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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Hello Sweetie

Comics Prove Their Awesome Status, Give the Doctor a Hispanic Companion

A Hispanic New Yorker gets to hang around with the 10th Doctor? Titan Comics, have you bugged my apartment?



Young Women Are The Fastest Growing Demographic According To New Comics Retailer Survey

“While many stores report that their children’s comics sections continue to grow, the demographic that seems to be growing the fastest is young women, aged 17–33. Image titles like The Walking Dead, Saga, and Pretty Deadly have gotten their attention, but Wayne Wise reports that at Phantom of the Attic there are “a lot of young women who are really invested in Marvel and DC titles, as well as the Indies. New titles aimed at this group are an important part of this. Books like Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Young Avengers have been particularly successful.’ Data from a reader survey by digital comics vendor Comixology supports what retailers are seeing. Chip Mosher, Comixology’s v-p, communications and marketing, confirmed that 20% of its new customers in the third quarter of 2013 were females ages 17–26.”Shannon O’Leary writing for Publishers Weekly on findings in a recent comics retailer survey.

Previously in Women and Comics


May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Behold! The 2014 Hugo Award Nominees!

Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Gravity, Frozen, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Saga, and more high-quality SF/F than you can shake a stick at. That certainly covers a whole bunch of our post tags.

The Hugo Awards honor both pros and fans alike, and as usual, the 2014 nominees provide a superb checklist of things to read, watch, and enjoy. The winners will be announced on Sunday, August 17 at Loncon 3 (aka the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention).

The full list of nominees is available below. And should you need to gush about your favorites, mention absent works you feel are deserving (*cough* Janelle Monae’s The Electric Lady for Best Related Work *cough*), or…ah…have a measured discussion about nominees you may object to, the comments are here for your disposal.



Sorry To Burst Your Masturbatory Comic Bubble (No, I’m Not)

[Editor's Note: This piece was originally published on Jill's tumblr, The Bird and the Bat. Trigger warning for language about sexual threats.]

I have a theory on why a small segment of men who read comics send rape threats to women who write about comics. To put it simply, they think we’re destroying their masturbatory fantasies (literal or otherwise).

You may laugh but it’s quite possibly the source of all the hatemongering. They’re under the impression comics are for men. Men only. And the characters therein, specifically the female characters, are there for them to ogle. The mere thought of that being taken away from them is frightening (even though, you know, porn and porn comics!). So frightening they will do anything to stop it. And they think silencing women with threats is the answer.



The 2014 Eisner Nominations, With All the Ones You Can Read Online for Free or a Dollar

The 2014 Eisner awards have been announced in advance of their San Diego Comic Con-timed ceremony, and they’re full of lots of ladies that we love. From Becky Cloonan and Fiona Staples, to Faith Erin Hicks, Kelly Sue DeConick, and Emma Ríos. Isabel Greenberg has double nominations for her The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, which totally deserves it. Scroll on down to read up on all the nominees, with links to places where you can read previews, first issues, and whole comics online right now.


The Mary Sue Exclusive

The Mary Sue Exclusive: Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra In Space

The wonderfully talented creator Mike Maihack is back to share with us another exclusive from his upcoming Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice! He previously gave us the preview trailer (and a super awesome TMS Cleo logo!), now check out two pages from the comic…



Interview: Scott Snyder discusses Zero Year and Batman Eternal

For years, Scott Snyder has been gathering fans in both the superhero and horror genres. Via DC’s Vertigo line, he’s created the sci-fi horror series The Wake, which brings up old terrors from Earth’s oceans, and the American Vampire saga that features how the New World mutates familiar monsters. Along with this, he’s been hailed for his work on Swamp Thing, Batman and Superman Unchained. Currently in the pages of Batman, he’s redefining the early days and Bruce Wayne’s war on crime in the story Zero Year. Along with this, he’s gearing up to join other creators for the new series Batman Eternal, which will feature new challenges for Gotham City and its heroes in the present day. At Emerald City Comicon, Scott was kind enough to chat about his current and upcoming work on Batman.


This Makes Sense

Why The New Ms. Marvel Is A Promising Step Forward [Video]

Because we can never talk about the importance of inclusion enough. This recent video from PBS Idea Channel unpacks Kamala Khan’s cultural significance, framing her as a promising step forward for comics (and media at large). Even if you’re not a Ms. Marvel fan, this is a solid sum-up of the effects media representation often has on the real world.

(via Geekosystem)


Gender Bendery

Today in Indie Comics: Lady Knights and Action Princesses

Haircut panels by Sara Goetter

The tumblrverse tends to get into these creative-concept hiveminds every four-to-six weeks: early this winter it was adorably grotesque monster girls, last month was “murdermaids,” and now, with Game of Thrones season 4 looming on the horizon, it appears the internet is going gaga for women warriors and kick-butt queens and princesses. I am very, very okay with this.

Besides dogbomber’s lady knight generator, which The Mary Sue’s Rebecca Pahle has already covered, a slew of indie web- and short-comics featuring lady knights and action princesses have been going viral or been reintroduced into our collective consciousness. In between binge-watching old Xena: Warrior Princess episodes on Netflix and digging out your childhood copies of The Paper Bag Princess and The Song of the Lioness, here are three webcomics featuring heroic courtly women you should absolutely read and support.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Dragon Egg Cake Fit For A Khaleesi

What happens if you leave it in the oven too long? (via Cake Wrecks)