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Children’s books

  1. Mother-Daughter Duo Raise Over $16K to Create Children’s Superhero Story to Inspire Young Girls of Color

    Seven-year-old Natalie McGriff, from Jacksonville, FL, used to hate her hair and hate reading. Many parents would sigh and not know what to do about sparking a love of reading and raising their child's self-esteem. However, what Natalie's mom, Angela Nixon, did instead was collaborate with her daughter to create a children's book, The Adventures of Moxie Girl.

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  2. Spoopy Documentary Will Examine Lasting Impact of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    Novel gazing.

    A CBS Film adaptation of Alvin Schwartz’s notoriously terrifying "children's book" Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark may already be in the works (with a little help from Tim Burton!), but the creepy classic is about to get the documentary treatment, too.

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  3. Newly Discovered Dr. Seuss Manuscript What Pet Should I Get? to Be Published this Summer

    A posthumous hippopotamus, of course!

    Random House Children's Books announced earlier today that it will be publishing What Pet Should I Get, a newly-discovered manuscript complete with sketches by the late Dr.Seuss and featuring the siblings from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, will be published on July 28th.

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  4. We Heartily Approve of This Little Girl’s List of Kick-Ass Fictional Ladies

    I am no man!

    Fantasy and young adult literature can get a bad rap sometimes, but Mia's list of some of her favorite heroines is a perfect breakdown of why strong female characters like Katniss or Divergent's Tris are so important. Reminder: you don't need to be in the target demographic to benefit from reading these character's stories, either. The qualities they embody are always relevant, whether you're a young adult or just a plain old grownup.

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  5. Clifford the Big Red Dog Author Has Passed Away At 86

    Norman Bridwell, who wrote the classic book series Clifford the Big Red Dog in honor of his daughter, passed away last Friday.

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  6. Dorkly Shows Why Amelia Bedelia Is the Stuff of Nightmares

    No! Not horses, Amelia!

    We've got a real axe to grind with Amelia Bedelia. To see more of her literal escapades, head over to Dorkly.

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  7. Some Monster Made a Gritty Reboot of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

    ...he's going to ask for your life.

    [Warning: Grossness to come.] If You Give a Mouse A Cookie is best known as a beloved illustrated children's book about an overall-wearing mouse with escalating dietary demands, but GrittyReboots is determined to leave no childhood unplundered. The Youtube channel has given the titular mouse a makeover in time for Halloween, and this time, when you give him the's too late.

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  8. Neil Gaiman’s New Children’s Book Features Snow White Saving Sleeping Beauty (Feat. Smoochin’)

    Strong. Female. Characters.

    Neil Gaiman continues his streak of standing up for women in genre and just generally being the best by including a same-sex kiss between awesomely-developed characters Sleeping Beauty and Snow White in a new children's book.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Chewbacca Dog Comes With His Own Bandolier

    Baby got 'bacca.

    This costume reportedly won third place at a Petco Star Wars Contest, which begs the question: who won first? If you happen to have an adorable walking carpet of your very own, Petco actually sells a Chewbacca dog hoodie.

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  10. Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Breaks $1 Million In A Day, LeVar Burton Breaks Down In Tears [VIDEO]


    LeVar Burton blew the internet away yesterday when he published a Kickstarter for a relaunched Reading Rainbow. And then the internet blew LeVar Burton away and gave him $1 million in 11 hours. Grab some tissues and watch his reaction. For the record, it's currently sitting around $1.8 million. Hooray!! (via Geekosystem) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  11. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Will Scar Even More Children As a Movie

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    Children and adults, rather. I don't care how many decades it's been, you don't get over Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

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  12. The Lord of the Rings Quiet Book Lets You Pick A Royal Outfit For Aragorn

    There And Back Again

    Julie Gillrie has sent us her latest Quiet Book project - The Lord of the Rings. Or should I say, The Quiet Book and the Ring? As you can imagine, it's filled with adorable stuff.

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  13. Who’s The Final Doctor Who ebook Author? Neil Gaiman, Of Course!

    Hello Sweetie

    Doctor Who's 50th anniversary is a big event, and it extends to more than just the TV end of the Doctor Who universe. Earlier this year, the BBC announced it was enlisting children's authors to produce eleven short stories - one for each of the eleven Doctors - that would be released in ebook form as another way to mark the big 5-0. So far, the authors have included Eoin Colfer, Marcus Sedgwick, and Malorie Blackman, among others. The BBC has revealed that Neil Gaiman will be the icing on the cake with his Eleventh Doctor story, Nothing O'Clock.

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  14. Dearth Of Racial Diversity In Children’s Books Is Terrible: Depressingly Unsurprising

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    In unsurprising (yet still disheartening) news, racial representation in children's literature sucks. According to a report from Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University Wisconsin-Madison, there were some disturbing trends in racial representation in children's books for the publishing year of 2012. Out of the thousands of books they received, only 8% were written by or about someone of color. EIGHT percent. Not even a tenth.

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  15. Tell Your Inner Fourth-Grader to Get Pumped: We’re Getting an Encyclopedia Brown Movie

    The beloved children's series about a mildly insufferable boy-detective and his crew of crime-stoppers is being made into a movie.

    After nearly a half-century of writing, Donald Sobol's series of children's books following the adventures of plucky boy detective Encyclopedia Brown are set to be transformed into a big screen blockbuster. Protagonist Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown, so nicknamed for his impressive and occasionally unnerving memory and intelligence, solves mysteries in twenty-eight books, often by asking a single question or forcing the guilty party to incriminate themselves. He's joined by his best friend and unofficial bodyguard Sally Kimball in a small detective agency in his garage, frequented mostly by other children.

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  16. Neil Gaiman Announces a New Book, Interstellar Dinosaurs Are Involved

    We've heard murmurs about Neil Gaiman's upcoming children's book for a while, but now the author himself is chatting it up. In what sounds as delightfully nonsensical as the ravings of Lewis Carroll but with 100% more dinosaurs, Gaiman has just officially announced an his next children's book, Fortunately, the Milk. By all means, check out the video of the always adorably awkward Gaiman describing the book below.

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  17. The BBC Enlists Famous Children’s Authors To Pen Doctor Who Short Stories For 50th Anniversary

    Today in Awesome

    Once upon a time, there was a man called The Doctor. The BBC had the fantastic idea of inviting author's of famous children's works to collaborate on a series of eleven short stories for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Fans rejoiced. The End. 

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  18. The Star Trek Book of Opposites Is Perfect for Your Adopted Klingon Child

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    David Borgenicht is pretty awesome. We have decided this with very little evidence. In fact, our only piece of evidence consists of this, The Star Trek Book of Opposites, a picture book using pictures from Star Trek to illustrate the difference between different books. It is rather silly. In fact, that's why we love it so. Next time we need to know the antonym to a certain word, we're consulting this thing.

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  19. Children’s Books, Translated Into Latin

    this exists

    Attention linguistics geeks: Are you the kind of person who scoffs at the idea of Latin as a "dead" language? We're not sure why this happened, but we're choosing to accept and embrace the fact that someone took the time to translate classic children's books into Latin. For fun? For a college course? Who cares! Non plaudite. Modo pecuniam jacite. (Translated: Don't applaud. Just throw money.) More titles after the jump.

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  20. Star Wars + Goodnight Moon = Goodnight Forest Moon

    For a friend's son's birthday, the right honorable Noah Dziobecki rewrote and re-illustrated the classic children's book Goodnight Moon. You can find a free PDF of the entire book, and instructions on how to craft it into a bound copy for yourself own little one, here.

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