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  1. Respect: Turkish Man Dons Wire Head Cage To Quit Smoking

    Look, smoking is a nasty habit and harder than hell to kick. Whatever you've got to do, we're willing to salute the effort.

    42-year-old Ibrahim Yucel has smoked for more than two-and-a-half decades, but he's trying to give up the habit for his family's sake. It hasn't proven an easy task, though, so Yucel has developed a rather extreme way to help him kick the habit -- every day, he dons a wire helmet that makes it impossible for him to smoke a cigarette. The Saw-style head cage doesn't prevent Yucel from wanting a cigarette at work, but since the Turkish father of three leaves the keys to the locked helmet with his wife and kids every day, it does prevent him from following through on the craving.

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  2. Cigarette Butts Help Bird Nests Repel Parasites

    No one likes seeing cigarette butts strewn about city streets. No one, that is, except maybe urban birds. New research shows bird nests that incorporated cigarette butts may be repelling unwanted parasites. It turns out the deadly chemicals contained in cigarettes may provide a useful service for birds. Based on known bird behaviors, it's also possible that birds are seeking out cigarette butts to put in their nests to repel pests.

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  3. Indonesian Zoo is Trying to Get Their Smoking Orangutan to Quit

    For the past decade or so, Tori the orangutan has impressed visitors at the Satwa Taru Jurug zoo in Indonesia with her smoking habit. The 15-year old great ape apparently picked up the habit from imitating zoo patrons and picking up their discarded cigarette butts. Now, the zoo is intervening and plans to cut Tori off, cold turkey.

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  4. Bet You Didn’t Know Smoking Makes Boobs Sag [Video]

    I wonder if this applies to boobs of the more masculine variety, but I suppose the owners of said moobs already have erectile dysfunction to worry about.

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  5. Smoking Is Even Worse For You If You Do It First Thing In The Morning

    Smoking is bad for your health. We've known that for decades. Now, the focus is turning more towards "how bad is it"  and "when is it the worst," either so smokers who can't give it up can smoke "safely," or just because we're curious. According to a new study in CANCER, the journal for the American Cancer Society, the answers to those questions, respectively, are : "It's really bad" and "it's even worse first thing in the morning."

    Now, if you talk to a smoker, they'll probably tell you cigarettes are the best in the morning, and at lunch, and right before bed, and after a few drinks, but the study shows that compared to smokers who wait an hour before pulling out the pack, smokers who light up within 31-60 minutes after waking up are 1.31 times more likely to develop lung cancer, and smokers who smoke a bogey in the first 30 minutes are 1.79 times as likely.

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  6. Vintage Cigarette Ad: Have One Camel Between Every Course at Your Thanksgiving Dinner

    Worst holiday advice ever? A 1936 Camel cigarette ad published in Life magazine advised readers to smoke at least one cigarette between each course at their Thanksgiving dinner. You know, "for digestion's sake."

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  7. Every Cigarette Smoked in Mad Men [Video]

    We're big fans of supercuts, those exhaustive montages that, by the brute power of obsessive fans' pulling dozens or hundreds of clips, reveal profundity. Or just old-timey guys smoking a lot. In this one, assembled by Whirled, we see the characters of Mad Men smoking cigarettes. Again and again and again. For two-and-a-half minutes.

    Grin and Barrett, if you can:

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  8. Cigarette Vending Machines Rejiggered to Sell Books

    Let's take a trip. Suppose for a minute that you're a foreign exchange student at the University of Hamburg. And why not? The website, at least, makes it look plenty nice. You just left your Ethnology class when you figure you'll get a pack of cigarettes. You're trying to quit, sure, but it's finals season. You see one of those old cigarette vending machines on the corner wall, but what's this? A mini graphic novel? And only 4 euros? I'm there! I'll never smoke again! Or something to this effect. As Publishing Perspectives reports, Hamburg-based publisher Hamburger Automatenverlag is promoting literacy by remixing those old cigarette machines into book machines.

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