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  1. Explaining How Cats Get High, and Other Cat-Related Chemistry Lessons

    Like, meow, man.

    Why do so many cats completely lose their marbles when they're introduced to catnip? Why does cat urine smell like the worst thing ever in the world, except when it's in kitty litter? And why are they always rubbing their faces up against stuff? Youtube's Reactions: Everyday Chemistry wants you to know that the answer to all of these questions is "chemicals, duh." Dang, I had my heart set on "cat magic," but that makes more sense.

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  2. Here’s a Cat Beating a Human in Jenga

    "Your opposable thumbs are no good to you here!"

    This video of Moe the cat owning a human in Jenga is a little old, but I think its message is still relevant: never try to beat a cat in a game based on suspense and agility. It's had nine lives to develop nerves of steel, and the only thing that penetrates its shell of apathy is crushing ennui. See the end there? Moe doesn't lose—he's bored.

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  3. Family Trapped in Bedroom by Extremely Grumpy Cat, Forced to Call 911

    Did they try calling the cat? That's a sure-fire method to get them to go away.

    If the Internet wasn't proof enough, a Portland family's cat decided to prove that cats are the dominant species on this planet, and it pretty much succeeded. The cat became enraged, likely because it had either too much or too little attention paid to it, or both at the same time, and it trapped the family in a bedroom until 911 intervened.

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  4. Two-Legged T-Rex Kitten Proves The Only Thing That’s Extinct Is Despair

    Don't move. It can't see you if you don't move.

    Mercury is an adorable tabby kitten whose front legs were tragically removed in a weed whacker accident, because humans are horrible monsters. Thankfully, a loving family in Oklahoma redeemed the rest of us by fostering the four day old kitty, who gets around fine with just his hind legs. But he something. You're all thinking it.

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  5. Cat Burglar Has No Intention of Handing Over The Loot [Video]

    Hand it over, kitten. We both know you'll just blow that money on catnip and imported tuna. You need help.

    Folks, it is officially Wednesday morning. that means you have to get through just a few more days of work before being granted yet another weekend, and God knows we don't want you to spend any of that time actually working. It's in that spirit that we bring you this charming video of a thieving cat.

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  6. Meet Morris, The Adorable Cat Running for Mayor of Xalapa, Mexico

    His campaign promise: "To rest and to frolic."

    Two students in the Xalapa, Mexico were frustrated by a seemingly endless stream of politicians lying and failing to fulfill campaign promises. In protest, they nominated a black-and-white cat named Morris to run for mayor. Election Day is July 7th, and so far this has gone about as well as you might expect.

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  7. Get Ready to Flip the Board: Monopoly Announces New Token Lineup

    When Hasbro announced that it would hold a vote to replace one of Monopoly's tokens with a new one, I made some suggestions for better pieces. It looks like they ignored my brilliant suggestion of putting a jet pack in the game, because today they've announced the results of their election. We have the results, and Hasbro's over-the-top animations announcing those results after the jump.

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  8. Dubstep Hipster Cat is 35 Crazy Seconds of Pure, Distilled Internet [Video]

    Haven't been online for a while? Here is a concise, effective summary of the Internet at large by xgabberx. Enjoy.

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  9. And Now, a Cat Playing Fruit Ninja On an iPad [Video]

    In an Internet singularity most welcome, videos of adorable animals playing video games are rising to the forefront. This time, we have a cute kitty playing Fruit Ninja on an iPad. The cat is pretty good, but doesn't get nearly as mad as this bullfrog, or as suspicious as this bearded dragon when playing video games.

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  10. Improving Robots With Cute, Movable Kitten Ears is Totally About Results and Nothing Else

    No, these aren't likely to be gracing the head of a kawaii-neko-chan cosplayer anytime soon. However, they might just help robots get a little bit better at dealing with sound. Currently, most robots that have microphones rely on either strategically placed ones, or a network of audio inputs to capture sound. However, nature has already demonstrated a pretty fantastic design with cup-shaped ears to help focus in on sounds. In the research behind these ears, called Active Soft Pinnae for Robots by Makoto Kumon and Yoshitaka Noda, an accurate assessment of a sound's location can be made with only two audio inputs. Also, because the ears can move independently of the robot, they're more efficient at locating sounds. The upshot is that with ears like these, robots could home in on sounds better, and look cuter doing it. Though they do look eerily familiar, don't they?

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