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  1. Cassini May Have Captured an Image of Saturn’s Rings Giving Birth to a New Moon: “Peggy”

    At least moon birth is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than human birth.

    The Cassini spacecraft has been bringing us great shots of Saturn for a while now, but this new image may shed some light on a pretty rare phenomenon: the formation of a moon. It appears that particles on the outer edges of Saturn's rings are forming together and may be showing us how Saturn got so many moons.

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  2. Astronomers Say There May Be Waves On Titan’s Seas, But Don’t Plan To Go Surfing “Just Yet”

    But, like, if you did, it would be gnarly.

    At yesterday's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference scientist Jason Barnes made an incredible announcement: NASA's Cassini Spacecraft has detected unusual glints of light that may indicate waves on Saturn's largest moon Titan. Saturn: go for the rings, stay for Titan's hydrocarbon boogie boarding.

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  3. Have All of Your Saturn Questions Answered Today on NASA’s Cassini Mission Live Google Hangout [Updated]

    Talk to NASA about space. Have all of your dreams fulfilled.

    NASA will hold a live Google Hangout today to presumably talk about how great the pictures from Cassini have been (as well as some science stuff, probably) and where it's going in the future. If you like amazing space pictures as much as we do, watch the hour-long live chat with NASA scientists at 3:30PM EST.

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  4. One Million Space Photos Animated in the Movie In Saturn’s Rings, Our Jaws Drop [Video]

    We suddenly feel very small.

    The film In Saturn's Rings takes over a million photographs from Cassini, Hubble, Voyager and more and turns them into an incredible animated ride through the universe. Sure, you've flown through pretend space plenty of times in movies, but when you watch this and realize that what you're seeing is real, it's spectacular.

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  5. Look, the Cassini Spacecraft Brought Us Another Giant Picture of Saturn!

    Wasn't that nice of it?

    Remember those pictures of Saturn's eclipse that the Cassini spacecraft took back in July of this year? They've been combining all the different images into several gorgeous mosaics that are so pristine they look computer-animated. This one, which was just released today, shows us the dark side of Saturn as it's never been seen before.

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  6. NASA’s New Picture of Saturn from the Cassini Spacecraft is Incredible

    We can't stop looking at it. Space is amazing.

    In "you won't believe it's real" news, NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day brings us an image of Saturn that looks like really convincing computer graphics. Amazingly, it's a real image of the planet brought to us by the Cassini spacecraft that is now orbiting Saturn.

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  7. Are You in NASA’s Composite of Earthlings Waving to Saturn?

    Please tell me one of these pictures is of Waldo.

    On July 19th the Cassini spacecraft pointed itself at the Earth to snap a picture, and NASA encouraged everyone to smile, wave, and snap a photo of their own. Folks submitted more than 1,400 images from around the world. To says thanks, NASA made this lovely composite from the images. Can you find yourself?

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  8. Cassini Spacecraft Snaps Beautiful Image of Saturn’s Pac-Man/Death Star Moon Mimas

    That's no moon... It's a space stati-- oh? Oh, it's actually a moon. Okay then.

    If you don't have a favorite moon of Saturn, let us make a case for Mimas. Thermal images make it look like Pac-Man, but regular pictures like this new one from NASA's Cassini spacecraft make it look like the Death Star. It shows Mimas passing by its little oblong-shaped buddy Pandora. Space is pretty.

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  9. Say Cheese! Cassini Wants to Take Your Picture From Space This Afternoon

    This may be the best chance you ever get to photobomb another planet. Y'know, in principle.

    If you love photos from space but are always secretly bummed out that you're not in them, today is your lucky day. NASA's Cassini probe is snapping a picture of Saturn today, and hundreds of millions of miles distant in the background of the resulting image, you'll be able to see the Earth. That's right -- today and today only, you have the opportunity to photobomb NASA. Make it count, people.

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  10. This Thunderstorm On Saturn Wrapped all The Way Around The Planet And Touched Its Own Tail

    Every once in a while, a story comes along to which the only appropriate response is "Dang." This morning brings us one such story, as images taken by NASA's Cassini probe in orbit around Saturn show it was host to a thunderstorm so massive that it wrapped around the entire planet. Like a snake attempting to eat its own tail, the atmospheric disturbance raced through Saturn's atmosphere with such speed and power that it eventually ran into its own rear end. That encounter seems to have caused it to sputter out, as if the storm somehow consumed itself, though the reasons for that are unclear to researchers.

