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  1. Meet Downworthy, the Chrome App That Fixes Clickbaity Headlines For The Better

    We would say, "it's the best thing ever!" but we're afraid of what it would replace that with.

    We might as well just come to terms with the fact that Upworthy-style "You won't believe what happens next!!!" kind of headlines are the wave of the future. I mean, even CNN's doing it now. Best just accept it and move on, right? Or we could filter them out with honest headlines, of course. That's where the new Downworthy app comes in.

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  2. Google Announces Chromecast, Lets You Stream to Any HDTV With $35 Dongle

    Set-top boxes don't really work for flatscreens anyway...

    The next big thing isn't big at all. It's the size of a USB flash drive, fits into an HDMI port on your TV, and turns that TV into a screen for your phone, tablet, or computer. And it costs an affordable $35. All hail the Chromecast, announced today at an event in San Francisco.

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  3. OTR Chrome Extension’s SnapChat for Work, Hopefully With Fewer Genitals

    If your interoffice communication is getting a little dull, try the OTR Chrome extension. It's basically SnapChat for work.

    We've talked about SnapChat before. It's a photo-sharing app that deletes the pictures you send after a few seconds, so people use it mostly for pictures of their genitals. That's not very appropriate for business, so someone went ahead and made a SnapChat-like Chrome extension that lets you send pictures and messages to coworkers.

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  4. New Chrome Experiment Basically Lets You Turn Any Website Into Super Monkey Ball

    If there's one genre of video game that always managed to avoid piquing my interest, it's the series of marble mazes that were created. These games -- like Super Monkey Ball -- revolve around navigating a rolling ball across a shifting plane. The particulars are always mildly different, but that's the general idea. Google's actually done the mighty and somehow made me interested in this type of game thanks to one of their Chrome Experiments. See, this particular doodad, called World Wide Maze, turns any website into a marble maze you can control with your phone.

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  5. Here’s Why Gmail and Google Chrome Had Issues Yesterday

    We panicked along with everyone else yesterday when Gmail went down. Without email, how would we find out about all the new T-shirt designs and Kickstarter campaigns that are happening? It was maddening. Sure, the outage only lasted about 20 minutes, but it really messed up a very brief part of our day, and even included issues with Google Chrome, and we want answers. Thankfully, Google engineer Tim Steele has them.

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  6. Take A Tour Of The Galaxy In Your Chrome With 100,000 Stars

    Google Chrome is once again making a name for itself as the go-to browser for neat stuff, weird toys, and all kinds of stupid browser tricks that are kind of awesome. The latest gizmo to be added to Chrome's toy chest is 100,000 Stars, a three-dimensional guided tour of stars throughout the Milky Way. Whether you're looking for a better way to get a sense of your place in our incomprehensibly vast universe or just looking to kill some time between meetings, we highly recommend checking this thing out today.

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  7. New Program Will Remove Photos Of Babies From Your Facebook Feed

    Meddling Kids

    Look, babies are great and all - they help us continue on as a species or whatever - but sometimes there's too many of them in my Facebook news feed. If you're like me (and I know a lot of folks who are), there's a new program that will help. It's called Unbaby Me. That's right. Get rid of those unyielding baby photos without offending your friends! 

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  8. Chrome for iOS Shoots to Number One App in One Day, But is it Any Good?

    At Google's I/O conference yesterday, the company announced that an iOS version of the much beloved Chrome browser would be available in the app store. Released several hours later, the app quickly became the most downloaded app on the store. However, if you're expecting the lightning-fast desktop browsing experience you've come to expect, you might be disappointed.

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  9. Google Chrome Passes Windows Internet Explorer as Most Used Browser Worldwide

    According to the web usage tracking site StatCounter, Google's Chrome browser appears to have just snatched the title of the most used web browser in the world from Microsoft Internet Explorer. Though measuring web stats is a tricky business, StatCounter indicates that Chrome was above IE for a sustained seven days -- from May 14 to May 20. The Internet is changing, folks.

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  10. Windows 8 To Cripple Third Party Browsers on Tablets, Mozilla and Google Cry Foul

    Everybody talks trash about Internet Explorer. It's just what you do. And yes, Internet Explorer might not be quite as bad as it used to be, but you'd still be hard pressed to find a loyal fan. Those of us who are loyal fans of other browsers might have something to start worrying about. Windows RT, the ARM version of Windows 8 designed for use on tablets, effectively cripples all third-party browsers, and will force hapless users to go crawling back to IE whether they want to or not. Unsurprisingly, Google and Mozilla are less than pleased, and are making their opinions known.

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