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  1. 7-Year-Old Girl Visits Her Favorite Chemists in This Adorable Video

    We should all love chemistry as much as this girl loves chemistry.

    Adele Rouse got to live out every child's dream: she flew to England to visit her favorite chemists. (That's a thing all children want to do, right?) In this video Rouse visits some of the chemists behind Periodic Videos, an incredible YouTube channel that demonstrates some really incredible chemistry with humor and crazy hair.

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  2. Chemistry Makes Sex Better, and This Video Explains How

    It's business chemistry time.

    Chemistry has made life in these modern times a lot better, and that includes sex lives in these modern times. The latest video from The American Chemical Society series Reactions breaks down four ways in which chemistry has made its way between the sheets.

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  3. Stephanie Kwolek, Pioneering Chemist, Has Passed Away At 90

    Thank you, madame. You made the world a safer place.

    Fox News is reporting that Stephanie Kwolek, the chemist who invented the durable fiber used in Kevlar Body Armor, has passed away at 90 of an unknown illness.

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  4. An Important Reminder: Everything Is Chemicals

    Someone gave my wife a “Chemical Free Weed Killer” recipe. I made some corrections. — Glen Tickle (@glentickle) June 12, 2014 A recipe for “non-chemical weed killer” is making its way around the Internet and real world. It even made its way to my refrigerator somehow. Being the science-minded person I am, I fixed […]

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  5. Are You Alone In the Universe? This Animated Short Doesn’t Think So [VIDEO]

    Consider the Following

    Munich design collective KurzGesagt has a lot of super-deep questions they'd like to ask you about life, the universe, and everything. But don't panic: they also have a lot of answers for you, as evidenced by this gorgeously rendered animated short about the biology, chemistry, astronomy, and philosophy that directly go into making you the complex life form you are. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  6. Chemistry Joke Could Keep High School Student From Walking at Graduation

    It wasn't even a good chemistry joke.

    Soon-to-be high school graduate Paris Gray tried to slip a chemistry joke into her school's yearbook, and it could cost her the chance to walk at graduation. I hate to say it, but as Geekosystem's resident weird old dad, I think maybe it should.

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  7. New, Superheavy Element 117 to Be Added to the Periodic Table

    Why is everything so heavy in 2014? Is there something wrong with the Earth's gravitational pull?

    Hey, chemistry students studying for final exams: you missed a spot! It's not your fault, though. Element 117 was just confirmed in a lab and will soon be added to the periodic table, so you'll have one more element to memorize in the near future. Man, I hope your periodic table posters are recyclable.

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  8. Get to Know the Science Behind Sriracha With This Video

    Because everything is science.

    Curious why Sriracha is so good? It's because of science! (Isn't everything?) In this video from the new(ish) YouTube series Reactions by Kirk Zamieroski from the American Chemical Society we get a molecular-level look at what makes Sriracha so uniquely wonderful, and now we're hungry for fiery deliciousness.

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  9. TEDEd Explains How Your Brain Is A Slave To Sugar Cravings [Video]

    It's all fun and games before you're chewing on a tombstone like Sheldon on Rocko's Modern Life.

    It's virtually impossible for most people to turn down a cookie piece of candy. You know, unless you were both without a "sweet tooth," of course, in which case we're all very jealous and would like to know how you are able to resist. But what do we mean when we talk about "sweet tooths" in the first place? Let Nicole Avena of TEDEd explain.

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  10. 5 Tips for a Better Thanksgiving Through Science [Video]

    You know, because science hasn't already done enough for you. Why are you so needy?

    Say goodbye to dry, cardboard-like turkey and boost your health thanks to Bytesize Science. They'll show you a bunch of ways to make your Thanksgiving more delicious and more healthy at the same time. What they don't show you is how to tell your Mom her turkey could be better. Science has no answer for that. You're on your own.

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