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  1. Oh Nothing, Just Tom Hiddleston Serenading You With A Christmas Carol

    Well it sure is a merry Christmas now.

    He wishes you a Merry Christmas, I think. I kind of stopped listening and just fell into a stupor. Also I think Nashville singer Rodney Crowell and Hiddleston's puppy Mono the wonder dog might be in this video but I can't be sure.

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  2. Here Are the 2014 Star Wars Snowflake Patterns You’re Looking For!

    Sorry about the mess.

    Want to craftily decorate your home for the Hothidays, but don't know where to begin? Anthony Herrera has you covered!

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  3. Introducing the Feminist-Approved “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Video We’ve All Been Waiting For

    Or you could just not sing it. That works, too.

    Yup, it's that time of year again—when everybody acts like they're the first people in the world to notice that the once quaint Christmas song which was supposed to be about societal pressures on female sexuality in the '40s is actually super creepy when viewed through a modern lens (Although, let's be real, that "what's in this drink" line probably doesn't help no matter what the decade.) But now there's a new version you can helpfully point all your newly outraged friends towards!

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  4. Dorkly Lists the 7 Things Wrong With A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Is one of them that Charlie Brown's friends are jerks?

    Oh, the very first item on the list is that Charlie Brown's friends are kind of jerks.

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  5. British Medical Journal Study Reveals That Men Are Great… At Being Stupid

    Most days I'm just happy we're not extinct. Yet.

    A study from the British Medical Journal's often humorous Christmas Edition has determined that men are basically walking time bombs of stupidity. How did they make this leap of scientific understanding on par with discovering that the sky is blue, you ask? They analyzed the winners of the Darwin awards.

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  6. Want to Read Some New Harry Potter Content By JK Rowling? Answer This Trivia Question

    That sound you're hearing is Ravenclaws around the world gleefully cracking their knuckles.

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  7. It’s That Time Of Year Again: Christopher Lee Releases Another Heavy Metal Christmas Song

    Against the power of Mordor Christmas, there can be no victory.

    For the third year in a row, Christopher Lee reminds us why we all love and fear him by singing about the baby Jesus in a haunting, sonorous voice with shredding guitars behind him. Reminder: he is ninety two years old. Satan bless him.

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  8. Hark! The Herald Dark Knight Rasps in the Nerdiest Nativity Scene

    "Fear not! For it's time my enemies shared my dread!"

    Hey, at least it's about as accurate as all the nativity scenes where everybody's white. Two Wyld Stallyns kept time pa rum pum pum pum. Do you think the three Sith men brought fear, anger, and hate?

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  9. A-Hole And The Night Visitors: Watch The Avengers And Groot Sing Christmas Carols!

    Glad tidings we bring, to you and your Hulk!

    James Covenant delighted the galaxy with Captain Picard's rendition of "Let It Snow" last year, and now he's spreading more Holiday cheer with this Avengers/Groot Christmas team-up. I think my heart just grew two sizes.

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  10. So The TGI Friday Mistletoe Drone Already Slit Someone’s Face Open

    We are the endless appetizers.

    Last month we covered TGI Friday's "Mistletoe Drone" program, the franchise restaurant's initiative to encourage holiday cheer while simultaneously satiating their robot overlords' lust for power. Rarely has our snark been so justified. Blood hath been spilt in Brooklyn.

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