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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: That Belongs in a Museu- I Mean Magazine!

I wonder what a Professor Henry Jones Sr. tell all would be like?  As cool as old National Geographics are to look at, artists Glen Brogan makes them even cooler in his Gallery1988 show. (via Gallery1988 tumblr)


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Dan Harmon Is Returning To Community

Dan Harmon tweeted confirmation today of the negotiations apparently going on earlier in the week. He’s back with NBC’s Community.



Dan Harmon is in Negotiations to Return to Community

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dan Harmon, after being unceremoniously ousted after the third season of the show, is in talks to return to the production of Community in some capacity for the show’s fifth season.


The Boob Tube

Community Gets a Season Five! Here Are Other Geeky Shows That Made the Cut And Got the Axe

Over the last few days lists of TV shows renewed, cancelled, greenlit, and not picked up have been rolling in. We’ve already told you about a few: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been picked up, because of course it has, as has Alfonso Cuarón‘s Believe, about a ten-year-old girl with superpowers.

How have other shows of geeky interest fared?


it's time to play the music

Here’s a Teaser for Next Week’s Community, Where the Study Group Turns Into Puppets [VIDEO]

Community‘s gone downhill somewhat in season four, but if there’s one phrase that can get me excited about a show again it’s “puppet episode.” Watch the study group hum along to the smooth sounds of Daybreak in this teaser for next week’s “Intro to Felt Surrogacy.”

(Apologies on behalf of Hulu if you’re geoblocked; their vids are U.S. only, and this one’s not on YouTube. Nothing we can do about it.)

(via: Paste)

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Just What You've Always Wanted

Community Promises All Puppet Episode

Community‘s fourth season ratings have not been the greatest. In fact, the Halloween episode grabbed the lowest ratings the show has ever had. And while I wouldn’t preface this statement with “in response,” this is not a situation in which I’d fault the folks who run Community these days for bringing out the big guns:

All. Puppet. Episode.



Amanda Recaps… Last Month [And Needs Your Imaginations! Yes, Yours!]

Editor’s Note: We ask contributing writer Amanda LaPergola to report on the world of pop culture with her unique style and insights.  Sometimes she does something like that.

“You cannot force this kind of creative process,” she told us once.  “It needs to evolve on its own.  It’s like Pokémon.  You just can’t say to a Pokémon ‘Hey, Pokémon!  Be a different Pokémon!’ and expect it to evolve.  That is not how it works.  First, it needs to spend time jammed up in a constrictive red and white ball.  Then, you let it out occasionally to fight other Pokémon to near-death.  With time and encouragement, your Pokémon will grow and change from a weird little hamster-thing to a weird little hamster-thing with antlers.  And then you get to eat it.  I think.  I’ve never played Pokémon.  Anyway, what was saying?  Oh yeah, can you pay for this coffee?”

That was four months ago.  We had not heard from Amanda since.

However, just yesterday, a package arrived at Mary Sue headquarters containing what appeared to be a note from Amanda’s mom (“Dear Miss Sue:  Please excuse my daughter’s absence over the past few months.  She wants me to tell you she had mono, but really she has been searching the internet for the secret fourth season of Downton Abbey she believes Queen Elizabeth is keeping to herself”) and the following pages…


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Play a Nice, Calming Game of War With These Game of Thrones Playing Cards

By Paul Nojima. Check out some close-ups at Nerd Approved.


The Boob Tube

Happy Halloween! Community Got the Lowest Ratings in Its Demographic Ever Last Night

Even die-hard Community fans weren’t feeling optimistic about this spring’s season of Community, which lacks the guiding hand of Dan Harmon after his firing and was pushed back from an October premiere date at the last minute. Which is precisely why the show’s Halloween episode “Paranormal Parentage” aired last night, on Valentine’s Day.


Today in Awesome

Here’s One Last Community Promo Before Tonight’s Premiere [VIDEO]

Did you hear? Tonight is October 19th, aka the day season four of Community begins. Because remember folks, October 19th is a state of mind, not a fixed point on the calendar. In this preview, cast members talk about what we can expect from the season to come.

There’s one episode in particular that I’m excited about (behind a jump for the spoilerphobic)…