In” on Foursquare Every Time You Use a Condom

    It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

    A regional chapter of Planned Parenthood, god bless them, is running a promotion that asks responsible young men to "check in" on Foursquare every time they practice safe sex, so they can proclaim, "I am wrapped up and proud!" But, um, what about the people with whom these fine young men are practicing the safe sex? I guess "a gentleman never kisses and tells" is not a thing anymore?

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  8. Uncomfortable Moment Of The Day: Martha Stewart Discusses Sausage And Condoms [VIDEO]

    i'll just leave this here

    You're used to hearing crafter extraordinaire and media mogul Martha Stewart discussing the best way to stuff a turkey but did you imagine you'd hear her talking about the best way to safely stuff a turkey? Read on to find out just how the topic of Stewarts latest show wound up in condom territory. 

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  9. Celebrity Condoms: Kiss Edition

    Thank You?

    Kiss is about to get all up in our business, almost literally. That, right there, is a condom, currently on the market, with Gene Simmons' "unfurled" tongue on it, and it's headed straight for someone's bathing suit area. What's notable about it is that it's a condom with a full-color ad printed on it. And while pictures have appeared on condoms before, this is the first time it's been FDA-approved. Manufacturer Graphic Armor Inc. says they are the first to offer up such a product. (A Paul Stanley condom will be released later this year.) But if pictures on condoms aren't your thing, and you still want to jump on the celebrity condom train, go to a Ke$ha concert, where she will ejaculate rubbers with her face on the wrapper all over her audience. You're welcome! (Washington Post via Copyranter)

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  10. UK Safe Sex Campaign Parodies Mario and Mega Man, is Crazy [Video]

    The Leicester branch of the UK's Teenage Pregnancy Strategy (which sounds an awful lot like group with a strategy to make teenagers pregnant, rather than help prevent it) has developed a YouTube campaign in order to help remind teenagers to wear condoms. Entitled "Game On!," the video seems to rip assets and ideas from Mario (warp pipes, bricks), Mega Man (the boy's sprite and animations), and Sonic (the title screen) in order to convey the safety involved with using a condom by having the boy fight off evil STIs.

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  11. Harry Potter Condoms

    Warner Brothers, the media behemoth that owns the rights to the Harry Potter movie franchise, is reportedly in the midst of fighting a legal battle against a Swiss company for copyright infringement. What did these neutral, chocolate-loving, particle-accelerating people do to earn their ire? Why, they simply created a line of condoms which prominently feature a cartoon likeness of Harry Potter.

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  12. Have Safe, Eco-Friendly Sex Using…Endangered Species Condoms!

    The Center for Biological Diversity exists to educate the public about the dangers -- including human overpopulation -- that are threatening endangered species the world over. The Center's latest effort, though, is encouraging people to keep the Earth's lamentably overcrowded state in mind the next time they, um, help make the problem worse. (By getting it on!)

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