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  1. Things We Saw Today: Batgirl #37 Cover Looks Even Cooler In Real Life


    While the insides of Batgirl #37 left a lot to be desired for many fans, that cover sure was gorgeous—even more so in this recreation by Batgirl cosplayer Stella Chuu, who recently wowed us with a costume inspired by the sequin-bedazzled look. BRB, putting gold sparkles on everything I own.

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  2. Accio Time-Turner: Colleges Now Offer “Study Harry Potter Abroad” Courses

    Sallie Mae Owl, this is literally the worst time.

    Did your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter get lost in the post? Did you drop out of school to pursue your Quidditch dreams, only to have your career cut short by a difficult bout of dragon pox? There's still hope!

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  3. Community College Tries to Have Twitter Account Pulled, Fails, Draws More Attention to Account It Tried to Have Pulled

    Asking a bunch of college kids NOT to do something? How could that possibly backfire?

    The president of Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania doesn't think the @NCC_Confess Twitter account is very funny, so he tried to have it pulled from the Internet. That went about as well as you would expect and resulted in a lot more attention for the account. Do they not have a class in How to Internet at NCC?

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  4. A South Korean University Will Soon Accept Pro Gamer Applicants to Their Sports Department

    What exactly are South Korea's immigration policies? Just out of curiosity.

    Hey, nerds. In, "Why wasn't this a thing when I wanted to go to college?" news, South Korea's Chung-Ang university has enacted a new policy to accept pro gamers to their Department of Sports Science just like any other athlete, which could help them get into the highly selective school. Gamers, it might be time to start learning Korean.

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  5. UC Irvine Will Offer Free Online Course About The Walking Dead, So Let’s Start a Study Group

    Mmmmm... enriching brains...

    Since our Breaking Bad recaps are going to end soon -- sob! --  The Mary Sue's offered to let us to recap The Walking Dead in their place this season (they assure us that they're going to be too busy being the awesomest). But how are we going to catch up to their level of discourse? With an online college class about zombies. Duh.

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  6. Tufts University Asks Applicants, “What Does #YOLO Mean to You?” Without Even a Shred of Irony

    Is it possible to send rejection letters to colleges?

    College admissions are a tricky business. With so many kids competing for so few spots at private institutions, it can be difficult to get your personality across in just one full essay and a couple 250-word supplementals. That's probably why Tufts University,  no doubt trying to speak to today's youth on their level, thought they would help the process along by referencing #YOLO in their application and asking potential students what it "means" to them. Really? You want students who legitimately think serious thoughts about that hashtag to be enrolled in your school? That doesn't sound like a good idea for anyone.

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  7. Watson Supercomputer Goes To College, Revenge Of The Nerds Style Antics Imminent

    IBM's Watson supercomputer is a pretty smart machine, already capable of trouncing our finest humans in trivia contests. There's always room for improvement, though, and in a move certain to leave Peter Thiel like, SOOOOO pissed, the team developing Watson is sending the computer to college, where it will bone up on coursework in English and math. Pretty soon, not only will Watson be better at trivia than you, it will also be able to trounce you in beer pong, meaning it's officially time for us to just pack it in as a species, folks. The machines have already won.

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  8. Flies Raised On Booze Need Alcohol To Learn, Just Like College Students

    Fly larvae -- fine, maggots -- that are raised on food spiked with alcohol grow up into flies who can't learn normally without the aid of a little booze juice, marking yet another way in which maggots are pretty much just like college students. A study demonstrating the difficulties maggots experienced while trying to process new information without the aid of a morning beer to take the edge off things appears this week in the journal Current Biology, which reminds us that keg stands are not always recreational choices -- sometimes they are educational tools.

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  9. You Must Have Brains To Be Eligible For This Zombie Scholarship


    Everyone deserves to be able to further their education if they want. Even zombies. Who are we to discriminate? What? This is a "Zombie Scholarship," not a scholarship for zombies? Well, I'm going to have to rethink this whole thing.

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  10. You Can Take A Skyrim Class At A Texas University

    Here Be Dragons

    We had one comic book course when I went to college and I didn't even get to take it. Now one university in Texas is offering a course on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Maybe I need to go back to school... 

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