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Christian Bale

  1. Do I Need This Life-Size Dark Knight Sideshow Bust On My Nightstand?

    But can it turn its head?

    Sideshow Collectibles puts out some gorgeous items and their new life-size Batman bust featuring Christian Bale's likeness from The Dark Knight is no different.

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  2. Seth Green & I Share A Similar Opinion On Ben Affleck’s Batman Casting

    and let it be known

    Yes, it's true. Some actors are nerds and have strong opinions just like us. In this instance, Seth Green has a few things to say about the next Batman actor. 

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Tell the Time by Deep Space 9

    Things We Saw Today

    You can find this lovely clock on Etsy. (via Neatorama)

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  4. Things We Saw Today: Octopus Chandelier With Light-Up Arms

    Things We Saw Today

      Check out this amazingly detailed octopus chandelier which includes detachable, light-up tentacles. The original from Mason's Creations has already sold but if you've got $18,000 to spare you can order one for yourself.  Or for The Mary Sue offices.

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  5. Riddle Me This: Why Did Christian Bale Wear Val Kilmer’s Costume To Audition For Batman? [VIDEO]

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    Ok, that wasn't actually a riddle, and I don't have an answer for you, but Christian Bale really did wear Val Kilmer's costume from Batman Forever to audition for Batman Begins. And he did the scene with Amy Adams. You can thank The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition blu-ray (on sale tomorrow) for this gem. Joygasm! Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  6. Christian Bale Had To Audition For Batman While Wearing Val Kilmer’s Old Suit

    Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na SCREEN TEST

    The Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set of the Dark Knight trilogy is out in stores this week, and in addition to all three of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, it also comes packed with a ton of behind-the-scenes footage and special features -- including this surreal-as-heck test footage of Christian Bale acting alongside Amy Adams.

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  7. Sigourney Weaver Joins Ridley Scott’s Exodus, the Christian Bale Is Moses Movie

    Pros and Cons

    Ridley Scott and the Old Testament aren't really two things that you would expect to come together in a creative project, but at the very least you can assume this about Exodus: it'll be really interesting.

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  8. [UPDATED] Warner Bros. Announcing Superman/Batman Live-Action Team-Up Film For 2015, Flash In 2016, Justice League In 2017

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    I think it's safe to say this news couldn't wait for our "While You Were Sleeping" roundup tomorrow.

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  9. It’s Official: Christian Bale Will No Longer Play Batman

    Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

    It is official: Christian Bale is hanging up the cowl. He will no longer play Batman-- for the future Justice League movie, or in any other capacity. The news isn't surprising. He's been open about how he'll only wear that suit for one man: Christopher Nolan, and since Nolan's been pretty adamant about not returning to Gotham City, well... Bale first donned the cape in 2005 for Batman Begins, relinquishing the costume last year after The Dark Knight Rises. He had a solid seven year run and now feels that it is time to move on.

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  10. It’s Officially “International Talk Like Batman Day” in Kelowna, British Columbia

    A petition on the Internet is usually about as useful to a cause as doing absolutely nothing, but sometimes they can affect real change. That was the case in Kelowna, British Columbia when a local radio station petitioned the Mayor's office to declare today, April 4th, "International Talk Like Batman Day." For some reason the Mayor agreed, and we now live in a world where "International Talk Like Batman Day" is a real thing. It's not the holiday we deserve, but it's the one we need right now.

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