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Clash of the Titans

  1. Master Of Monster Motion, Ray Harryhausen, Passes Away At 92

    so long and thanks for all the fish

    An inspiration to millions - creator, storyteller, pioneer, Ray Harryhausen has passed away.

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  2. Liam Neeson Always Gets the Last Word [Video]

    Supercuts are perhaps one of the greatest gifts the internet has blessed mankind with. They're like if someone took the time to take all those movie scenes you tell your friends about and put them in one place for your convenience, because we all know how precious our time spent surfing the web for useless, inane crap is. Today, the palpable Liam Neeson-philes over at Slacktory have put together this loving tribute of our favorite cinematic badass without peer getting the last word no matter what, where, or even when. Don't argue with us, check out Neeson always walking away the undisputed winner for yourself.

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  3. Newly Found Dinosaur Named After Marvel’s Loki, Not the Norse God, Thanks Very Much

    Medusaceratops lokii, the discovery of which was announced today, was a triceratops-like large dinosaur of the Ceratopsidae family; the Cleveland Plain-Dealer describes it as "the size of a large pickup," at 20 feet long and two tons, with a "sharp, parrot-like beak" and a "spike-covered, 4-foot-wide frill." It's also pretty clear from the etymology of its name that Michael Ryan, the scientist who discovered it, is a pretty cool guy.

    Sure, Medusa is a snake-haired mythological Gorgon and Loki is a Norse trickster-god, but Ryan had some rather more specific cultural references in mind when he picked the name.

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  4. Release the Kraken Meme-athon at Urlesque

    Our BlogFriends at Urlesque are hosting an image macro shindig centered around the madness that is Liam Neeson's "release the Kraken!" line from the trailer for Clash of the Titans. Geekosystem's own Susana: "LIAM NEESON WHAT ARE YOU DOING. YOU ARE A REAL ACTOR."


    It wouldn't be the first time Liam Neeson opened a film with just his voice (e.g., Taken), but the line is so ridiculous that it inspired us to release Krakens of our own. Below are a half-dozen of our original "Release the Kraken" photo mashups. And you can make your own!

    ...Want to release your own Kraken? Use our Kraken template and share it with us.

    Check out the happenings at Urlesque, which currently include a blob-thing, a Wilford Brimley-like cat, and the dancing dog from that weird Japanese chip commercial. [Urlesque]

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  5. Rancor: Jabba :: Kraken: _____

    I was disappointed when analogies got taken out of the SAT.

    Of course, I took my SAT a couple of years before they swapped an essay section for the analogies, so the change didn't actually affect me in any way and I never had to do the SAT essay question, HAHA.

    But it is in the spirit of those finicky little logic/vocabulary problems that I offer this post.

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  6. Why Remaking The Wizard of Oz Is a Really Bad Idea

    Fresh on the heels of Alice in Wonderland's box office success, rumors are flying about not one, but two feature film remakes of The Wizard of Oz.  Now, there's more than one way to retell a story, and there are a few ways to redo Wizard that would probably work.  The odds of Hollywood actually finding those particular ways is unlikely.

    More and more often these days, I find myself shouting at movie trailers and announcements: "WHY would you remake that?" Clash of the TitansThe Karate Kid? My Fair Lady?

    I'd like to take some time and explain when a remake generally isn't a good idea, and when it generally is, and whether or not this means that The Wizard of Oz is something we should revisit.

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