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  1. Today In Unattainable Beauty Standards: Do Chickens Think I’m Pretty?

    I'd settle for "cute in the right light," chickens.

    Back in 2002, a group of scientists decided they wanted to usher in the new millennium by cracking one of civilization's greatest mysteries: what do chickens think of our big, beak-less human faces?

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  2. Somebody (Sort of) Invented a Virtual Reality Headset For Chickens

    Get ready for all the Cluckulus Rift jokes you can stand.

    Being a chicken is stressful. First of all, you're a bird, so you're already cursed with heightened levels of anxiety. To make matters worse, you're also delicious, and it's likely that you aren't getting enough room to run around. That's where this virtual reality headset comes in to make you think you're one of those fancy free-range cluckers.

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  3. Scientists Discover a New State of Matter in Chicken Eyes

    This is embarassing for the Large Hadron Collider.

    Scientists have discovered a system of matter unlike anything they've ever seen before, capable of being both crystal-like and a liquid. The new matter is called "disordered hyperuniformity," it may drastically change the way we can design materials, and, oh yeah, it's only found in chicken eyes.

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  4. The Chicken or the Egg Short Makes Us See The Age Old Question In A New Way


    The adorable short Chicken or the Egg shows us that making the choice of which comes first may put more at stake than we originally thought.  I'm not sure how I feel about the world artists Christine Kim and Elaine Wu have created, though. The interspecies relationship and the chicken embryos being sold in a world where chickens have basic reasoning skills makes me a bit overeas- i mean uneasy. (via Chicken or the Egg from KIMWU on Vimeo.) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  5. Super-Granny Mamika Returns, With a Chicken

    and let it be known

    Sacha Goldberger originally started photographing his grandmother as a superhero to cheer her up, but found that she's actually a pretty great subject. This is his third Mamika series, where it seems she's hung up her superhero (and Darth Vader) togs in order to go adventuring with a chicken named Bob.

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  6. Chicken and Egg Both Came Before This Chicken or the Egg Video

    It's a question that many have pondered: Which came first, chicken or the egg? The obvious argument is that the chicken couldn't have been born without an egg, but an egg couldn't have been laid without the chicken. Folks go back and forth, and it typically descends into a cyclical conversation where each side constantly says the other is wrong without being able to really disprove legitimate assertions. It's certainly a quandary when taken at face value, but when you break it down, as AsapSCIENCE has, there's really only one answer.

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  7. Morning Paradox: Chicken and Egg Problem Surprisingly Complex

    Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

    Okay, yeah, so you'd think that applying evolutionary ideas to the chicken and egg question would lead to a conclusive answer, but it turns out it just gets more complicated. (via Geeks are Sexy.)

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  8. Monday Cute: Chicks in Hats


    Julie and her nine-year-old daughter have maintained the ChicksinHats Etsy store since 2011, where they sell prints, magnets, calendars, and other physical representations of the pictures they take of the chicks born on their family farm wearing tiny hats. The chicks are only briefly "hatted" before they carry on their normal chicken life cycle, which Julie describes as "long and happy." And briefly is a good term. I can't imagine many of these chapeau-ettes stay in place for very long. Thank goodness for modern photographic technology.

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  9. Please Allow This Portal Turret To Serenade You [VIDEO]

    it's time to play the music

    BioWare cinematic designer Zachariah Scott had some fun playing around with turrets. I don't blame him. Turrets are a lot of fun to play with. Here's one playing the "Turret Wife Serenade" from the Portal 2 soundtrack. Oh, and did I mention there's bonus chicken action after the jump?

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  10. Jim Henson Co. Severs Ties With Chick-Fil-A

    Consider the Following

    The Jim Henson Company, currently headed by Lisa Henson, daughter of the late Jim, has formally announced that they will be severing all financial relationships they have with Chick-Fil-A, which is presumably a relief to the hundreds of chickens under the employ of the Henson Co. Ok, jokes aside, this is actually a firm and explicit stance against Chick-Fil-A's anti-marriage equality stance, with Henson likely brought to the tipping point by the confident admission of Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy, that as far as funding organizations that have lobbied not just against marriage rights for gay and bisexual people but also against legislation that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity goes, his company is guilty as charged.

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  11. Craig Ferguson Teaches Elmo the Word “Experiment” [Video]

    Ask a Muppet

    In a highly academic lesson, Craig Ferguson teaches Elmo about what an experiment is. This particular experiment involves chickens lifting a comedian and transporting him somewhere. And that means next week's word is "irony"! They will not be calling Alanis Morrissette to explain it. (That was a 1990s joke.) (via Sesame Street on YouTube)

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  12. You (Yes, You!) Can Knit Some Jackets for Rescued Hens

    When the chickens used on commercial farms are past their prime, some farms will simply sell off their birds for slaughter. However, some birds find their way into the hands of groups like the Little Hen Rescue, who step in and find homes for these birds. Unfortunately, the hens aren't always in the best shape when they reach the rescue. Often times, the practice of farming chickens leaves the birds bald, stressed, and sick. To help readjust these birds to life outside the confines of commercial farms, the rescue fits the bald birds with (adorable little) sweaters to keep them warm. That's where the knitters in our audience come in. Little Hen Rescue has posted a pattern for the jackets and is encouraging anyone willing to help to knit and donate sweaters for a rescued bird. Read on after the break for the pattern, or get it directly from the Little Hen Rescue.

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  13. Chickens Have a Method of Birth Control

    what is this I don't even

    Look, we're women, and we're geeks. We're willing to write on any intersection of science and vaginas, even when, in this specific instance, the organs in question are actually cloaca, the parallel for the vagina in gallus gallus domesticus, the common domesticated chicken. Read on if you want to find out the intensely biological way in which female chickens reject the use of socially low-ranking males' genetic material in the fertilization of their eggs.

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  14. Scientists Plan to Create Dinosaur Franken-Chickens

    Misleading Headline of the Day

    Mwahahahahahahahahahaha! That is the noise I imagine the mad scientists who thought up this latest bit of badass insanity made when they hatched their plan to create dinosaurs out of chickens. If you've seen Jurassic Park, you know that all you need to create your very own dinosaur is a tiny bit of DNA extracted from an ancient fossilized mosquito. Unfortunately, that is completely false. Fortunately, however, famed paleontologist Jack Horner and his loyal band of minions fellow scientists have come up with the theory that, if you regress chicken DNA far enough back (aka about 10 million years), it could have a very similar effect.

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  15. Things We Saw Today: How Big the Tsunami Wave Really Was

    Things We Saw Today

    This is an image from the NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory illustrating just how world-engulfing the tsunami wave from the Sendai earthquake was. Click here for the full version.

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  16. Someone Wants to Try Hatching a Dinosaur

    It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

    First off, Dr. Grant was right -- dinosaurs did evolve into birds, birds are descended from dinosaurs. And now, there is a scientist who thinks he can "hatch" a dinosaur-like creature. Not by extracting prehistoric DNA from a mosquito, but by identifying a certain gene in a chicken that allows it to grow with a tail. Well, at least he didn't pick something that could turn into a velociraptor.

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