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  1. Revisiting the Kick-Ass Female Lead Of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

    “Hear me! I am the morning sun, come to vanquish this horrible night!”

    Most lists of "female leads done right" tend to mention favourites like Chell from Portal or Jade from Beyond Good & Evil. But there are others that too few gamers remember. Exhibit A: Shanoa from 2008's Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia>

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  2. 2 Mello Releases Nas/Castlevania Mashup Album Nastlevania

    Children of the night -- what sick beats they make!

    Can we agree that music mashups are the best? You know, when they're done right  -- and I think we can all agree that 2 Mello, the guy who brought you that mashup of Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger back in March, is definitely doing if right. Now he's at it again, this time combining Nas and the Castlevania series to bring you... well, Nastlevania. You should give it a listen for that pun alone.

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  3. Whip It Good: LEGO Castlevania Fan Film’s the Greatest Video You’ll See Today

    YouTube is rife with a plethora of stop motion LEGO films, ranging from the thoroughly entertaining to outright abysmal. Still, a majority of them aren't any longer than 10 minutes since not everybody is willing to devote hours of their time tediously making small LEGO figurines move across a table. Though we can't speak for the dedicated folks behind the feature length fan film Castlevania IV: Legend of Vania. Created by Hovinet Films -- a small studio consisting of three brothers from Finland -- Castlevania IV was a seven-year labor of love that runs for a whopping 146 minutes! Believe us, after watching the movie, you'll have a conflicting urge to start playing with LEGOs and play Castlevania on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Decisions, decisions...

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  4. Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Is Going To Play A Werewolf In The Castlevania Movie


    I'm writing more articles these days about Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Michael Dorn than I ever expected. He's hopeful for a Worf spin-off ,and is busy with a Kickstarter for a romcom filled with Trek actors, but the latest news is he's got a role in the Castlevania movie. There's a Castlevania movie? Probably? 

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  5. Watch Bit Bridgade Play Mega Man 2 Soundtrack During Live, On Stage Speedrun

    I'll bet you never thought gaming could be a part of performance art. I never would have thought it could be either, and if it somehow was, I would have expected it to be sort of lame, not mind-bendingly awesome. See, what the band Bit Brigade likes to do is play full video game soundtracks, but not just play them, they like to play them while someone plays a speedrun, live, on stage. That's right, Bit Brigade has a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and a gamer.  Recently, a video of them playing Mega Man 2 surfaced, and it is a joy to behold. These heroes also perform Castlevania, Contra, and Ninja Gaiden. I've got to see them live.

    Check out a 44 minute video of the Mega Man 2 performance after the jump.

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  6. Guy Beats Super Mario Bros. With A Dance Dance Pad

    Add another thing to the long list of things we are not hardcore enough to do, for Nick Hagman is plowing his way through original NES titles with a Twist (ahaha, see what I did there?). Beating Castlevania with only his feet was not enough, he had to go forward and conquer Super Mario Bros. After a week and a half of effort and fifteen filmed "takes," princesses were rescued, Bowsers were slain, and button B was pressed to select another world. Video after the jump.

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  7. Amazing: Play Super Mario Bros. as Mega Man, Samus, and More, Right Here!

    While it may not pass Roger Ebert's muster, anyone who has played a video game since the dawn of Pong will be hard-pressed not to call Exploding Rabbit's Jay Pavlina's flash game Super Mario Bros. Crossover a work of art. The game allows the player to play the entirety of the classic Super Mario Bros., but do so using some of the greatest characters in video game history as well as the mustachioed plumber. The ridiculous thrill one gets when using a warp pipe while playing as Mega Man, Samus, Link, [Contra's] Bill R., or [Castlevania's] Simon has to be felt to be believed. Pardon the hyperbole, but it's true. Fortunately, Pavlina has been nice enough to allow us to embed an updated version of his baby so you can play it right here. Take a turn at it after the jump!

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