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  11. The View From The Blue Dot: The Best Space Pictures of 2012

    2012 is over, and it was a pretty great year for all sorts of entertainment, as we pointed out earlier today. Sometimes, though, we're in a more ruminative mood, and in those moments, we like nothing more than looking at pictures of space, wishing and hoping that one day, we'll even get to visit. Until then, though, photos will have to do -- it turns out that 2012 was one heck of a year for those, too, though. We welcome you to 2013 with a retrospective of the best images of some of our new favorite places in the universe that last year had to offer, courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope, Cassini probe, International Space Station, and more. Have a very happy new year, everyone, and be sure to check back with us for the best images from space from 2013 -- we couldn't be more excited to bring them to you as they happen.

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  12. Mirror, Mirror: Two of Saturn’s Moons Face Off Across Its Rings

    While the above picture may look like an asteroid as seen in an enormous cosmic mirror, it's not -- it's much, much cooler than that. This is the one of the latest images from NASA's Cassini probe, which shows two of Saturns "shepherd moons" -- Pandora and Prometheus, and we swear we're not making that up -- seemingly staring at one another down across the planet's rings.

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  13. Saturn Looks Downright Sexy in This New Cassini Image

    A new image taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows us that a little lighting goes a long way. The new picture of Saturn was taken in the planet's shadow, using the Sun as a back light for the solar system's third largest body. If NASA images were a Playboy magazine, this would be the centerfold. Turn-ons: Rings, moons, and hydrogen. Turn-offs: Short orbital periods, Pluto.

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  14. Hold Everything: Saturn Has Another Pac-Man Moon

    In 2010, which is about three millennia ago on the Internet, NASA's Cassini Probe found perhaps the most important and relevant scientific discovery in the history of humanity: The heat signature of one of Saturn's moons, Mimas, looked just like Pac-Man. Today, we can all pay attention to what is clearly the most important things that will be said today, which is that another moon of Saturn, Tethys, has a similar heat signature. There's no word yet on whether this moon is a Ms. Pac-Man moon or not, but obviously we'll stay with this one all night if we have to.

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  15. Feast Your Eyes Upon Pretty True Color Pictures of Saturn

    If you've been too focused on Mars in the recent weeks, that's understandable, but you shouldn't forget about Saturn. Though we haven't sent a rover into Saturn's gaseous mass like we've sent a few down to Mars, we do have a spy capturing Saturn's every move. The Cassini imaging team recently released a handful of new true color pictures of Saturn. They're quite gorgeous, and you should check them out below.

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  16. Weird Vortex Over Titan’s South Pole Means That Winter is Coming

    Since the Cassini spacecraft arrived in Saturn space back in 2004, it's sent back a steady stream of science and astounding imagery from this amazing system. Perhaps the most tantalizing have been data on Saturn's largest moon Titan, which sports an atmosphere and a strange environment of water ice and methane. Now, the formation of an enormous cloud over the moon's south pole suggest that things might be changing.

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  17. New Evidence Points to Hidden Ocean Beneath the Surface of Saturn’s Moon Titan

    Saturn's moon Titan just keeps getting more and more interesting. A few weeks ago, we wrote about how NASA scientists discovered large methane lakes along the moon's equator -- exactly where our understanding of the moon says that they should not be. Now, new analysis of data from the Cassini probe suggests that there's even more going on below the moon's surface: A global ocean of liquid water.

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  18. NASA Scientists Spot Mysterious Equatorial Oases on Saturn’s Moon Titan

    Saturn's moon Titan has been of particular interest to scientists because of the tantalizing hints that the moon could possibly support life. A new study by NASA presented scientists with a new mystery on Titan: A series of methane lakes recently discovered around the equator, where no lakes were thought to be possible. How they got there seems to indicate that this distant moon may be far more complex than originally thought.

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  19. NASA’s Cassini Probe Cruises Past Saturn’s Moon Enceladus, Samples Its Salty Spray

    The Cassini probe has been hanging around Saturn since 2004, and has given scientists an unprecedented view of the ringed planet and its moons. One of the more interesting of Saturn's natural satellites is Enceladus, which is known to not only have an icy crust, but periodically shoots geysers of water vapor, ice, and tantalizingly organic compounds. Cassini has sampled this spray before, and did again three days ago. While the analysis of the spray is probably some time away, we can enjoy these spectacular photos of Enceladus and the moon Tethys. See them, after the break.

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  20. NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Delivers More Striking Pictures From Saturn

    NASA spacecraft Cassini has been chilling out in the area around Saturn just taking some pictures of the sights, and they are beautiful. It's been focused primarily on Titan and Dione, but given the quality of the shots, it seems like that's the right choice. More pretty pictures after the break.

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