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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Clark Gregg


Agents of SHIELD Casts Another Marvel Villain, Amy Acker Talks About Falling For Coulson

Marvel has announced another comic book villain is set to go up against our agents. Who is it? Hit the jump to find out and also get bonus Amy Acker!



A Whedonverse Favorite Has Been Cast as Agent Coulson’s Infamous ‘Cellist

This is really the strength that SHIELD should be aiming for: filling in the holes of the Marvel Universe that we would normally turn to fan fiction for. A throwaway line, like the one in The Avengers where Coulson and Pepper Potts discuss his long distance relationship with an unnamed ‘cellist, in a network as large as the one crafting Marvel’s shared cinema universe, is one destined to only be explored by fans. But Marvel has confirmed that it will be featuring that unnamed musician in an upcoming episode of SHIELD.



Funko Pop Agent Coulson Is Watching You

He may not be vintage but he is highly collectible. Clark Gregg is certainly excited.

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And I'll Form the Head!

The Best Part Of This Agent Coulson Toilet Seat Is That Clark Gregg’s Seen It

Tom Milton, “provider of bespoke, hand painted toilet seats,” immortalized Agent Coulson on this $500 (yes, that’s right) toilet seat. Immortalized him more than he already is, I mean. The fandom has already proven that we won’t let him die.

Here’s Clark Gregg‘s reaction:

(via: Nerd Approved)

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Clark Gregg on What Really Made Him Sign up for Agents of SHIELD

I enjoyed what they did with Coulson in The Avengers; his story was an important part of that movie… When Joss Whedon explained that the question of what Coulson is doing alive has far reaching implications for the series and that there’s a mystery involved, I signed up immediately.Clark Gregg to Metro.

Ever since the pushing three hour moment in which I saw The Avengers, it seemed to me that the movie was leaving Marvel Entertainment a backdoor to bring Agent Coulson back whenever they wanted to (most easily expressed with the phrase “Rule #1: Director Fury Always Lies”). The fact that the creators of Agents of SHIELD have not only refrained from taking the easy way out but also committed to making the explanation of Coulson’s return have a major effect on the series’ setting and story. Well, that’s the kind of gravitas that reversing a fictional death should be treated with, if it must be reversed. I’m looking at you, comic books.

The whole Metro interview with Gregg is full of nice little nuggets, for example: who would he really like to see in Agents of SHIELD? Oh, just his favorite childhood superhero, Iron Fist.

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Maria Hill (And Some Other People) In Three New Agents of SHIELD Promos!

We’ve got another movie-to-TV part crossover for Agents of SHIELD: Cobie Smulders‘s Maria Hill appears in one of the newest trailers for the upcoming Marvel show, and we are very excited. Who wouldn’t be, though? Maria Hill is an incredibly interesting character who didn’t get much screen time during The Avengers, so the chance to see her on AoS and learn more about the film canon of the character is a welcome opportunity.

There are also two other short previews that came out for the show recently. See them under the cut!


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: You Can Buy Matt Smith’s Car on eBay

On one hand, I’m pretty sure Matt Smith‘s first car can’t travel through time, but on the other, you can’t buy the TARDIS on eBay. Not the real one, anyway. (Nerd Approved)


Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Not Even Agent Coulson Himself Knows How He Came Back From the Dead

With the Agents of SHIELD panel coming up and the fall premiere of the series approaching, it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing hard facts about the show’s most anticipated reveals, the means by which Agent Coulson has returned from his untimely demise at the hands of Loki in The Avengers, and which comics character J. August Richards is depicting with his apparent super strength and invulnerability. Entertainment Weekly, with their exhaustive pre-San Diego Comic Con issue, has some tidbits for us.



Meet SHIELD Agent Grant Ward [Video]

With San Diego Comic Con just around the corner we can expect to be seeing a lot more of this. And by this I mean Clark Gregg cracking wise.


Not a Misprint

Clark Gregg: “I Would Be A Lady Alien Captain Marvel”

I can’t say this because these guys are like, giant muscular superheroes, but if I had a magical transformation, I wouldn’t mind being Captain Marvel. Although, there’s a new Captain Marvel in the comics who’s a lady alien, and she’s hot. I would be a lady alien Captain Marvel.Clark Gregg

He may be keeping busy with the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show coming out soon, but in the mean time Gregg might just have his eye on a slightly less conventional casting choice.

There are rumors that Marvel is working on a Captain Marvel movie– maybe we’ll see Greg don the skintight suit for that future feature film.

(via DigitalSpy)

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