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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Once More With Feeling

Alyson Hannigan to Star in Matt Damon/Ben Affleck CBS Pilot

Hardworking Alyson Hannigan has already lined up a post-How I Met Your Mother job as one of the leads in a pilot produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The show is titled More Time With Family and will also star Tom Papa, who worked with Damon on the movie The Informant. It’s a pilot for CBS with 20th Century Fox Television, which are both involved with HIMYM as well. Seems like a good deal, right? Well, let’s hope the show is better than its description.


hold on to your butts

First Teaser for Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg’s Extant

Extant is a miniseries about astronaut Halle Berry returning to her family after a year in space in which she experienced something that will “change the course of human history.”

Is it dinosaurs? Did she find dinosaurs in space? I hope it’s space dinosaurs.

Previously in Extant


This is just like magic!

Don’t Be Alarmed, CBS Is Working On A Reboot Of Charmed

CBS is hoping the Power of Three will make them money. 


she blinded me with science

Halle Berry Is Doing A Sci-Fi Show About a Female Astronaut For CBS

Houston, I have no problem with this.


what is this I don't even

The Team Behind Elementary Is Doing a The Wizard of Oz Medical Drama

First Syfy puts a post-apocalyptic The Wizard of Oz in the pipeline, and now CBS is doing their own version as a medical drama. If someone doesn’t get around to doing an outer space-set Wizard sci-fi comedy I will be sorely disappointed.


It Came From Outer Space

Spielberg Produced Female Astronaut Drama Greenlit by CBS

If Steven Spielberg resume as a director has an equal, it’s his legacy as a producer. Well, at least it is for this fan of Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Freakazoid!, and Tiny Toon Adventures.

Okay, I suppose he’s also produced some live action television that’s made it’s mark, and that’s probably the legacy that CBS is trading on by greenlighting an entire first season of Spielberg’s new show Extant.


This is just like magic!

Stephen Fry To Be Ron Weasley’s Butler in Superhero-Themed Sitcom Super Clyde

He’ll be the “Alfred to [Rupert Grint]‘s Bruce Wayne.” I’m having a hard time handling how happy that sentence makes me.


Oh My Stars and Garters

Downton Abbey Brings In Record Numbers For PBS Premiere

The United States had to wait what felt like an excruciatingly long time to see Season 3 of Downton Abbey but boy, did we show up in style. The English drama not only had a record number of viewers on PBS, it demolished last season’s premiere, and it was second only to CBS in its time slot for the night. 


All this has happened before...

Because You Can Never Have Enough Twilight (No, Not That Twilight), CBS is Rebooting The Twilight Zone

When I first saw this headline cavort across my browser I confused Bryan Singer with Bryan Fuller for a second (easy mistake to make) and thought the latter was the one doing a The Twilight Zone reboot. Alas, the Bryan in questions is not the one behind Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and the upcoming Hannibal, but rather the one behind X-Men, X2, and House M.D..

Sigh. But it’s probably a good thing that it’s not Fuller, as it’s well-known that his involvement increases a show’s chances for premature cancellation tenfold.


Candy Crowley Will Be the First Female Presidential Moderator in 20 Years

We told you a while ago about three rather impressive teenage girls who were petitioning the Commission on Presidential Debates for the commission to appoint a female moderator to the presidential debates. When we last checked in on them, the trio weren’t doing so well; the office of the commission wouldn’t see them.

News came out today, however, that either someone was listening or they’d had their own plans all along: The first female presidential moderator in 20 years has been named for this election season; another will moderate the vice-presidential debate. So let’s congratulate them.