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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Conan O’Brien

Oh Hollywood

Conan O’Brien Announces San Diego Comic-Con Residency In 2015 As Hotel Requests Begin For 2014

If you’re one of those fans who thinks Comic-Con International: San Diego has gotten “too Hollywood,” brace yourselves – Conan O’Brien is coming, and not just for a panel appearance. The host has secured a theater venue for next year’s SDCC, giving many a first glimpse at the official convention dates for 2015 and also a huge frakking headache. Speaking of headaches, SDCC hotels go on sale today, are you ready?


A Series of Fallopian Tubes

Would You Buy Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Canine Period Pads? [VIDEO]

I love how Sarah Michelle Gellar decided to share this specific personal anecdote on Conan. I also wonder how many people turned the channel when she started talking about her dog’s “time of the month.”

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That Time Housekeeping Found Jennifer Lawrence’s Sex Toys [VIDEO]

While vacationing at Disney World this past summer, I noticed housekeeping has a habit of moving things. Not in an obtrusive way but like, putting my new stuffed Stitch in a cute pose on our bed with our Mickey-shaped washcloth kind of way. Consider that, then watch this video of recent hotel stay Jennifer Lawrence had.

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Faster than a speeding bullet!

Conan O’Brien Thinks a Bearded Superman Goes Too Far

Conan O’Brien took some issue recently with a specific aspect of Man of Steel.

And because we have a ready-made post that covers a wide swath of instances where Superman has worn a beard, we feel qualified to respond to his criticism.


Great Moments in Advertising

Everyone Involved in Star Trek Into Darkness Is a Giant Troll [VIDEO]

First J.J. Abrams shares three frames of Star Trek Into Darkness on Conan. And now Zachary Quinto has contributed to the trollery with his own clip—or, well, “clip”—from the upcoming Trek sequel.

“I have a lot of respect for you and your audience,” said the actor to Conan, “and I wanted to bring something for you guys that was more than [three frames], you know.” Sure, Quinto. Sure. I don’t want to spoil the clip for you, but let’s just say it involves greenscreen and something resembling a Spock snuggie.

Simon Pegg tweeted yesterday that the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer is premiering online this Thursday. I swear, if Chris Pine shows up on Conan tonight to explain that the star of the film is actually—surprise!—William Shatner, I am going to scream.

And then possibly die laughing. I love this cast.

(via: TrekMovie)

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: All The Hurricane Sandy Things

We’ve been seeing a lot of Hurricane Sandy memes, fake photos, and even hurricane cats around the net today. I’m still voting horse head jogger guy as my favorite item. (via The FW


Dammit Jim!

J.J. Abrams Says He Brought Short Clip of Star Trek Into Darkness to Conan; Isn’t Joking

J.J. Abrams paid a visit to Conan this week, at made sure to bring some of his new Star Trek movie with him. Emphasis on the some.


Winter Is Coming

Elijah Wood Doesn’t Really Know How to Sit on the Iron Throne, Does it Anyway

Elijah Wood is a pint-sized fanboy, and we love it. In Northern Ireland for an upcoming project, Wood used some of his good ol’ Frodo caché to score a visit to the set of Game of Thrones. He was so excited that he spent the descent of his flight in audibly humming the theme song. Once there, he got to experience something a shocking number of characters in the series have literally killed for: Sit in the Iron Throne. Too bad he’s not that good at it.

(via Blastr)

We Can Be Heroes

Here Are Some Superheroes The Avengers Rejected [VIDEO]

The Avengers is opening this coming weekend and while most people are really excited about that, there’s a small group who isn’t. They are the Rejected Avengers and Conan gave them a little time in the spotlight to strut their stuff. I’ll only let him slide on that one that’s not based on a Marvel hero because it’s clever. But I’m with Conan on my favorite of the bunch.

(via Blastr)

I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Oh, It’s Happening: Will Ferrell (As Ron Burgundy) Announces the Anchorman Sequel

By the hammer of Thor, it’s officially official: Anchorman is coming back. The announcement was made by Will Ferrell, in character as the titular anchorman Ron Burgundy, on Conan last night. What a glorious day! View the announcement after the jump, and let’s rejoice as a nation, here “in the Americas” and the UK, “including England.”