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  1. Running Like a Girl Is The Best Thing Ever in This Always Commercial

    Momma said knock you out like a girl.

    As conscientious consumers of media, we all try to be really aware of when advertisements are deliberately trying to make us feel good and empowered to sell us stuff. But damn it all if we don't all get hit in the feelings when we see little girls being awesome and defying gender stereotypes because they don't know those stereotypes exist yet. Curse youuuu, Always! *fist shake*

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  2. Godzilla “Craves Italian,” Pukes in New Fiat Ad

    What's a great way to advertise our car? "I don't know, how about a metaphor for the atomic bomb!"

    The Godzilla reboot trailer might have made me forget all about Matthew Broderick and Puff Daddy, but sadly the reimagined monster just upchucked some of its new gravitas. One of the best views of Godzilla yet comes courtesy of this car commercial--too bad his (or her) dignity isn't intact.

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  3. Happy 30th Anniversary, Creepy Orwellian Nightmare Apple Commercial!

    30 Years is the very expensive hardware anniversary, right?

    We know a lot of our readers weren't alive 30 years ago. Heck, I'm the only writer on the site who was, and I was but a wee babe on January, 22nd 1984 when this iconic Apple ad ran for the first and only time during the Super Bowl (which is a football match.) That one airing was enough to burn into the world's brain forever.

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  4. Nintendo Tries to Remind Consumers Its New System Exists, and It’s Kind of Hard to Watch

    How the mighty have fallen. If you need us, we'll be with our NES.

    Nintendo has realized that the wider market it tapped with the Wii doesn't understand new console generations, and they didn't make it any easier by keeping the Wii look and just tacking a "U" onto the end of the name. It's good that they've realized the problem, but that doesn't make their current efforts to fix it less embarrassing.

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  5. Microsoft Pulls Terrible Anti-Apple Ads, Is Still Bad at PR [VIDEO]

    After the Xbone debacle, you'd think that Microsoft would start to get the hang of this.

    Microsoft just can't seem to get PR right these days. The tech giant's latest publicity disaster comes in the form of a series of anti-iPhone ads, which Microsoft has just pulled from the airwaves hours after releasing them online. Because they're terrible. And not funny. And, really, just hardly watchable.

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  6. A Series of Stock Images Showcases a Lifetime [Video]

    It's not often that advertisements turn out to be fascinating. It's just a hazard of marketing that they tend to need to have certain qualities which make them generic rather than beautiful. This time, however, the film From love to Bingo in 873 images made by the firmĀ AlmapBBDO for Getty Images manages to transcend all that. Using a mere 873 images found in the company's stock photo database alone, the film shows a lifetime of experiences. If more commercials were like this, maybe the DVR wouldn't function as the Skip Advertisements Machine every single time.

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  7. Each Bottle of This Beer is Apparently Infused with Pure Awesome

    Most beer commercials these days focus on the pure water and exotic ingredients that go into their brews, and as a beer snob I can appreciate that. But few beer makers could possibly match what allegedly goes into each bottle of Hahn. Kung-fu movies, beer-filled fiberglass pumas, and jacked-up DeLoreans are, apparently, used to infuse the beer with an essence of badassitude unparalleled by any other. I'd never heard of this beer until today, and odds are its probably mediocre, but I'll be searching for it tonight. (via Reddit)

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  8. Verizon’s Droid X Teaser is Very… Robotic

    The Droid X:'s like Lost, Terminator, and that one bit in A Clockwork Orange when Alex first volunteers for the Ludovico treatment, all in fifteen seconds. At least, that's what the teaser uploaded by Verizon Wireless on its YouTube channel--part of a longer advertisement (its script leaked by DroidLife a week ago)--seems to suggest. It is inevitable that we will all turn into droids! The video also confirms the new Droid handset will debut in July. More details are likely to emerge at the Verizon and Motorola press conference on Wednesday. Hit the jump and let the teaser carry you until then.

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