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  1. Hardcore Gamer Mom In China Gives Birth In an Internet Cafe, Goes Back to Gaming

    Sometimes, you just need to finish a raid.

    Um, this one's for anyone who questions the fact that women can be hardcore gamers. In Nanchang, China, a 24-year-old pregnant woman sat playing a video game in an internet cafe while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. Then she gave birth. THEN SHE WENT BACK TO PLAYING HER GAME.

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  2. China Reportedly Frees Last Two Members of The Beijing Five; Activists Now Under “Conditional Release”

    Li Tingting, Wei Tingting, Zheng Churan, Wu Rongrong and Wang Manthe are now under a conditional release and may be charged at a later date.

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  3. Three Of the “Beijing Five” Released in China; Fate Of Other Two Unknown

    Last week, we covered the story of the feminist activists in China who came to be known as the "Beijing Five" after being detained for a month with no charges pressed against them after having been arrested shortly before an International Women's Day in March. We have now learned that three of the five women have been released.

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  4. Chinese Feminist Activists, “The Beijing Five,” Still Detained; US Ambassador Calls for Release

    You can't stop the signal.

    China had an interesting way of celebrating International Women's Day last month. They celebrated the first draft law on domestic violence in the country's history, while simultaneously arresting ten feminist activists for "picking quarrels" over that very change.

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  5. Chinese Government Wants Its Citizens to Use Real Names on the Internet

    Ah, yes, the time honored argument about whether or not people should use their real names on the Internet. While the common use of pseudonyms can indirectly give bullies and harassers freedom from accountability, requiring people to identify themselves can have a chilling effect on those who use them as shields against harassment, and especially political persecution. Guess which side the argument of China is on?

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  6. Agent Carter Ordered Offline In China By Media Censors

    Peggy is not amused.

    both Agent Carter and Fox drama Empire have both been ordered off the Internet by the State General Administration for Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), who regulate all media in the country.

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  7. Chinese Restaurant Lets Beautiful People Eat Free, Reinforces Society’s Beauty Bubble Standards

    Paging Dr. Drew.

    If you're feeling particularly self-confident, there's a restaurant that will literally subject your face to a panel of judges and if they find your face aesthetically pleasing, they'll grant you a free meal. You bubble dwellers will have to go all the way to China to get your free food, but at least your Chinese is probably as good as Jack Donaghy and Dr. Drew Baird's French.

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  8. Call Of Duty Online‘s Full Trailer Would Be Great Even If It Didn’t Have Chris Evans

    But him being in it doesn't hurt. Of course.

    Seriously, this China-only Call of Duty trailer could have had an unusually buff potato playing the part that Chris Evans plays and I would have loved it. Then again, that might be because I'm a sucker for that trope where TV shows jump back and forth between being inside and outside a video game. And that trope of when somebody saves a comrade in arms with a pithy action movie slogan and then later they use the same line while saving him. Oh, and zombies. Always zombies.

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  9. John Cusak, Adrien Brody, and Jackie Chan in Bonkers Trailer for Dragon Blade

    Yes, that's John Cusack, Adrien Brody, and Jackie Chan in what is reportedly the most expensive movie in the history of China's film industry. Dragon Blade is based on semi-historically-supported legends of a lost Roman legion that managed to wander into China. As you can see from this trailer, the money didn't go towards the acting, at least for the English speaking roles. Does it seem like Brody and Cusack have been dubbed over to anybody else?

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  10. The Chinese Government Wants to Ban Puns. Where’s the Pun in That?

    So they just banned 90% of our job.

    The Chinese government is now seeking to ban wordplay of all kinds from broadcast communications, ads, and politics. I guess they're tired of cunning linguists.

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Priorities in Game Development Might Not Be Great for Diversity

    Yes, we're still upset about this one.

    "Look at how the feces squish and plop with realistic physics! Hmm? What do you mean by, 'priorities'?"

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  12. Whoever Translated Guardians of the Galaxy Into Chinese Did A Really Bad Job

    What a bunch of a-holes!

    Hey guys, want to hit up the movies this weekend and see Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team? I hear it isn't funny at all!

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  13. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Gets an Apropos Name Change In China

    It's almost as if they let Drax write it.

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  14. Live Broadcast of Panda Birth Cancelled: Turns Out The Panda Wasn’t Really Pregnant

    I think I saw a Maury episode like this once.

    Real talk: you want to know why pandas are so severely endangered? Sure, poachers and other humans encroaching on their habitats is the primary factor, but it's also partially because pandas are literally the worst at getting pregnant.

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  15. Brilliantly Weird Unauthorized 1980 Chinese Star Wars Comic Adaptation Discovered

    For A More Civilized Age

    Maggie Greene is an assistant history professor at Montana State University, and she says the one of the things she misses most about the time she spent in China was being able to peruse second hand book shops and fairs for lianhuanhua. Lianhuanhua are essentially small, cheaply printed comic book adaptations of popular stories, but with a format associated more with picture books in the West: one image per page, with captions. Greene was primarily interested in ones based on Chinese operas, but during one such trip, she came across something quite different: a 1980 lianhuanhua based on Star Wars: A New Hope.

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  16. Entire Village Constructed In One Day Using Giant 3D Printer

    To be clear, a human sized village. Not one for ants.

    The latest development in 3d printing? Providing shelter for the homeless or refugees displaced by natural disasters or war. A small ten-residence community of cost effective homes recently sprung up in Shanghai, and thanks to 3D printing, constructing the village only took a day.

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  17. Several Women Arrested For Writing Fanfic In China


    Quick! Hide your fic! 

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  18. China Isn’t Having Any of Your Science Bros., They’ve Arrested 20 Slash Fanfiction Writers

    Team China: Imagination Police.

    I'm no huge proponent of fanfiction, but arresting people is taking it a bit far, China. Well, for China, it really isn't. Their Internet and media in generally are broadly censored, but a new report suggests that the country's police have arrested at least 20 people for writing romantic tales starring their favorite fictional male characters.

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  19. Seems Reasonable: Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Reportedly Sold for $2 Million in China

    Seriously, have you ever seen a mane so fabulous?

    Tibetan mastiffs are like the fluffy versions of fierce lions. Except, of course, that they're more desirable to have as a pet than actual lions because they probably won't kill you. So how high a price would you go to have this ferocious but adorable companion as a pet? $2 million maybe? that seems fair, right?

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  20. Chinese Social Scientist Says Internet Hipster-Geek Slang Will Destabilize Their Society

    Guys, I sincerely do not think we can fit all of China in Brooklyn.

    If you've used the Internet to engage with other human beings, you may have noticed that it's developed its own language, because reasons. In the tradition of older generations telling younger ones they're ruining everything, the vice president of a Chinese Academy of Social Science says one Internet term will unbalance their society.

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