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  1. New Form of Carbon Is Super-Strong, Can Kick Diamond’s Ass

    And it only maybe explodes!

    Carbon is kind of awesome: other than the element that, you know, is what all organic life on earth is based on, it's now even more than sparkly, gorgeous diamonds and many an artist's best friend in graphite and charcoal. In a new paper, scientists theorize that double- or triple-bonded carbon atoms will make the world's strongest material.

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  2. Anchovy Poop Does Its Part to Keep Climate Change At Bay

    Scientists have a new and unexpected weapon in the fight against climate change: Anchovy feces, and lots of it. Researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and Rutgers University have released a study demonstrating how small, foraging fish like anchovies can act as a "biological pump," transporting biological material from the ocean surface, where the carbon it contains can be released into the atmosphere, to the bottom of the ocean, where it's carbon is effectively trapped.

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  3. New Super Hard Form of Carbon Discovered Can Dent Diamonds

    Move over, diamonds -- there's a new toughest form of carbon in the world. A new form of the element that blends both crystalline and chaotic structures has been created by researchers at the Carnegie Institution, and it's so durable it can put a dent in the former world's hardest substance and automatic relationship apologizer.

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  4. Scientists Create Aerographite, Lightest Material on the Planet

    We already know that sheets of carbon atoms, also known as graphene, can work absolute wonders, so it should be no surprise that carbon tubes can be impressive too. Scientists in Germany have been experimenting with the potential of these tubes and have found that by weaving them at the nano and micro level, they can be used to make a material called aerographite. What's so special about aerographite? It's the lightest material in the world.

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  5. Diamonds Are A Quantum Computer's Best Friend

    Quantum computing is a new and exciting field, emerging from the ability to utilize quantum mechanics to create computers that can perform complex operations on data. Scientists have been making progress developing quantum computers and they know what is required to make such a system. Though they have developed working systems, scientists still believe that no existing machine has reached the full potential of quantum computing. The trend in quantum computing research is shifting away from proof-of-principle and focusing on trying to make a better way to control quantum bits (qubits) to perform operations. New research described in papers in Nature Physics by a team from the Center for Spintronics and Quantum Computation at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Physical Letters Review by a team from the Department of NanoBiophotonics at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Germany has found that impure diamonds may be an effective architecture for quantum computing.

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  6. The Carbon Footprint of Email

    In addition to being a successful environmental consultant, Mike Berners-Lee is, according to The Guardian, the brother of World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee. So it seems fitting that, along with Guardian journo Duncan Clark, he's undertaken to calculate the carbon footprint of email. But email is all online, so it can't have an environmental impact, right? Not so: According to the pair, an average year's worth of email for a business user has a footprint of 135 kg of carbon: "over 1% of of a relatively green 10-tonne lifestyle and equivalent to driving 200 miles in an average car."

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