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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The D&D Map From This Week’s Episode of Community

I’m pretty sure I’ve gone through the Forest of Frustrations in every single campaign I’ve ever played. (via io9)



Even More Sad Pop Culture Cuties

JSalvador’s sad pop culture drawings have been around for a good long while, but I can’t get enough of the tragicomedy of them. You can find lots and lots of prints and other sad tiny art at his Etsy shop.


And That's Terrible

Amanda Age 30: We Should All Be Ashamed of 2013

Editor’s Note: as 2013 drew to a close, we asked contributing writer Amanda LaPergola to sum the year’s geekiest highlights in an entertaining and timely fashion.  We emphasized the timely part for her benefit.  That was almost two months ago.  It is now nearly the end of January, and Amanda still won’t answer any of our texts.

However, this morning a mysterious package arrived at Mary Sue headquarters.  Its contents included what appeared to be a note from Amanda’s mom (“Dear Miss Sue: Please excuse my daughter’s tardiness.  She has recently begun The Master Cleanse, and every time she goes near paper, she tries to eat it.”) and the following pages…



Here’s Our First Look at Nathan Fillion in Community

NBC has released two pictures of Nathan Fillion’s long-awaited arrival at Greendale Community College. He’ll play Bob Waite, a “politically savvy head custodian who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty but is smart enough to wear rubber gloves.” If Fillion isn’t your cup of tea (…anyone? No? Good.), the January 30th episode “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking” will also feature cameos from Brie Larson and Terminator‘s Robert Patrick.

One more pic is behind the cut.


Almost Totally Excellent

Happy New Year! Here’s Ten Things to Look Forward to in 2014!

Your bed, on New Years Day, with your head under a pillow, is not exactly the best way to look at the new year. So here are ten things, roughly starting from the beginning of the year, that we have to look forward to in 2014.


Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Trailer for Community‘s 5th Season

Only one more, and then, well, you know.


Good News Everyone!

Nathan Fillion To Guest Star on Community

Brace yourself: Firefly references are coming.


Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

Comic-Con 2013 Roundup: While You Were Sleeping, Part 4

Do you know who you want to take you home?  Take mee hooommeeeee….

Nineties one-hit-wonders aside, yesterday brought an end to the glorious nerdfest that is SDCC. Sunday yielded lots of TV news from shows like True Blood, Arrow, Supernatural, Community, and Doctor Who– from new characters to new spinoffs, and even some new directions.

Want to know all of the juicy details? Hit the jump!


it's time to play the music

Donald Glover Will Only Be In Five Episodes of Community Season 5

It’s starting to feel more and more like this is the darkest timeline with the news that Donald Glover, the actor behind Troy Barnes on Community, will apparently only be appearing in five episodes of the upcoming fifth season of the NBC show. According to “sources familiar with the matter,” Vulture is reporting that Glover will be appearing in a smaller number of episodes in order to pursue his career as rapper Childish Gambino, while Sony will save money in the agreement, which could possibly go into future episodes of Community.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Hugh Jackman Is Extra Frowny In New The Wolverine Image