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  1. Science Has Figured out Why You Don’t Have Total Recall and How Your Brain Deletes Information on Purpose

    So that means—wait, where was I going with this?

    We know a decent amount about how the brain works, but forgetting was a fittingly mysterious process until now. New research shows that forgetting isn't just something that happens accidentally and unfortunately and leaves you locked out of your apartment. No, it's something your brain does deliberately, because it's apparently a complete jerk.

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  2. Stem Cells Made From Cloned Human Embryos for the First Time

    In a scientific first, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have created cloned human embryos they can use to harvest embryonic stem cells for human transplant. The long-sought advance -- which has the potential to make stem cell therapies safer and less prone to rejection -- has been the goal of many stem cell researchers for years, and will no doubt prove controversial, but could have the capability to drive the next stage of development in human stem cell therapies that could one day prove capable of of treating a vast range of diseases.

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  3. Common Cold Could Kick Cancer’s Keister

    I think we can agree that the common cold sucks. I also think we can agree that it doesn't suck nearly as badly as cancer. Researchers at the Salk Institute, though, may be on the trail of a way to turn the lesser of these two evils into a weapon in the fight against the other. This week, a study in the journal Cell reports that the Salk team has taken steps toward hijacking the common cold's ability to disable immune responses within cells. That could lead to engineered cold viruses that hunt down and destroy cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells in peace.

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  4. Study: Stem Cells Used To Make Sperm, Then Used To Make Mouse Babies For The First Time

    Adding to the ever growing list of what stem cells can do, researchers as Kyoto University in Japan have created fully functional sperm from mouse embryonic stem cells, that resulted in the birth of viable offspring. Researchers used the sperm they created to fertilize mouse eggs in the laboratory, that were then implanted as embryos into surrogate mothers. This is the first time an animal has been born from sperm that was made from stem cells. For years, scientists have been trying to make viable sperm and eggs cells from embryonic stem cells because it could be a ground breaking treatment for infertility. However, until now all attempts at making sperm from embryonic stem cells had failed to result in offspring. Since 2009, the team from Kyoto University has been working on this problem, and devised a special method for making the cells viable.

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  5. GSM vs. CDMA: Or, How Dueling Mobile Standards May Get You a New iPhone

    With all the recent rumors making the rounds on the internet these days with regard to the Second Coming new iPhone Apple is said to be releasing this summer (such as that  Verizon and Sprint customers may be getting a godsend soon,) it can be rather easy to fall into the hype. Whether or not this talk should be taken as gospel is up for debate; While we have a few reputable sources, the folks out in Cupertino is notoriously tight-lipped about their major releases in just about all areas. But why the fuss over radio transmitters, which play a major part in the WSJ's report? It turns out the standards being talked about at length are game changers if (and that's still a big if) Apple makes the trip over to CDMA. So we ought to ask: What's the deal with GSM and CDMA and why do they matter?

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