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  1. Things We Saw Today: Marvel’s Phase 9: Lokitty’s Revenge

    Yeah. You read that right. Prepare yourself.

    You didn't think you'd make it through today without at least one joke trailer for upcoming Marvel movies, did you?

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  2. President Obama Professes His Love for Comics Via Email, Asks for Supporters’ “Origin Stories”

    Barack Obama, president of DGAF.

    I love me some laid-back, no-more-campaigns-to-run, do-whatever-I-please, last-two-years-in-office president Barack Obama. Not that the president's love for comics was ever a better kept secret than Superman's real identity, but he'll pretty much say anything these days, which has resulted in a recent mass email involving Spider-Man, Conan, and a direct comparison between his supporters and superheroes.

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  3. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Feathers #4

    Take an exclusive peek inside Boom! Studios' Feathers #4, on sale April 1!

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  4. Comics 201: Going Rogue; or, A Guide to Comic Book Bad Guys

    Find a random person and ask them to name a comic book hero, then ask them to name that hero’s arch nemesis. Even the least geek-savvy of civilians can tell you that Superman always butts heads with Lex Luthor, Batman is forever fighting the Joker, and Spider-Man will deal with one version or another of that pesky Green Goblin.

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  5. Joss Whedon Clarifies, Adds To His Comments On Sexism In Comic Book Movies, Remains Excellent

    Kitty Pryde forever.

    Yesterday, we told you about Joss Whedon speaking up last summer against the "genuine, recalcitrant, intractable sexism, and old-fashioned quiet misogyny" in the world of comic book movies. Now, Whedon has clarified his comments; but don't worry, he doesn't take back anything he said.

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  6. Joss Whedon Comes Down Hard On The “Genuine, Recalcitrant, Intractable Sexism” In Comic Book Movies

    Tell 'em, Joss.

    In a conversation with Digital Spy on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, two months before the Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel movie announcements, Whedon said the lack of female-led superhero films were inexcusable, and encouraged Marvel to take the lead on lady superhero films.

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  7. No Guilt In My Pleasures: How to Critique and Still Enjoy

    There’s something special about an entertainment guilty pleasure that allows an escape from regular life. Books, movies, TV shows, music, and comics that draw the consumer into a world unlike this one we live in, even if they aren’t the top of their craft in terms of production and intellect. Whether you’re depressed, frustrated with your life, or even just paid to criticize media, a guilty pleasure can offer a chance to turn off your brain and just enjoy something for a while. But does media th

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  8. The Fantastic Four to Become the Fantastic Three When One Member Dies

    Marvel has announced that it will be killing off a member of the Fantastic Four in next month's issue, number 587, and that this time, they're not promising a comeback. In a story arc entitled "Fear Itself," the Fantastic Four - Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and the Thing - have been placed in life-threatening situations, and executive editor Tom Brevoort says, "I think we've given plenty of hints as to who may die – perhaps too many."

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